water for ” James says

”Cooking, cleaning, baths and farming ” the girl says

”Why don you dig a trail to lead the water to the crops? ” James says

”It doesn work like that ” the girl says

”It kinda does actually its called irrigation ” James says

”Wait, why Im I trying to explain this to a kid? ” James says

A group of beast-kin stand in the path before the two.

”Hey whats a human doing here? ” one of them says

”Probably visiting his kid ” another says

James looks at the Beast-kin girl next to him.

”Nope shes not my child ” James says

”Though I don see why its any of your business ” James says

”A human in a Beast-kin village is everyones business ” one of them says

”Its just like a human to expect to be treated like a king in a Beast-kin village ” another says

”What the hell are you talking about? ” James says

”Maybe we should teach him some manners ” one of the says

(I know we
e this is going) James thinks

James puts both of the bucks of water on the ground.

”This is so ridiculous ” James says

(I only know like one combat spell) James thinks

(And I can even use that) James says

”Well give you the first hit ” one of the says

”Its not gonna help ” another says

(Damn my luck) James thinks

James not knowing anything about how to fight is feeling pretty uneasy about this event.

James throws a right hook at one of the people.

”Is that all you got ” They say

James is punched in the gut and knocked to the ground.

”Thats not very nice ” James says

The group kicks him while hes down and soon James passes out.

”James!!! ” unknown person says

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