Chapter 28: Lady Bo Had Never Tried Her Grandsons Peeled Apple Before

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Shen Fanxing was taken aback by this treatment.

She stared at the apple for long, her hand never reaching out to accept it.

Bo Jinchuans white and beautiful hand shook twice as he said in a low voice,

“Dont you feel thirsty after the long chat?”

Lady Bo raised her eyebrows before picking up a cup from the tea set. She took a few sips and gave no comments with regard to the scene that was unfolding in front of her.

Shen Fanxing accepted the apple, in the process accidentally touching Bo Jinchuans finger, which felt a little cold.

“Thank you.”

She lowered her head and took a bite, the crisp sound of her chewing sounding like music to her ears.

After seeing her take a bite, Bo Jinchuan placed the fruit knife on the tea set and grabbed some tissues before cleaning his hand meticulously.

Given how meticulous he was, it was apparent that this act was no daily occurrence.

Lady Bo smiled after seeing Shen Fanxing nibbling away at the apple.

Besides contentment, infatuation could also be observed from Bo Jinchuans eyes.

After all these years, she had never eaten an apple peeled by him.

Dear grandson!

If not for Fanxing today!


The apple was indeed sweet, where the sweetness diffused into Shen Fanxings heart as well.

“Fanxing, what kind of company is your friend managing?”

In the quiet living room, Lady Bo repeated Bo Jinchuans question.

“Its Zhi Qian Cosmetics Company. Its in the process of constructing the factory now so its very busy.”


said the Lady Bo as she nodded her head.

They chatted some more after. By the time Shen Fanxing had finished her apple, Lairong was in the living room to inform them of dinner.

Shen Fanxing had little appetite for dinner after ingesting the apple.

Yet, she had promised the Old Lady to have dinner with her. Also, she had waited for long. How could she not eat something?

Before sitting, Bo Jinchuan pulled a seat out for her, which she thanked politely. Once seated, he pushed the seat in a few more centimetres, creating a perfect distance between her and the table, revealing great chemistry between them.

Bo Jinchuan then sat on the seat beside Shen Fanxing.

Lady Bo sat opposite them with an immensely satisfied face.

Lairong never seemed to be away from Lady Bo. Even when Lady Bo was dining, she would be serving her by her side.

Even though she had eaten quite a lot, Shen Fanxing picked up the utensils, ready to consume more.

She radiated good mannerism and upbringing, seen through her upright posture. Her seat was not taken fully and her chin turned inwards. Even the act of chewing showed good dining etiquette.

Lairong nodded her head discreetly and made eye contact with the Old Lady, her eyes full of satisfaction.

After dinner and a short rest, Shen Fanxing decided to take the leave as the sky was turning dark.

Bo Jinchuan stood up and a servant passed him his suit immediately.

“Ill send you.”

His voice was low and clear. Though it sounded like a simple sentence, there was an undeniable sense of dominance.

Shen Fanxing did not reject him.

The two of them left and took the shortcut.

“When are you discharged?” asked Bo Jinchuan in his low and manly voice.

“The day after.”

Bo Jinchuan became silent for a moment before speaking again,

“Ill be very busy for the next few days.”

Shen Fanxing passed by the fence and turned to look at him.

“I can manage.”

She actually understood the meaning behind his words.

Despite so, Bo Jinchuan appeared on the day she was discharged.

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