Stories of the Incubi

The Incubus Hates \'Sweet\' Girls (3)

Some people think being Demons under the Lust Devil was interesting. That it was a life of pleasure.

When in actual fact, being a Incubus or Succubus was just living an entire life filled with boring interactions that went the same way, and lifeless sex. It wasn exactly a hrilling experience…

Everyday, it was all about life force. Sexual contact between Succubi and Incubus was just a way for them to drain vitality, pleasures being secondary to their goal. Even Zephyr was unable to take having sex 24/7 no matter how depraved he was…

Thats why he gradually became an abnormal among his species after sharpening his Vitality Draining specialisation to the point he could kill people without making physical contact. Eventually becoming a feared Commander of a Demon Army.

Anyway, after finally finding someone with a worthy enough tribute to summon him, he had thought hed be able to take his Summoners life without much thought… just like every other Demon.

However, the girls sincere wish changed things…

When Mary woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar place… on tip of a luxurious bed.

Remembering some of the things the scummy men spoke about selling her, a jolt hit her heart.

Mary scanned her whole body.

She felt relieved that she hadn been taken advantage of, nor had any restraints on her.

It was a relief that only lasted for a second, until she realised that this wasn a good situation at all…!

I have to escape! She thought while jumping out of bed, but realised that she still in her underwear.

”I see… have you awoken, dear guest? ” Just as she was about to find something to wear, the voice of a female entered her ears. She turned her head to see a horned woman in a maid uniform standing there. The maid had an emotionless gaze towards her.

How long was she there?! Mary was flustered and also quite confused, then it started to dawn on her.

Something didn feel right…

It was after a closer look that the tail of the maid had appeared out of thin air. Shocking her.

”Yes. ” Mary answered one a guarded tone. Some vague memories she hadn recalled started to dawn on her. She didn know why she was here, so she tried to go with the flow in order to find out.

”My Master told me to dress you and bring you to the dining room once you woke up. What kind of clothes do you prefer? ” The Maid wasn quirky or passionate in tone. She leaned more towards having a profession attitude when doing her job.

As if by magic, several set of clothes walked out of the drawer and appeared before her.

Mary blinked a few times in response; rubbed her eyes. The reality before her didn change one bit.

She took a better look at the clothes and realised that they took on a distinctly western vibe while also fitting her tastes. Not too baggy and not too tight, while also carrying some feminine charm to them. This contrasted with the world around her.

The image of a old European style maid offering her some fashionable clothes of the modern era was contrasting indeed. Did they also have modern technology here? Then whats with this vibe?

She had a whole lot of questions on her mind, but chose not to speak them out loud just yet.

The maid was already bringing her to someone who could better explain what was going on.

A strange light appeared in her eyes.

She decided to wear the most old fashioned of the bunch while trying to look as unattractive as possible.

Even going so far as to tie up her hair.

The maid didn really care about her thoughts or opinions, nor what she looked like as long as her clothes fit. She clapped her hands as soon as Mary was done to get her attention. Expertly guiding her towards the large dining room of the mansion.

Once she entered the room, she saw a tall man with similar horns casually eating his meal.

His tail that looked VERY similar to a certain genital organ of a mans body swayed…

She had to admit, that tail looked quite hick compared to her imagination.

”You look calmer than I imagined. ” Zephyr was the first person to speak. He looked at Mary strangely.

Eyes shifting all over her body like everyone else.

”…So, I actually DID summon a Demon? ” Her face took on a difficult look. She spoke out wistfully.

Almost like she was about to whistle…

”You did, and now here you are. ” The now wingless man (magically retracted) nodded in response.

”…Then what about my soul? ” Mary recalled that he said something about taking it back then.

”Its here. ” Zephyr pointed towards a utensil with a blue-flamed candle on it. Hed expected her to ask.

”… ” Was this supposed to be an abstract answer?

”I know what you
e thinking. So let me explain it clearly. Listen up, because I won explain myself a second time: You are now in the Underworld, and your wish for a friend is complete through me.

Instead of worrying how you can exist without a soul in your body, just stay here and laze around from now on. You are no longer bound by mortality and can never return to your life on Earth. ” Zephyr didn mince his words and stated his thoughts.

”I can stay here…? ”

”Yes. ”

”Without needing to pay rent? ”

”Im not some mongrel on the streets, but a Demon Marshal. What money can you offer me anyway? ”

”So you really are- ”

”Im a Greater Incubus. ” This explained why his tail was of such a shape… Ahem, what to do now?

Considering he didn ask anything from her and saved her from a tragic fate. All she could say was:

”Sure. ” She nodded her head, and after that, Zephyr went back to eating. The maid quickly left.

There was curiosity in Marys eyes. She stood in front of Zephyr with a fidgety attitude. Mary stared at him, as if to bare a hole through him… The Demon naturally looked up to meet her gaze.

”What do you want? ”

”C-can we talk to each other, like friends? ” Her eyes were sparkling. It was her greatest dream.

