Stories of the Incubi

The Incubus Hates \'Sweet\' Girls (1)

w were markings of a satanic ritual sacrifice that were etched into her back.

It seemed his goons failed to get all the right information… Her father was **ing crazy!

”Erm… Is this going to affect her price? ”

”This sure as hell will! Are you **ing retarded?! ”

”Sorry, Boss… What should we do? ”

”What CAN we do? Take out the camera and continue the second step. We need to send a decent scan of her entire body, missing nothing in the process. The ones on the other side can deal with the rest. ” He ordered his lackeys once more.

The woman in the middle of these strangers couldn help but feel like her life wasn inside her own control anymore. Like always, she was being objectified by the men around her. The only big difference this time was she couldn resist…!

The door out of here was locked, and she was like a rabbit surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Helpless to do anything as they continued to strip her one article of clothing at a time.

The sensual atmosphere of this strip-show made a lot of them hard upon the sight, but they were amed by their organisation to the point that such horny emotions didn cloud their judgement.

There was a procedure that had to be followed and a ticking clock that left no room for error. They might have isolated her from the world and were certain no one would look for her, but their uyers liked clean girls who had yet to be tainted.

The more the sexual tension built up, the more a supernatural element was arose in this room filled with immorality. No one in the room could sense that a demonic power was focusing on her back the more they leered at her with bad intentions.

Negative and evil energies were abundant in this room where many young girls were raped and abused, their despair and anguish had built up into this room to the point that not even the filthiest Demons could stop themselves from salivating…!

A whirlpool of energy silently formed on her back as the men in her surroundings continued to take her clothes off. The only person even slightly aware of what was happening was the woman herself.

As if by hallucination, she started hearing a voice:

”Oh worshipper of Lust, I accept your tribute. Do you dare to form a contract, therefore bringing me into the Mortal Realm? ” A deep voice of a sinister entity entered her ear as Mary was being stripped.

After taking off her skirt, the man continued to take off her stocking in ruthless way. Ripping it off like it was no big deal piece by piece. Mary stood frozen in place by the fear. She didn even care if she was going crazy anymore while nodding her head…!

The action being ignored by the wicked scum…

e good, this is how submissive you should act from now on. There will be a lot of customers wanting you from now on. ” The Bossman spoke after ripping off her stocking like an animal. Then he continued by going for her pure white bra next.

Suddenly, a change occurred at lightning speed.

A strange portal opened up on the young womans back.

Then one particularly murderous aura, unlike anything they ever felt before, froze them

A demonic figure ejected from her back, his eyes stared down on his offerings.

The winged silhouette flapped his bat-like wings.

The criminals wanted to react and fight no matter what existence had appeared before them, yet their entire bodies were frozen as soon as this devilish entity landed before them gracefully.

”I accept these corrupted souls as an offering. ” A sinister voice entered their ears. The demon spoke to Mary Lockhart. Her shoulders trembled. She turned around to see a figure clad in black leather.

No, was that even leather? The clothing on his body seemed natural despite how revealing it was of his chest area and other parts, but what made her most stupefied was what happened next.

The Demon that was summoned out of her back extended his arm before those large and burly men around her started to shrink in size. Or to be more accurate, they withered up as if their vitality was being drained. Then the demon licked his lips…

Not a drop of blood fell to the ground as a suction force from his mouth devoured them one by one as if he was eating snacks. This scene was so vile and revolting that anyone else wouldve run away.

Mary couldn figure out what was fact or fiction anymore. She watched those men, those who forced her into this situation, be eaten by an even more devilish entity than they could ever imagine.

A feeling of gratitude arose in her heart. The terror stuck to Marys nerves was put to the side for later.

Her eyes were clouded. The evil entity finished eating his offering and turned to his summoner.

The eyes of the winged figure was apathetic. He approached her and looked into her eyes. Seeing that she still had enough clarity of mind to continue the ritual, he made a fake smile as he spoke:

”I am the Demon Marshal of the Lust Devils Greater Army, Zephyr Montblack. You, human who has offered sufficient initial tribute, offering, and spiritual quality, may state what you desire in return for your soul. ” The Demon asked monotonously.

To him, this was business as usual. Though perhaps this kind of scene was a first for him.

Those who summoned demons were normally corrupted humans who have sunk down into the depths of depravity. They were the type to do anything for the sake of satisfying their Demons.

As long as they could: Their wish of power, influence, or success will be granted immediately.

For an Incubus like him to be summoned, the lack of modesty for the summoner in question was always a matter of course.

After all, Lust Demons were mostly summoned by old men more often than not.

Those who had taken advantage of countless girls in their lives, like the customers Mary was about to be sold to (gender doesn matter to who exactly had sex with a large number of people without their explicit consent before summoning), and specialised in making even the greatest fantasy of their summoner come true, as long as they were willing to sell their soul for it!

”I want… ” Zephyr listened to her closely.

She was speaking her innermost desire to him.

As a helpless woman that was almost taped, surely she would ask for her life to become better… or maybe even ask for something on the level of wanting all men to bow before her.

As someone of high stature among demons, he was ready to entertain his one-and-only summoner with anything that she could come up with.

”…a friend. ” Mary collapsed to her knees after she spoke and looked at him with great longing.

He had miscalculated greatly…! However, the contract was already made. He was a Demon of great pride that held great importance to individual sincerity no matter how rotten the desire. It would hurt his ego if he couldn grant this simple wish.

He was EXTREMELY confused. Thats why he decided to look into her memories first to figure out what this human defined as a friend. Mary slowly lost consciousness as he spoke the last time:

”I accept your desire. ”

She was going to get corrupted by him anyway, so why not do that? It wasn like he had a choice in it.

Zephyr accepted the terms of the contract.

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