Chapter 2: Little Slut

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Intense sorrow flashed across Shen Fanxings deep eyes.

She did not know how to swim and had spent a longer time struggling in the ocean than Shen Qianrou did. In addition to that, she just woke up. No matter how much resentment she harboured, she lacked the energy to dispense it.

“That is despicable of you.”

Shen Qianrou let out a cold laugh.

“If I dont do this, youll never give us a chance to be together. Its you who refuse to relinquish him!”

“Shen Qianrou, where are your boundaries? Everyone knows he is my fiance! So you treat everyone as idiots?!”

Shen Qianrou shook back and forth as she laughed exaggeratedly.

“Given the situation of today… Sister, you still think they are not idiots?”


Shen Fanxing was speechless momentarily and eyed her icily.

Shen Qianrou was right; everyone was indeed an idiot.

Despite all her unscrupulous ways, they chose to believe her unconditionally time and time again.

How wonderful would it be if she could suffer a fall, and everyone would still love her as much as they do now.

Stupid, how stupid!

Including her!

“Why? Upset about this? Then…”

Shen Qianrou had a sudden change in expression, where a look of helplessness overtook her. She reached out to grab Shen Fanxings arm while muttering something.

“Sister, its all my fault…”

“Dont touch me!”

Realising her closing proximity and abrupt change in expression, Shen Fanxing felt intense disgust.

She lifted her arm to refuse any form of touch.

However, Shen Qianrou staggered and the thermo flask fell out of her hand, landing on the ground with a “pop”.

Water splashed everywhere!

Her gentle and weak voice raised a note higher suddenly.

“Ouch… pain!”

“Fanxing, what are you doing?!”

A deep voice sounded from the back.

Shen Fanxing turned around, only to see the figure at the door rushing forward in huge steps.

Shen Fanxing only saw Su Hengs ruthless gaze before being pushed aside by him.

The push landed Fanxing on a railing, with the impact causing immense pain on her already frail body.

Her face became even paler as she held onto the railing tightly to support herself.

Assessing the situation before her coldly, she could only feel her stupidity.

She had known all along that Shen Qianrou was capable of any dirty ways, yet she was tricked time and time again.

She also knew that Brother Heng was not that stupid, yet he…

“Brother Heng, it hurts…”

Upon hearing that, Su Heng stood up and felt his heart ache more for Shen Qianrou.

“Bear with the pain first. Ill take you to the doctor.”

He bent down to carry Shen Qianrou and raised his head to look at Shen Fanxing, who was eyeing the whole situation coldly. In a deep voice, he said,

“Return to your ward first. Ill find you in a while!”

Shen Fanxing gave a cold laugh, her eyes full of sarcasm.

Not far away from the gardenia tree, sat an old lady who was quietly witnessing the whole situation.

“Lai Rong, did you see everything that happened?”

The old lady said as her intelligent eyes viewed afar, towards the direction of Shen Fanxing.

A lady sitting beside her, who was around fifty years old, replied respectfully, “Yes, Ive seen everything.”

“Hmm, that little slut, resorting to lowly and despicable means!” said the old lady resentfully after giving a cold laugh.

“Doesnt this show that the other woman is more stupid? Since she cant even resolve such dirty tricks?”

The old lady shook her head as wisdom shone through her eyes.

“Lai Rong, youre wrong.”

“Please enlighten me, my dear lady.”

“It is the other lady who is too upright. Because of her disdain and aversion, some events have simply crossed her moral boundaries and gone against human ethics. So it is hard to imagine that such despicable people who commit immoral acts would exist.”

Lai Rong nodded her head and said, “Understood, my dear lady.”

The old lady stared at Shen Fanxing for long before saying,

“But, this is not right too.”

She went silent again for a while before continuing,

“Her temperament and nature are not too bad. Go and ask her over. Let me take a good look at her.”

Lai Rong, who was the servant, felt a little embarrassed.

“But my dear lady, Young Master will arrive soon. If he sees outsiders in this backyard…”

“Why? Its not like he can devour me?!”

The old lady chastised, but not without the sense of love for her grandson.

Lai Rong smiled and said, “Okay, okay, okay! Ill bring her here!”

Just as she was speaking, there were sounds coming from the gate in between the two tung trees.

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