Thursday November 16th, 7 Years Before The Sacrifice

Asher awoke to clashing and banging.

”Oh shit! ” he says

He gets up as fast as he can and practically flies out of his tent. He looks around to see whats happening. Just as Asher predicted the Beast-kin weren going to give up so easily. Asher quickly went back inside his tent to put on his armor and grab his sword.

”All of you animals will die! ” one mercenary says

Asher runs into the battle killing all the Beast-kin he sees with the help of the other mercenaries.

”They will never take us alive ” one beast-kin says

As the mercenaries and Beast-kin kill each other Some Beast-kin children run into the forest.

”Someone get those animals ” one mercenary says

”I guess Ill do it ” Asher says

Asher runs after the Beast-kin children.

”Come here guys Im not going to hurt you, unless you keep on running from me! ” Asher says

As Asher is running someone appears from behind one of the trees and knocks Asher down onto his back which forces him to drop his sword.

”Fuck where did you come from? ” Asher says

Asher looks at the person realizing its a female Beast-kin. She jumps on him trying to tear his throat out. But after some struggling Asher manages to wrap his legs around the womans head and pull her to the ground.

e gonna have to do better than that! ” Asher says

Asher goes to try and pick up his sword but before we can the woman stabs Asher in the shoulder with her claws.

”Fucking hell! ” says Asher

”Is that better ” the women says

Asher puts up his first, hes been in a couple of bar fights but hes definitely better with a weapon.

Asher goes for a jab but the woman moves to the side, avoiding the strike and gives one of her own to Ashers face which he isn able to avoid.

”Shit! ” Asher says

The woman goes for another claw to the face but Asher was ready this time. Asher ducks under her arm, spins his body and elbows her in the gut, after that he grabs her arm and throws her over his head.

Taking advantage of the situation he grabs his sword. The woman gets up a short time after that and changes at Asher.

”Youve left yourself wide open ” he says

The woman tries to claw at his face but Asher moves to the side just barely avoiding the strike and stabs the woman in the gut with his sword.

”Damnit ” the women says

”Why are you doing this? ” the woman says

”Its nothing personal, its just business ” Asher says

Asher takes the sword out of the womans stomach and cuts off her head.

Asher was covered in not just his own blood but that of the womans stairs in the eyes of one of the Beast-kin children.

”Mommy ” The Beast-kin girl said

(Oh shit) he thought

(Should I kill it?) he thought

”Mommy! ” The Beast-kin girl said

(No its a waste of time shell probably die on her own. I should get back and help the others) he thought

Asher walked back to the village to help the other mercenaries.

”Mommy!! ” The Beast-kin girl said as she ran towards the body.

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