James, unlike his friend Asher, has a brain and uses it. Though his intelligence has never helped him when it came to magic. That always came easy for him.

Thats because he is a sorcerer, Someone who is born with a very high magic aptitude. Unlike a wizard who has to train in school to learn magic and warlocks who have to sell their souls to do it, or other things it all depends on the person.

James has a job at a tavern cooking, cleaning and alike. He uses his magic to help him accomplish his tasks faster. Like making brooms sweep themselves and evaporating liquids on the floor. He believes in working smarter not harder.

As the day progressive he continues to do his job.

until the end of his shift and then he goes home.

After walking inside he immediately realizes Ashers home, After seeing all of his belongings.

James walks into the bedroom and looks at a bloody Asher lying on the bed.

James places his hand on Ashers shoulder and says ” Heal ” a green light glows around his hand, wounds start to shut on Ashers body.

”Yeah you should be fine ” James Says

Asher opens his eyes soon after, check his body he sees that hes completely fine.

”I love magic ” says Asher

”I should really charge you every time I do that, Id make a killing. ” James says

”So howd you end up like that anyway? ” James says

”I told you I was going to enter in the tournament ” Asher says

”That explains why you got your ass kicked so bad! Haha ” James says

”Its really not that funny ” Asher says

”Anyway Ive got to get some work ” Asher says

”Try not to get killed, ok Mr mercenary. ” Bell says

Asher grabs his things and equips them.

Asher walks out looking for a good enough job he can take.

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