ather outside.

In the past, she had never realized the chillness of solitude, till now.

Su Heng…

How could you bear to leave me alone…

Everyone had left me. Now even you had to leave me.

How could you be so cruel? Just when I thought I still had you, and only you, you abandoned me…

Shen Fanxing could not help but feel crestfallen.

She was after all a human being, too; she had blood and flesh.

She would feel heartbroken and have different emotions. Even if she was strong, where could she seek refuge in the face of all these emotions?

A breeze of chill air blew in, causing her to snap out of it. Her body shook slightly as her phone rang.

Even the jacket she wore on the cruise, her bag and her phone were all in the ward.

One might wonder the meticulousness of such an act, but Shen Fanxing knew the answer even without thinking much. It was her only close friend in this life—Xu Qingzhi.

Looking at the caller ID, only she would call her now.

Shen Fanxing picked up the call after giving a sigh.

“Qing Zhi.”

“Yes, sorry, Fanxing. I didnt visit you because I had been too busy with my company these few days.”

“I know, dont worry about me. Im good now. Since Im fine then, I will be fine now.”

Shen Fanxing said understandingly.

Xu Qingzhi currently has a cosmetics company. Before that, she sought agents to help with factory production, and one knows the various kinds of problems that one could encounter—production method of the goods, pricing, quality and many other issues. This angered Xu Qingzhi and she decided to open up her own production company.

That was also the period where she was the busiest, which she could understand.

Xu Qingzhi went silent for a while before continuing, “… I heard that Su Heng…”

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