Chapter 25: Clueless In Relationships

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The unintentional understanding of the embedded meaning within Shen Fanxings eyes made Bo Jinchuan raise his eyebrows, and he said,

“Ill have to take advantage of you eventually. This is unquestionable.”

Shen Fanxing was not one who pursued pure love. The other partys look and wealth status were all exceptional, therefore attracting her.

She was after all a practical person. After all these years of meeting numerous men, she was long after the age of a romantic woman who swooned over love.

With the addition of Su Hengs deeds, every man was practically the same to her.

“How does Mr Bo know well be together in the end?”

Bo Jinchuan stared at her slightly-angered face before giving a low laugh.

“How do I know?”

He stayed silent for a moment for he reached out to brush her hair aside, his long and pretty fingers sliding across her face.

With a low and seductive voice, he said,

“Thats because… only youre compatible with me.”

Shen Fanxing said, “… Mr Bo, pardon my straightforwardness; youre too arrogant.”

The man gave a low laugh, his gaze staring at her beautiful lips, which was glowing.

“Bo Jinchuan.”


Shen Fanxing was surprised, not understanding the intention behind this.

“My name. Or you can call me Jinchuan; either works.”

Shen Fanxing was speechless once again, not knowing how to deal with this man.

Not long after did Shen Fanxing remember that days conversation.

He was actually giving her a direct answer!

Bo Jinchuan, these three words implied the ability to be arrogant.

“No matter what, Mr Bo…”


Before Shen Fanxing could even finish her words, Bo Jinchuans long fingers had already gone to her chin and he gave it a soft pinch.

Shen Fanxing paused and corrected herself,

“No matter what, Bo… Jinchuan, do we have to continue the discussion in this manner?”

Bo Jinchuan raised his eyebrows. Using his hands to support himself, he turned over and landed on the ground without making any contact with Shen Fanxing in the process.

Shen Fanxing got up immediately and pulled the robe tighter around her body, effectively covering her revealing shoulder.

Bo Jinchuan gave Shen Fanxing some time to tidy herself up before turning around to look at her.

Gone was the teasing voice he had just now. It was replaced by the gentlemanly voice, one full of mannerism, just like how he was the first time they met.

“I never force a woman though I only have one, which is you, around me. I like you and therefore I want to pursue you, isnt this how it works?”


Whatever anger she felt prior to his speech dissipated.

In its place was a smile that she could not hide.

This perfect and elegant man had never dated before…

Even the way of pursuit was executed in the simplest and most direct way.

She could not be angry at a man like that.

“Youre not wrong to say that, but the method might not be right…”

Bo Jinchuan looked at her and said, “What is the correct method then? Like…”

Shen Fanxing thought seriously for a while.

“Like sending gifts, tolerating her, understanding her, companying her frequently, not involving himself in any flings with other women and maybe some occasional romantic surprises?”

Shen Fanxing did not know what to say since she had always been the passive one in relationships. How would she know much about it?

Bo Jinchuan listened thoughtfully and nodded his head.

“I think, these are not a problem to me. So…”

“So?” Shen Fanxing said with a sense of alert.

“The reason behind this lesson is for me to pursue you like that?”


A sudden realization hit Shen Fanxing.

She felt that she was tricked.

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