ven notice seeing as how I did it in the forest ” he says

James began to walk back inside when he notices a letter in the door.

”To Mr Bell and Mr Graham, I have some urgent business to discuss with you. Please come to see me when you have the time. yours truly lady Charlotte of house Northkind ” he says

”I guess this is how me and Asher die then ” he says jokingly

”But seriously what would she want with us? ” he says

Character Description

Name: Charlotte Northkind

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Eye color: Brown

Hair: Long and brown

Race: Human

”How did she get our address? Better question how did I not see anyone put this here?! ” he says

”I guess I should wait until Asher comes back ” he says

”In the meantime I guess I can pack my things, its going to be a long journey to get there ” he says

Bell walks back in the house and starts getting ready for the journey ahead.

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