”…I don know how to do as youve asked. ”

”You don ? ”

”Ive never had a friend before. ”

”Me too~! But aren friends cool?! ” She felt excited about the first interaction they had.

”…Do you consider violence cool? ”

”Violence…? ” She tilted her head at his words. It was only then did he realise his mistake.

”The Underworld is different from Earth. Here, a lot of different Demons find intimacy through conflict. ”

”That sounds really interesting~ ” She sat down on a chair next to him while giving a refreshed smile.

As if shed been liberated from all her restraints.

Whether that be responsibility, or having to work off dept left behind by the only father in her life.

At this exact moment, he started to feel the fact that she STILL wasn giving a damn about his identity as a Demon to be quite absurd. What gave her the confidence to up and talk to him?

Most of the time, the term Incubus would make even female Demons turn away from him.

There had never been a time he hadn either been hated or desired by those of the Underworld.

ew feelings kinda… disgusted him a little.

”Cuckolds and sometimes forced quickies are common in the Underworld. Do you want to experience the latter? ” Zephyrs tone was sharp despite his outwards appearance of a very sexy hunk.

He was no gentleman.

”…No, not really. ” Marys dedication to keeping this conversation going for even a little while longer.

This was despite how his words were definitely hinting at wanting her to leave.

As there wasn much to do in these times when the seven armies weren at war with the angels, he didn really mind. Now Zephyr could have some peace and quite… He decided to rest a little.

Eating humans and devouring so much negative energy has finally allowed him to reach a greater level of strength as a Greater Incubus compared to before. Now he realised why Demons loved finding contractors, even if it was just once in their lifetime.

He hit the jackpot when he found Mary…!

”What is your favourite food? ” Once again, he was surprised by how she was able to talk once again.

Didn he just threaten to assault her earlier?

Was his threat not clear enough?

Well, it wasn like he could actually do anything to her.

Not only was he currently grateful for his meal, but also had to abide by contract that bound them.

There was no way hed REALLY do anything to her…!

”Life force, preferably without skin contact. ”

Would she feel disgusted now? Zephyr took a look at her face. He found that she seemingly recalled how he slaughtered a bunch of humans after he had been summoned. Her face paled in fear, but she quickly hid her thoughts with a stone face

”Why are you trying so hard? ” He decided to stop beating around the bush and ask, his nap was on the line. If she was just buttering him up as the Master of this house, hed want her to go away.

”…I never had a friend before. ” Mary spoke to him.

”Then why do you desire a friend? ”

”Because I don have one. ” She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Oddly enough, he wasn able to poke any holes in her argument.

After all, it was HER OWN desire. Some kinda worked that way, so he accepted her reply.

”Whats your favourite colour? ” The girl started to ask.

”Black. ” Was she doing a Q&A? Zephyr couldn be bothered beating around the bush, so he told her.

”Do all Demons have horns? ”

”Some don . ”

”Do you have Wi-Fi here in the Underworld? ”

”No. ”

”Don you feel cold with an exposed chest? ”

”…Just go to sleep. ” He couldn stand her constant queries and ordered with a strong tone.

”Is there anything I can do to help you? ” She didn listen at all.

Mary instead chose to try repaying his favour.

”Just don cause trouble. Stay in this house and don leave, or else I won be able to protect you properly. ” As soon as he finished his words, he felt a dazzling aura of gratitude coming from Mary.

”…Just to be clear: I am NOT doing this for you. Are you dumb enough to wonder the Underworld despite being a Human? Youll be eaten in less than three seconds as soon as you try to leave. ”

”Okay. ” She nodded her head in understanding.

He closed his eyes to rest, but was soon awoken by a realisation that hit him after he had calmed down:

”So, Miss Mary Lockhart, was it? …Why is it you never asked if you could return to Earth? ”

”I don want to. ” The woman finally frowned. Her mood started to plummet as soon as her life on Earth was mentioned. Considering her bleak past, he realised it was only an obvious answer indeed…

”Do as you see fit. ” He wasn going to take her autonomy away from her if thats the case.

”Hey, do you like bullfrogs? ”

”… ” Okay, now this was getting annoying…! How could he deal with this without roaring at her?

”I have a library, if you like knowledge. ”

”Can I go there~? Pretty please! ” Her eyes lit up as soon as something related to books came up.

”Tomorrow. Lead her to her room. ” The second half of his sentence was directed at the maid nearby.

A maid who looked like a statue walked out and gestured towards the woman, kindly asking her to follow her.

Mary wasn able to deny her l.

She felt it would be inappropriate when she went out of her way to lead her to her bedroom.

It was only after she left did the Incubus finally sigh, feeling a headache coming on.

The Demon Marshal of Hell realised he needed to find something for her to do quickly, or else…

Zephyr didn even want to think of those sweet and cute expressions she kept showing him

They made him want to barf.

He was not used to having someone genuinely interested in his well-being.

I must think of something. He thought while scratching his head in defeat at her attitude.

What a big mess…!

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