ur consensus is your business. However, I would not agree to your rejection.”


“I welcome you, Ms Shen, to discover the deeper side of me anytime.”

Shen Fanxing was completely dazed and speechless as she watched Bo Jinchuan leave the room.

It took a long time for her to be snapped back to reality, even after she was left to the solitary presence of herself.

On her constantly emotionless face, a slight grimace appeared.

Her consensus was her business but rejecting her rejection was his business?

Where therein lay her choice?

So, despite all that he had said just now, they all translated into one sentence—

She was undoubtedly wanted by him?

This man was indeed…

Realising the hilarity of the situation, Shen Fanxing shook her head before diving herself into the comfort of her blanket.

She gave a deep sigh as her stomach growled. However, there was no one in the room.

She stood up to get a cup of water from the automatic dispenser, drank it and lied down again.

She did it so naturally that it did not occur to her that what she needed then was to have someone to take care of her.

When she came back from France three years ago, she never had the luxury of being taken care of by her boyfriend, it had always just been self-care.

At that point in time, the Su Company had encountered a lawsuit regarding the quality of their cosmetic products. After the humongous compensations, they were deep in debt.

Thus, she entered Su Hengs company without taking up the official handover of her own company by her mother.

With that, it started from them going to various business functions together, but it subsequently dwindled to each going for functions separately.

Because of that, she had been sexually harassed by others multiple times!

Not to mention the numerous hangovers!

And the medicine she kept in her drawers to deal with the deteriorating condition of her stomach from excessive alcoholism.

Besides operating the company her mother had left her, she had to build up the public relations company for Su Hengs company, and managed as the chief director of perfumer for the developmental department of the Su Company.

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