Chapter 17: Hold On

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No, she had to think carefully about how to minimize the negative impact of the news.

“Fanxing, why do you have to be so overbearing?”

Su Hengs face was filled with resignation and sadness, as if the becoming of her was not a pleasant sight.

Shen Fanxing lowered her head before she brushed her hair backwards, revealing a shiny and clear forehead, bringing out her beauty.

“Were only here to greet you. Since weve already done so, we shall not disturb you anymore.”

In the face of Shen Fanxing, Su Heng had an unspeakable feeling lingering in his heart, where he subconsciously wanted to continue confronting her.

He said as he held Shen Qianrou, who was in deep thought, wanting to leave. Yet, Shen Fanxings clear voice rang out.

“Hold on.”

The duo halted in their footsteps, turned around and saw Shen Fanxing walking towards them.

Even though she was wearing an oversized hospital gown, the sense of elegant strength and strong-headedness could not be hidden, one that only she could exhibit. This made Su Heng lose his attention for a split second.

Shen Fanxing stood before them, her head slightly raised, half-smiling and half-looking at them.

“I shall not dwell on previous events…”

She paused and her vision slowly shifted to Shen Qianrou. That cold stare made Shen Qianrou nervous and somewhere within that gentle weakness embedded within the depths of her eyes, a sense of alertness arose.

“I will tear down the labels that youve deliberately put on me! Those which Im too lazy to tear, will not go to waste.”

Shen Fanxing said as she lowered her head to sip some water.

Yet, it was a pity that the water lost its taste after talking to them.

Raising her head and staring down at Shen Qianrou who was a few centimetres shorter than her, her face remained emotionless.

It was precisely so that made Shen Qianrou jealous of her.


She could not get her words out as her body froze, standing rooted to the ground like a fool.

Shen Fanxing poured hot water on her, causing droplets to roll down her head. Even the highest quality of delicate cosmetic products could not stand the hot shower, causing the slight fading of her makeup. There was a huge wet spot on her white dress.

Her carefully-styled hair landed on her shoulders as the hot water flowed from her hair to her body.

It was a mess.

The ward was eerily silent.


It was after a while before Shen Qianrou started to scream.

When Su Heng recovered from his shock, he got Shen Qianrou into his embrace.

“Qianrou, are you alright?”

“Brother Heng…”

Shen Qianrou bit her lips tightly, her face of intense toleration followed by deep sadness that came in the form of tears summoning much pity.

Su Hengs dashing face was filled with much concern and love.

He only felt better after seeing that Shen Qianrous face was not scarred.

He gave Shen Fanxing a look of pure fury, as if he would strangle her anytime.

“Fanxing, youve gone overboard!”


What Su Heng got was a loud noise of glass shattering on the ground.

What followed was the standing of Shen Fanxings mighty and arrogant figure before him.

Being neither servile nor overbearing, and not flustered, her icy cold gaze was cast straight into his eyes.

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