Saturday November 20th, 7 Years Before The Sacrifice

James had everything packed; he even packed Ashers things. He knew they needed to get there as soon as possible. If only Asher could hurry up with his job.

The door swings open and Asher walks inside.

”Finally, it took you long enough. ” James says

”What were you waiting for me? ” Asher says

”Yeah and now that you
e here, we can get going. ” James says

James shoves Ashers things into his hands.

”Where are we going? ” Asher says

”Ill tell you on the way there ” James says

2 days later

Monday November 22nd 7 B.B.S.

”Fix your hair, we have to look presentable! ” James says

”Is this really that important ” Asher says

”Of course it is you idiot!!!!! We
e meeting a lady! ” James says

”Why does it matter if shes a woman? ” Asher says

James just looks at Asher dumbfounded.

”Your a **ing idiot ” James says

James gets closer to Asher and whispers in his ear.

”Shes not just any woman, she owns a lot of land. Which means shes stupid rich and powerful. ” James says

”Right, I understand now ” Asher says

A short time later Both James and Asher are escorted to the main room.

The doors swing open and they see lady Charlotte sitting at a table. They both walk over to her.

”Cozy place you got here ” Asher says

”Bring them in ” she says

”Bring what in? ” James says

Two men walk out with big carts. The men wheel them over to James and Asher.

”Whats all this about? ” James says

”Remove the covers ” she says

The men remove the covers on the carts revealing a rock and a short sword on each cart.

”The hell? ” Asher says

”Pick one, Asher you first ” she says

”Ummm ok. The short sword obviously ” Asher says

”Then James gets the rock ” she says

”Not much of a choice on my end ” James says

Asher picks up the short sword and it grows longer, wider and heavier.

”Did it just turn into a great sword?!?! ” Both Asher and James say

”The sword changes depending on the person wielding it. ” she says ”Probably ” she mutters

”So he gets a super cool sword and I get a rock. I seriously have the worst luck. ” James says

James picks up the rock hoping something cool happens.

The rock glows a blinding red light. The rock seems to melt into Jamess hands. Time pauses for the briefest of moments and then resumes.

”What the hell was that!?!?! ” James says

”We were trying to find that out by testing it on you ” she says

”You what!? ” James says

”Are you insane ” James says

”Well it didn kill you at least not instantly so you should be fine ” she says

”You both are free to go now. Thats all I needed from you. ”

Everyone just stood there in complete silence.

Before James and Asher were dragged away.

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