Chapter 22: Unique Charm

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She felt a suffocating pressure in her chest, robbing her of air.

The scary feeling of water closing in all around her and gushing through her naval cavity compelled her to open her eyes immediately.

She did not know she had fallen asleep in the bathtub, causing the downward motion of her body and thus the gushing of water into her nose.

She sat up straight, large amounts of water flowed out of the bathtub with her sudden and big motion.

Gripping tightly onto the sides of the bathtub, she breathed in deeply with a sense of urgency.

Feeling the lukewarm water, she knew that she had not slept for long.

Recalling the situation just now, Shen Fanxing decided to step out of the bathtub and take a quick shower. She then picked up the white robe that was perhaps left by the servant and wrapped it around her body.

Although she was not considered short amongst other women, the worn-out robe was still considered big, where it could not really hide her chest.

She did not give much thought after her shower and went to blow her hair dry with the hairdryer she found.

Her hair was in its natural colour since she did not take care of it.

Having pompous hair for a long time, this caused the natural big curls to rest on her bony shoulder like seaweeds.

On her makeup-free face, the resulting redness that came from the heat of the bath remained, reducing her strong-headed and cold look.

With her dark hair, white robe and fair swan-like neck, the contrast between black and white was stark. Her innate haughtiness and emotional sensibility also radiated a kind of unique charm.

Yet, Shen Fanxing regarded it normally as she walked casually out of the bathroom to the bed, where she flipped the covers open and lied down.

There was a sense of fragrance to the covers. Coupled with the smell of sunshine, it smelt good.

Nobody would want to miss a nap after a bath.

Anyway, it was still early.

The servants were preparing dinner downstairs.

She had never been this busy for long.

The door to the quiet villa opened, opening all ears as its prolonged silence increased its sensitivity to noises.

The servant-Lairong-hurried to the door, watching the good-looking man in an expensive black suit walking in.

“Youre early today, Young Master.”

Lairong was a trifle surprised, a slight smile appearing on her face.

Seemed like Ms Shen was indeed different from others.

“Yes,” answered Bo Jinchuan lightly before he changed his shoes and walked into the living room, with his suit still on.

A breeze of air swept past Lairong and that deepened the smile on her face.

There was no one in the room but something shifted in Bo Jinchuans dark orbs.

Following behind, Lairong said in a low tone,

“Madam asked Ms Shen to stay for dinner. Both of them are having a nap now.”

Bo Jinchuan turned around to look at Lairong before asking calmly,

“Shes napping here?”

“Yes, she cant turn down the enthusiastic offer,” smiled Lairong resignedly.

Bo Jinchuan understood everything at once.

It was Grandma who forced her to stay.

“Its still early now. Why dont Young Master rest first? It must be tiring settling the companys affairs right after youve returned from overseas.”

“No worries,”

said Bo Jinchuan, before he went on to unbutton his suit himself.

Moments later, he stopped and lowered his gaze to Lairong, who stood at the same spot with a knowing smile.

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