Chapter 5: Fanxing, You Should Not Have Become Like That

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Staring at the disappearing obstinate figure of Shen Fanxing,

Bo Jinchuan did not move.

The old lady slapped his buttocks.

His long body froze, calamity brewing in the supposedly calm waves of his eyes.

He was not used to being touched by others. To think after a good 28 years, his buttock was hit under such circumstances!

From the back, Lai Rong erupted into a low laugh uncontrollably.

“Hurry up! Do you want to be the death of me?”

The old lady obviously did not care much about his thoughts and urged him to hurry.

Bo Jinchuan raised his long fingers to his forehead which was aching a little then, feeling a little helpless.

“Yes, Grandma!”

When Shen Fanxing walked back to the ward alone, Su Heng was already in there.

He stood at the window side, back-facing the door. What was supposed to be an elegant set of the suit was now left with the white shirt he was wearing, missing a blazer.

His refreshing look reminded Shen Fanxing of their times in university, to the recollection of that gentle and polite man in white shirt.

It was a pity that the passage of time had rendered a change in this man.

Shen Fanxing did not look at him and walked into the ward, her coldness and calmness eerie.

Realizing a presence in the room, Su Heng turned around.

“Where did you go?”

Shen Fanxing did not reply, but went to sit down by her bedside.

Su Heng said again, “Sorry for pushing you just now. I got too anxious.”

His voice was very gentle, as though the harsh coldness in his look and voice earlier was all a dream.

“Im not at fault for what happened just now.”

No matter what, she had to retain her innocence.

Su Heng lowered his head to look at her, a look of ridicule compounded with the initial apologetic look of struggle.

“Do you know what Qianrou said?”

Feeling the intense stare, Shen Fanxing looked up, only to be met with the disappointing gaze of Su Heng.

“She said, it was her fault for being careless with the cup. She was helping you to explain. Yet, youre shirking responsibility here. Fanxing, you should not have become like this.”

Shen Fanxing stared at him long and hard, her eyes reflecting a series of emotions, from shock to disappointment and finally to indifference.

She looked towards the outside of the window emotionlessly, the tip of her lips giving a cold smile.

Such a cold yet sarcastic smile.

“Su Heng, how long have we known each other?”

Su heng paused before saying, “Eight years.”

“Ha—” laughed Shen Fanxing.

It had been eight years.

Yet the trust Su Heng had in her was practically non-existent.

She, Shen Fanxing would not want to be with such a man.

Shen Fanxing stood up and stared at him coldly.

“Su Heng, lets call off our engagement.”

In that cold voice came her unstoppable determination and strength.

Shock flashed across Su Hengs eyes.

“Why do you show this expression? You should have made your choice the moment you decided to save Shen Qianrou, or even earlier, isnt it?”

Su Heng remained shocked, his eyes full of struggles. Yet, seconds later, it was replaced by relief.

“Fanxing, Im sorry. Perhaps it would be better for us to go our separate ways. If this continues, Im afraid I will hurt you more while trying to protect Qianrou.”

Shen Fanxing bent her arms slightly and raised her head to look at him.

“Protect Shen Qianrou? Su Heng, have you not trusted me before in all of the previous incidents?”

Su Heng struggled internally before saying, “Shen Qianrou is too gentle and innocent… Fanxing, youre too… cold and strong-headed.”

Shen Fanxing stared at Su Heng for some time, then she gave a low laugh.

That laugh was filled with icy coldness and sarcasm, giving a sense of impeccable fickleness.

At that moment, her heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

Such an indirect way of saying, but is being strong a mistake?

Did being strong mean being the diabolical one, the one who bullied the weaker party?

Su Hengs indirect crudeness seemed to drive a knife through her heart, causing immense heartbreak.


Su Heng looked at her current state, his heart filled with even greater remorse. He wanted to reach out to comfort her, but Shen Fanxing took a step back.

“Dont touch me!”

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