Chapter 26: Why Is It So Fast?

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Shen Fanxing was speechless.

Why was she the chosen one?

He said that only she was compatible with him!

She wanted to reject the blatant pursuit.

Yet he would reject her rejection.

He had all the cards; she was thus compelled to act based on the cards he showed.

The air of arrogance she possessed in her bones refused to accept this.

Yet, in the face of Bo Jinchuan, she could not summon anything to topple the unbalanced power dynamics.

Flipping her hair, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Why did you sigh? Whats causing your distress?”

Shan Fanxing looked at him.

He stood quietly before her, with his expensive shirt, tall figure and good-looking features.

She seemed to notice that his body posture and stance was more controlled in front of her.

His dark and long brows gave off a sharp-edged feeling, something built up over a prolonged period of sternness.

If she was not wrong, this man was as cold-blooded as he could be.

“What are you thinking?” Bo Jinchuan asked again, as coolness resurfaced in his dark orbs with the outright scrutiny of Shen Fanxing.

Shen Fanxing snapped out of her trance and redirected her gaze elsewhere, her voice cool.

“Nothing much. I just feel that youre too strong, and I refuse to be the passive party who is compelled to act. But I cant seem to overcome this whenever I face you.”

Bo Jinchuan frowned as he said cooly,

“Youve turned yourself into a porcupine and used your spikes as a form of self-defence. You cant get out of it and youre using them to prevent others from nearing you.”

Shen Fanxing was shocked as she turned her head to look at him.

Everyone was persuading her to walk out of it.

Bo Jinchuans dark orbs remained on her for a long time before his cool voice sounded,

“You dont have to do anything. You can continue being the porcupine since Im not afraid of being hurt by your spikes.”

Shen Fanxings eyes widened.

It took her some time before she could finally regain her senses. She was at a loss of what to do and her grip on the covers tightened.

“I… I want to see if Grandma is awake,”

She said as she prepared to cast the covers aside, only to be reminded of her loose and oversized robe.

She looked at him, her intention obvious.

Bo Jinchuan turned around and did not stay for long.

At level one, Grandma was extremely happy to hear of the good news that Lairong delivered.

Such happiness increased her appetite, where she had finished half of the apple given by Lairong.

“Theres hope for me to have a great-grandchild. Fanxing and Jinchuans child will be the best man in this world.”

Lai Rong gave Madam a slice of apple and said, “It could also be a daughter, Madam.”

“A daughters good. My great-granddaughter will be the prettiest.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Madams great-grandchild will be the best in this world regardless of gender.”

The Old Lady became even happier.

Bo Jinchuan was walking down the stairs when he heard the imagined future crafted by the old lady.

He did not even know how to pursue her and yet the Old Lady had already envisaged a future with her grandchild.

While he was never a decisive person who dealt with things smoothly, he would not delay in making decisions. Yet why was he not able to follow up with the Old Ladys mind?

“Young Master.”

Lairong was facing the stairs, so she had the first view of Bo Jinchuans long figure.

Lady Bo turned her head; her smile disappeared and she frowned deeply.

“Why is it so fast?!”

Bo Jinchuan paused, tension apparent on his dashing face.

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