Wednesday November 15th, 7 Years Before The Sacrifice

James sat on the floor looking for spells that could be useful.

”Now that I think about I don really have any combat spells, do I? ” He says

He flipped through the book and landed on a page he liked.

”Lightning bolt, that sounds useful ” he says

”A spell that shoots lighting out of the casters hand, sounds simple enough. ” he says

Bell looks around and notices a pot on the table.

”Perfect ” he says

he aims his hand at the pot and says ”Lightning bolt ”

A bolt of lightning shoots out from is hand and hits the wall right beside the pot.

”I guess Im gonna have to work on my aim, but at least it works! ”

He started practicing his aim outside of the house.

Hours Later

”Man that gets tiring after awhile, I suppose my aim did get better ” he says

”Though to be fair I did use a tree as my target, I doubt anyone will even notice seeing as how I did it in the forest ” he says

James began to walk back inside when he notices a letter in the door.

”To Mr Bell and Mr Graham, I have some urgent business to discuss with you. Please come to see me when you have the time. yours truly lady Charlotte of house Northkind ” he says

”I guess this is how me and Asher die then ” he says jokingly

”But seriously what would she want with us? ” he says

Character Description

Name: Charlotte Northkind

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Eye color: Brown

Hair: Long and brown

Race: Human

”How did she get our address? Better question how did I not see anyone put this here?! ” he says

”I guess I should wait until Asher comes back ” he says

”In the meantime I guess I can pack my things, its going to be a long journey to get there ” he says

Bell walks back in the house and starts getting ready for the journey ahead.

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