he finally spoke slowly, in a deep and elegant voice.

“Normally, women will cry at this juncture.”

Shen Fanxing was marginally surprised at this, but she understood quickly what that meant.

He must have followed her all the way back here. Though he did not hear everything, someone as intelligent as him would have captured the whole picture.

“Sorry, its not habitual for me to eavesdrop.”

Shen Fanxing was indifferent towards it.

“Its not worth it to cry over that kind of person. Whats more, my tears are not worth much.”

Bo Jinchuans brows moved before he continued, “Youre right; some people are not worth crying over. Its indeed a waste of emotions. However, I have reservations regarding the latter.”

Shen Fanxing looked at him confused, and gave a look that signalled him to go on.

Bo Jinchuans dark orbs followed her closely before he replied calmly,

“The value of tears depends on who youre crying for. Some people will think your tears are not worth anything, but some people will regard it as priceless.”

Even though this was some heart-warming speech, the profound meaning that underlay within rattled Shen Fanxings heart slightly. She averted her gaze hastily.

Bo Jinchuan kept the handkerchief slowly and said, “Now, let me answer the first question you asked.”

He paused for a bit before looking down at her.

“Youre a smart woman. It should not take much for you to realize that Grandma wants me to pursue you.”

Shen Fanxings eyes flashed momentarily, awkwardness setting in.

“I think… it might be because of the long wait. What she desires the most now is to have an adorable and active great-grandson.”

“Youre indeed smart.”

Bo Jinchuan smiled, this made Shen Fanxing heave a sigh of relief.

“However, pursuing you is my personal choice. Not every woman can bear my child.”

Bo Jinchuan said again, the mighty dominance underlying the gentle tone of his voice could longer keep Shen Fanxing calm.

It had never occurred to her that someone as gentlemanly and modest as him could be capable of such unruly words.

“Has Mr Bo always been this direct when pursuing someone?”

“I only pursue you.”

This gave Shen Fanxing a slight headache. It was the first time she felt so difficult dealing with someone.

“We had only known each other today, within the past hour and met each other twice. Mr Bo, dont you think this is too hasty?”

“I have trust in my own taste.”

Shen Fanxing finally allowed some sort of emotions to slide onto her emotionless face.

After some time, she gave a bitter smile.

“Youve heard the conversation between the man and me. Weve known each other for eight years and yet the trust is as thin as a rake. Weve just met each other; what makes you trust that Im the right choice?”

Bo Jinchuan raised an eyebrow.

“Youre comparing me to the scum?”

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