Stories In Another World: Making Peace

9: Home but for real this time (Asher)


”Damn this really hurts ”James says

”That happens when you get in a fight ” Asher says

James places a hand on his chest.

”Heal ” James says

Green light appears around Jamess hand.

”Much better ” James says

”You mind ” Asher says pointing at his stab wound

James places a hand on the wound.

”Heal ” James says

Green light appears around Jamess hand and Ashers wound closes.

”Why didn you use your magic to defend yourself? ” Asher says

”Because I don want everyone to know I can use magic ” James says

”Thats how people get kidnapped or worse ” James says

”People get kidnapped for using magic? ” Asher says

”Yep either to enchant weapons, heal people or get turned into mana potions ” James says

”People can be turned into mana potions?! ” Asher says

”More specifically people who can use magic and the higher the magic aptitude the better the potion. ” James says

”So its easy to understand if you
e a sorcerer then people are going to come after you ” James says

”How do they get the mana out of people? ” Asher


”Their blood ” James says

”Actually Ive been making a couple mana potions for myself ” James says

”Now Im sure you can see why not everyone needs to know I can use magic. ” James says

”Yeah I understand now ” Asher says

The two talk for some more and then they finally arrive home.

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