Chapter 4: All Goodness Come From Unexpected Meetings

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The deep and intolerable voice of the man made Shen Fanxing abandon the thought of escaping, as the warmth from the mans palm seeped through her gown.

Her body was pressed tightly against his, her face planted on his chest, and the sound of his strong beating heart rang clearly and thunderously through her ears.

Heart palpitating, her pale face finally had some tinge of red.

This was the first time she was in such close proximity to someone. Despite dating with Su Heng for years, the most they had done was a light hug, which provided little feeling of warmth.

Though such was as normal as it could be, it was the maximum she could do.

Bo Jinchuan took in the feeling of hugging the woman, where her waist could practically be hugged by half of his arm, his delicate eyebrows frowning a little.

There was an unexplained tendency to look at the overly-skinny woman who was now in his embrace. His chin rested on her head.

With her hair brushing against his chin, he felt ticklish.

In the blink of an eye, his vision landed on her skinny neck, where her oversized gown allowed him to get a glimpse of her obscured muscles.

His eyes darkened and the woman in his embrace shifted a little. He smelt a warm and refreshing fragrance.

He zoned out a little.

In that instant, Shen Fanxing shifted her body again after feeling the dissipation of her legs numbness. In a light voice, she said,

“Thank you… Im fine now…”

Bo Jinchuan felt the slight fluttering of his heart, but he let go of her carefully.

It was only after confirming that she had gained stability that he let go fully.

“Are you okay?”

Turning red like a tomato, Shen Fanxing nodded her head.

“Yes, Im fine. Sorry, my legs went numb just now.”

Bo Jinchuan smiled before saying, “I know; you dont have to explain.”

The old lady got a shock from the occurrence but after seeing both of their interactions, her bright eyes shone with happiness and satisfaction.

It seemed that her grandson was not a blockhead after all.

Shen Fanxing did not move from her original position but as soon as Su Hengs words came to her mind, she turned to the old lady and said,

“Old Lady, I have some things to attend to now. Which ward do you stay at? I will find you after Ive settled my business.”

“There! Do you see the door over there? You can go in from there the next time youre here.”

The old lady paused and craftiness flashed in her intelligent eyes.

“We can exchange our contact numbers to stay in contact. Haiz… I dont have my phone with me now.”

Lai Rong reached into her pocket for her phone before going up to the old lady.


The old lady flashed a warning sign through the side of her eyes. That was when she finally understood the hint and took a step back.

“Jinchuan, hurry, use your phone to help me save the number.”

Bo Jinchuan raised an eyebrow. How could he not know the old ladys intentions? Despite this, he still took out a black phone from his pocket before staring at Shen Fanxing.


After keying in the complete phone number of Shen Fanxing, Bo Jinchuan kept his phone.

Eyeing her slender figure, he took down his blazer and put it around her.

A fragrant warmth surrounded Shen Fanxing instantly, where the blazer carried the warmth of the mans body.

“Wear it. Your bodys too cold,” said Bo Jinchuan in an indifferent voice, as he stared calmly at Shen Fanxing with clear eyes.

Shen Fanxing was not sure why her heart softened, and she felt the pricking of tears out of nowhere.

She did not expect a stranger to be giving her the warmth and care that she needed then.

In the end, Shen Fanxing did not accept Bo Jinchuans goodwill and returned his blazer.

“Its alright. Ill be back in my room soon. If not, it will be quite troublesome to return this as well.”

“Troublesome?” Bo Jinchuan frowned before replying, “So you did not mean it when you said you wanted to accompany Grandma just now?”

Shen Fanxing was slightly surprised and shook her head.

“Ill accompany her.”

She pushed the blazer into his hands, nodded at him before turning to leave.

Bo Jinchuan stood there, watching the retreating figure of the skinny woman, whose back seemed to reflect an obstinate coldness. Something flashed before his eyes.


Well, that was nice coming out of her.


The old lady said suddenly. He tilted his head and looked at the old lady.

Her eyebrows reflected a warm smile.

“Any commands, Grandma?”

Expecting better from him, she stared at him.

“You blockhead, send her back!”

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