Chapter 20: Dont Have Nostalgic Feelings For That Dirty Place

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Putting the phone down, Madam Bo rubbed her hands as she smiled, turning around to tell Lai Rong,

“Go and give Young Master a call. Ask him to come back for dinner.”

“Noted, Madam.”

Lai Rong answered as she walked away with a smiling expression.

Out of courtesy for the meeting, Shen Fanxing changed her outfit.

The clothing was a new one prepared by Qingzhi, but after being hospitalized for long, she had not taken a proper shower.

Realizing this problem, Shen Fanxing frowned slightly.

In the midst of her dilemma, the door knocked.

“Ms Shen, Madam sent me to pick you.”

“Okay, hold on!” Shen Fanxing hastened her preparation.

She followed Yu Song and passed by the place where she met the Old Lady.

There was a door near the fence, something she had failed to notice before.

Yu Song opened up the door and she took a big step over.

Even though the hospitals park and the place she was going were only separated by a fence, the difference was major, which shocked Shen Fanxing.

Colossal trees surrounded the big backyard, with the orderly-arranged greens being neatly trimmed.

Even though Shen Fanxing was not much of a gardener, she could tell from the non-simplistic yet not-too-complicated gardening that it came from a highly-skilled gardener.

That was a low-profile yet exquisite residence.

“The Old Lady stays here?”

“Yes, Ms Shen.”

Shen Fanxing could not help but turn to look at the sight behind her, only a part of the supposedly-small hospital could be seen.

“This is the shortcut. Madam dislikes loneliness, thats why she ordered the building of a door here so that medical personnel could come here and chat with her,” explained Yu Song as he led her through the shortcut filled with lush greenery.

“Madam, Ms Shens here.”

“Hurry in!”

Came the Old Ladys urgent yet caring voice from the inside of the house. Shen Fanxing hurried in.

The moment the Old Lady saw Shen Fanxing, she held her hand.

Though her hand was rough, the warmth it exuded touched Shen Fanxing.

Walking into the living room—

Seeing a few servants who were busy with their work in the spacious villa, Shen Fanxing felt guilty.

“Sorry Old Lady for taking so long…”

“Its alright. Im used to it. You saying youre wanting to come has lifted my spirits for a few days.”

Seeing the tinge of guilt on Shen Fanxings face, Lady Bos heart ached even more for this kind child.

The Old Lady led Shen Fanxing to the sofa and sat opposite her, her hand never relinquishing Shen Fanxings hand.

Her look of love and contentment made Shen Fanxing feel flattered.

She had never been treated like that before in her life.

On the contrary, the most she received was others disdain and aversion after they knew that she was the first daughter of the Shen Family…

“Tell Grandma, why are you hospitalized?”

Shen Fanxings face tensed.

“…Nothing much. It was my carelessness…”

Lady Bos hold on her hand tightened.

“Child, why dont you speak the truth?”

Shen Fanxings long lashes shook slightly, as if the most tender and vulnerable side of her was exposed, causing an ache.

She turned her head, viewing the scenery outside without much expression, her voice sounding bitter.

“Nobody will believe me even if I said it.”

Since she had already known the outcome, there was no need to keep up the expectations.

“Silly child, youre too extremely stubborn. You have only already caged yourself within that circle of limited people. Why not take a bold step out of that dirty place? Whats there to be nostalgic about?”

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