Monday November 22nd, 7 Years Before The Sacrifice

”Hey not so rough! ” James says

Both James and Asher are literally thrown out .

”Well that just happened ” Asher says

”Im still not sure what just even happened ” James says

”Great so its not just me then ” Asher says

”Lets just go home ” James says

2 days later

Thursday November 24th 7 B.B.S.

”Hey lets stop here ” James says

”Here! Why? ” Asher says

”Isn this a Beast-kin village? ” Asher says

”I think so ” James says

”Then shouldn we leave? ” Asher says

”Its almost night, so we should really just look for a place to sleep ” James says

”But here though? ” Asher says

”Why not here? ” James says

”Asher you
e not scared are you? ” James says

”What!? Of course not! ” Asher says

”Then you
e fine, lets go look for a place to stay. ” James says

Asher remains quiet as they look for a place to stay for the night.

Some time later

”Sure you two can stay in the stables ” A Beast-kin women says

”Thank you very much ” James says

James elbows Asher in the arm.

”Um right thanks ” Asher says

The pair walk to the stables and soon go to bed.

Tuesday November 23nd 7 B.B.S.

”Hey get up ” a voice says

”Get up guys! ” a voice says

”What is it? ” James says

Asher finally opens his eyes. He sees a small Beast-kin child.

”What is it little girl? ” Asher says

”I just wanted to ask you guys some questions ” the girl says

They both look at each other.

”Have fun with that James, Im going back to bed. ” Asher says

Asher tries to get back to sleep.

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