ugh she can be a little cold and is not easy to get along with, she has never done anything overboard.”

Shen Qianrous friend said resentfully,

“She didnt do anything overboard? Qianrou, youre too kind. Ive long told you being too kind is not good. Everyone knows what she has done to you. If it wasnt for her, you would not be in this state now…”


The old lady, Jiang Rongrong, who had been silent the whole time while she sat aside, stood up, her face not too well.

Jiang Rongrong was not very tall—1.6 meters; her wholly white hair was tied up in a bun. While the trace of oldness was evident on her face, her eyes shone youthfulness, and she was in good spirits.

It could be seen that this elderly was not an easy figure to deal with when she was younger.

The moment her dignified voice rang throughout the room, silence engulfed the room.

Jiang Rongrong looked stern when she walked to where Shen Qianrou was. Shen Qianrou looked at her with a face of surprise, her pitiful look halting the ball of emotions within Jiang Rongrongs eyes.

She finally said, “You made the right choice by concealing this from the media. After all, shes part of the Shen Family… any negative news would create unnecessary trouble.”

In between her speech, Jiang Rongrong paused, disdain flashing across her eyes, as if mentioning Shen Fanxing was a disgraceful thing.

A look of gentle sadness settled over Shen Qianrous face before she nodded her head adherently and said, “Yes, Grandma, it is actually right for Sister to vent her anger on me. Anyway, I was the one who was not careful…”

Upon hearing Shen Qianrous words, Jiang Rongrong seemed to be reminded of something. The disdain on her face was amplified.

“Okay, no more mentioning of her. Next Friday night, the Bo Consortium will be having a ceremony for the passing of the global chief executive officers position at Fei Hotel. You shall attend it.”

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