Chapter 13: Trust Can Make Everything Come True

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Shen Defan and Yang Liwei were surprised, since when did they send someone to buy Shen Fanxing porridge?

Jiang Rongrong had always liked the food from Ru Yixuan. There were times when her servants could not even get breakfast from there despite going in the wee hours of the morning.

The porridge that Shen Fanxing ate was from Ru Yixuan?

Who bought it?

Su Heng?

He was in Qianrous ward all along?

Moreover, even if he had bought it, he would not just buy one for Shen Fanxing?

So, she bought it herself?

She actually knew how to enjoy and not mistreat herself!

“Yes, Mum, I know you like Ru Yixuans porridge. Ill get them to get one more for you.”

Yang Liwei said gently, which soothed Jiang Rongrong a little.

“Lets go back.”

In the private room of Ru Yixuan

Yu Song stood before Bo Jinchuan to report the completion of his mission.

He also gave a detailed report of meeting Jiang Rongrong, Shen Defan and Yang Liwei.

The Shen Familys business was no longer a secret to everyone.

Though he only did a slight inquiry into their family affairs, he got much unpleasant information about it.

In the private room, Bo Jinchuan sat at the master seat solitarily.

With the sunlight casting a beautiful glow on his intricate features, his admirable elegance was brought out completely.

His head hung slightly low and his thin lips were pursed, creating a faint radian.

His long fingers stood on the heavy wooden table, giving non-rhythmic knocks. The movement caused the expensive buttons on the cuff to glisten.

“Youre saying that she was isolated from her family?” His clear and deep voice rang, with a tinge of coldness underlying it. This made Yu Song tensed up subconsciously.

“Seems like thats the case now. Ms Shen does not have a good reputation previously…”

Yu Song said in an implicit manner.

In fact, it was more than disreputable, she was basically notorious.

However, before he got any more verification on this matter, he should not comment on it further.

Bo Jinchuan remained silent, his eyes—ones which reflected wisdom—squinted.

Noticing the situation, Yu Song hurriedly said in a respectful tone, “Master, do you want me to investigate the matter?”

“No need.”

Bo Jinchuan pulled back his hand from the table and said calmly,

“Ive said before that I have absolute trust in her. To investigate now would be bashing my own credibility.”

“But not all rumours are untrue…”

Yu Song could not help but say as he did not expect Master to lose his rationality over a woman.

Bo Jinchuan stood up and walked to the window side, his slender body slightly angled. Looking at the car which was gradually slowing down, his lips turned upwards.

“As long as I want to believe, even the unreal ones can become real.”

His deep voice held neither warmth nor anger, but Yu Song could identify the unmistakable touch of willful self-centeredness and madness.

Surprise overtook him. Even though he had seen this side of Master, it was always during an important business conference where he could overturn the situation in the midst of adversities.

This was this confidence and ability that subdued many.

However, that was only in the aspect of a business.

He had never seen Master showing this side of him due to a woman.

Yet, it was also because of this sentence that Shen Fanxings status was elevated to being half of Yu Songs Master in his heart.

The reason was simple, he had always believed that—

As long as Master wanted it, he would get it.

Since she was going to be his Mistress eventually, there was no need for him to dwell too much on this aspect.

“Go down and tell the store manager that the shop will be closed for today.”


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