Chapter 27: His Strong Presence

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Awkwardness flashed across Lairongs face as she whispered lightly to Madams ears.

It took some time for the Old Lady to understand the situation, her face slightly embarrassed with the knowledge.

“I… I mean to say thats quick, shouldnt you be resting?”

Bo Jinchuan pursed his lips. He walked and said,

“My room is being occupied. How do I rest?”

“You have an enormous bed. Its not squeezy at all!” exclaimed the Old Lady without any tinge of hesitation.


Silence engulfed the large living room.

Shen Fanxing happened to hear the dissatisfied gabber as she walked out newly-clothed. Distress filled her.


Seeing the presence that appeared behind Young Master, Lairong could only hint resignedly.

She was always like a child in front of her two grandchildren.

Regret arose from the Old Ladys failed attempt at having a great-grandchild. It was then she saw Shen Fanxing.

Her depressed-looking face brightened up and she waved at Shen Fanxing.

“Youre awake, Fanxing. Hows your sleep? Did Jinchuan wake you up?”

She had used Jinchuans bathroom, worn his robe and slept on his bed!

All of these were deliberately planned by the Old Lady. Yet, in the face of such a compassionate face, she could not show much emotions.

In reality, she had hardly felt such love. Why would she feel unhappy?

Smiling, she nodded and walked towards Lady Bo.

“I slept well, Grandma.”


She then led Shen Fanxing to the sofa.

Bo Jinchuan stood by her side.

The neckline of his white shirt was a little open, but it was overall neat.

He lied partially on the sofa which was made of real leather. His head was slightly drooped and one was unsure of what he was thinking. His lips created a faint radian, and his whole being seemed to be lazier, emitting a unique elegance.

An elegant and rich man with maturity.

He sat there silently for the whole while, listening in to the boring conversations between the Old Lady and her.

It could not be denied that his presence was unexpectedly strong. Shen Fanxing could not concentrate and neglect him.

In between, Bo Jinchuan would straighten his body and long arms, his beautiful hand picking the fruits on the plate.

At last, he got the biggest red apple.

With a large hand, he could hold the apple single-handedly, with the fruit knife in the same hand.

Shen Fanxing could not help but turn her head slightly to look at him. His back was straight and both of his hands were supported by his knees. His attention was on cutting the red apple, where his gaze followed the shedding of the apple skin.

Shen Fanxing was a bit surprised that this man actually peeled the apple himself.

Lady Bo also could not help but stare at Bo Jinchuan, for such an act was rare.

Yet she did not want to bother with him right now, given that he had missed the great opportunity when Shen Fanxing was on his bed.


Pouting her lips, she gave him a distasteful look before turning her head to look at Shen Fanxing, she held her hand and asked,

“Fanxing, whats your job now?”

Shen Fanxing paused before saying,”… I develop perfume and I have a public relations company that was left behind by my mother.”

Left behind?

These words surprised Lady Bo and her grip on her hand tightened.

Bo Jinchuan raised his head as something flashed across his dark orbs.

“Why are you so busy? Its not easy managing a company,” asked Lady Bo.

“Yes, Family Sus company…”

Shen Fanxing paused as she was reminded of Su Heng.

She lowered her gaze as her tone changed.

“Ive left the company, but my friends company lacks workers. Ill be there to help her.”

“What company?”

asked Bo Jinchuan while simultaneously passing the fully-peeled apple to her.

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