1 week later

Tuesday November 14th, 7 Years Before The Sacrifice

Asher loved to fight not necessarily kill but he loved to fight thats how he got into the mercenary business in the first place.

Most of his work involves going around the country and fighting for other people. He didn mind it though and the pay was always decent.

The job he was on now is from a noble man. the man wants to get his hands on the land that is currently being occupied by Beast-kin.

Beast-kin or Beast folk are the result of, for lack of a better term when a beast and a human have a child.

Beast-Kin are much stronger and more agile then humans but not as much as beasts. Their not particularly like by either and are usually slaves.

Of course the noble man knowing this has hired a couple dozen people to assist him in his task.

Asher isn really used to working with people so this may be a challenge for him.

The wagon seemed to be so slow he didn like that he had to take a wagon. The noble man said its more proper and would be a message for the unwelcome residents of his land.

The goal was simply get the land by any means necessary, of course everyone else wanted to take the social way. Asher knew that the beast-kin weren just going to give up the land. He thought they should just set up an ambush and kill them all.

As Asher was thinking about the situation the wagon soon stopped.

e here! ” the driver said.

That snapped Asher out of his thoughts and into the moment. The others soon got out of the wagon and so too did Asher. The second his head poked out the door he saw the village of the beast-kin.

As everyone was exiting their wagons some of the mercenaries started lining up at the entrance of the village. Asher followed not knowing exactly what else to do.

”Bring out your leader! Your time is up! ” one of the mercenaries said

A short time later some of the beast-kin walked to the entrance to the city.

Soon a small fragile looking old man walked in front of the group of beast-kin.

”What is it that you want ” Said the old beast-kin

”This land is now property of the noble Frederick! Now get your things and leave, youll have 2 days to do so! ”

one mercenary says

”This is an outrage you can take our land! ” The old beast-kin says

”We can and we are! ” another mercenary says

The old beast-kin clenches his fist he and charges at The mercenaries. But unlucky for him they are very quick to react and skeor him on their blades.

The beast-kin are mortified and seeing their leader being killed. Most of them go back to the village and start packing up their things, and the ones dumb enough to try and fight die or get captured.

”Youll all make fine slaves! ” one mercenary says

The mercenary setup camp just outside the village.

”Those animals better not try anything stupid ” another mercenary says

Asher sets up his tent and goes to sleep needing rest for tomorrows bullshit.

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