Stories of the Incubi

The Incubus Hates \'Sweet\' Girls (1)

In a dark basement of an building…

…owned by those who made a living by hiding from the law, was a woman tied down to a chair.

In front of her weee many strong men.

Her eyes were teary. She struggled in vain. Unable to break out of the ropes that held her captive.

A heart bound by fear…

”So that asshole couldn pay up, and gave up his daughter instead? I have to say… I wonder why he didn give his wife as well~ Someone who gave birth to this beauty deserves some praise~! ” One of the lustful men scanned her up and down.

Pretending to be a gentleman, but knowing that his crimes had no excuse in the eyes of humanity.

A fool mightve actually believed that he was a decent person from his looks alone, but that was it.

Everyone seemed under that misconception.

That those who do evil deeds were different altogether. How could they possible be human?

Ignoring that even if humans can be born with hood hearts, they can also certainly be stained.

What was once pure can become corrupted.

Sins such as the lust in the mans eyes an example.

He looked over her like she was a particular fine delicacy. Eyes showing no hint of heart or empathy.

Everything about this girl could be considered to be perfect. From her slender hips, to her bouncy breasts, to those impeccable lips that were just asking to be kissed. It was as if her hourglass figures was born to tempt in the opposite sex.

The man was like an animal in human skin.

Unable to contain his own primitive instincts.

The Bossman who was in charge was more into blondes, yet even he couldn help help but appreciate her looks despite the many other girls he had seen in this business. It was to the point he felt a tinge of curiosity. He gazed at the woman.

”Give me the details. ” Then asked around to find his answer among the words of his subordinates.

Mary Lockhart, a girl born into the family of a disharmonious couple. Broke up as soon as she was conceived. Her father was a religious fanatic who spent most his earnings on very suspicious items and merchandise instead of her education.

From what he could tell, she had a tough childhood filled with abuse and hardships. As the man was her father, she had worked hard to grow up into a fine young woman that could take care of him.

Such an innocent soul…

Did she never think of abandoning such a fool?

But despite the dumbfounding nature of her clean heart, reality wouldn bend to her fickle whims.

Wasn that how she was sold off?

The more he heard, the more he was intrigued.

Though it seemed crude to verbally speak all these details, they had no choice on the matter at all.

Creating any paper evidence of their illegal activities was banned by their organisation, it was always through this kind of oral communication that they passed on information in their heads.

Date of birth, qualifications, and other kind of things needed to be investigated and passed on to the man in charge, then they could move onto the next step. After all, it was common sense to make sure their victims had no backings of high stature.

There was a time when one of the Bossmans colleagues was executed. The fool accidentally laid his hands on a frail woman of a more scarier figure in their organisation. The result was being tortured for a month before embracing death…

Anyway, details of the girls extended family tree and personality were even among the things he had listed out in front of him. Since different people investigated differently, they ignored double facts.

The Bossman was surprised that, despite many unnecessary hardships getting in her way, she was accepted into a Black Company that worked their employees like machines for a barebones payment.

Ruining the efforts she put into her career.

The more he heard, the more he felt that this girl had some star of misfortune about her. Most of what he heard couldn exactly be chalked up as being her fault for being dragged here today.

Different from what he had initially thought…

She didn get to choose her family, she had great results all the way to college despite her home abuse, and the only reason she couldn get a scholarship or enter university was due to the people around her… rather than her own faults.

A rare type of misfortune.

It was pretty disturbing, but nothing that burdened the Bossmans conscience. After all, he wouldn have kept his position if he felt bad for all of the girls he sold off as a sex trafficker of women.

Those whod fallen into dept by their usiness loans. In fact, that part was just a front for them.

The trafficking business was their main ring.

It was how they justified bringing the woman here.

Her father borrowed money, and now she was here to pay them back. Those ranked above him had even specifically targeted her family. Broken familial bonds where abuse happens are usually the best. A perfect delicacy for scum like them.

The Bossman was usually handling teenage girls and older wives, but that didn mean he was incapable of adapting to the circumstances. They just had to do exactly as they had always done.

”Okay, time to inspect the goods. ” He gestured to his men. They closed in on the trembling woman.

The Bossman walked up towards her until he was in front of her face, and his eyes were lifeless.

The mans thoughts were less on her looks and more on the condition of her body.

If her father knew of any illnesses or anything.

They weren moved by the terrified and angry expression on her face. One of them whispered:

”If you resist us, Ill get these guys around me to gang **** you. ” His words struck her heart hard.

She was unable to even think anymore thanks to her raging emotions. The man took off the gag on her mouth. Her heart was filled with despair. The man untied her before making her stand up.

Right now she was in her work uniform: White shirt and black formal skirt with stocking. The only part of what she wore that clashed with her image was her old style, short heel footwear made for comfort rather than having great outward appeal.

As his subordinates took off her restraints, his hand grabbed onto her jaw as he spoke to her:

”Ill say it again. If you show any resistance, you can blame us for getting
ough with you, bitch. ”

Marys eyes turned even more empty. The man reached out towards her. She instinctively wanted to resist, but was unable to move after the mans coercion had took affect. The girl didn make even a whimper, but tears still ran down her eyelids.

He unbuttoned her shirt one step at a time.

Taking off the first layer of clothing, revealing her ample chest in all its glory underneath some plain white underwear. There was a sense of immorality in the atmosphere as she covered her chest.

There were some men behind her that gasped, but not from her beauty. Rather, they were shocked to see something they didn expect on her back. The Bossman lifted an eyebrow before circling her…

Once the hing of her back came into view, even a normally emotionless monster like the Bossman was shocked for a brief moment… What he saw wasn the pale white skin of coddled girl.

Instead, what he sa

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