ever heard anyone say that ” Asher says

(What did I just say?) James thinks

”Nevermind that, you mentioned yesterday we were going to do something ” James says

”Ah right ” Asher says

e going hunting ” Asher says

”And what are we hunting? ” James says

”Oh nothing too serious just a bear ” Asher says

”A bear!? ” James says

”Yep Ive been hired to kill it ” Asher says

”Then why the hell am I going with you!? ” James says

”Because you need experience ” Asher says

”Thats a very lousy excuse ” James says

”Lets stop wasting time and get going ” Asher says

Some time later

”I can believe this ” James says

”Shut up, Youll alert the bear ” Asher whispers

The two of them walk quietly in the forest trying to pick up the trail the bear has left.

”Thats it ” Asher whispers

”That thing has to be at least a thousand pounds ” James whispers

Asher charges at the bear without any hesitation.

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