>Two men walk out with big carts. The men wheel them over to James and Asher.

”Whats all this about? ” James says

”Remove the covers ” she says

The men remove the covers on the carts revealing a rock and a short sword on each cart.

”The hell? ” Asher says

”Pick one, Asher you first ” she says

”Ummm ok. The short sword obviously ” Asher says

”Then James gets the rock ” she says

”Not much of a choice on my end ” James says

Asher picks up the short sword and it grows longer, wider and heavier.

”Did it just turn into a great sword?!?! ” Both Asher and James say

”The sword changes depending on the person wielding it. ” she says ”Probably ” she mutters

”So he gets a super cool sword and I get a rock. I seriously have the worst luck. ” James says

James picks up the rock hoping something cool happens.

The rock glows a blinding red light. The rock seems to melt into Jamess hands. Time pauses for the briefest of moments and then resumes.

”What the hell was that!?!?! ” James says

”We were trying to find that out by testing it on you ” she says

”You what!? ” James says

”Are you insane ” James says

”Well it didn kill you at least not instantly so you should be fine ” she says

”You both are free to go now. Thats all I needed from you. ”

Everyone just stood there in complete silence.

Before James and Asher were dragged away.

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