Storytellers Creations

Beginning Of A World

”Beautiful sunset. ” a young man in his early 20s with dark brown hair said.

The young man was Lukas miller, a young author who already had a series of books titled ”Conquest ” under his name. He stared out at the setting sun, appreciating the ever-changing colors of the sky, with the tall pine trees blocking out the vast majority of the sky. This view was one of the few reasons he moved here.

Leaning down from his chair, he grabbed a glass of Orange Juice and took a big sip.

”I could stay like this forever. ” Lukas said with a relaxed look on his face.

Closing his eyes, he took in a big breath of fresh hair, appreciating the clean air you can only find in the woods. Opening up his eyes he saw a large black screen with white letters appearing in front of him.

[Welcome host to the Author System]

[World creation will begin shortly]

Lukas stumbled backward in both shock and astonishment. Grabbing his forehead he stared at the screen trying to process what was happening.

”Okay, one of three things is happening. ” Lukas said as he got up.

”One is that Ive gone crazy without human contact for so long, two this is a dream, or three this is really happening. ” Lukas said staring at the screen.

[Host is being transported to an empty space, please stand by]

As soon as those words appeared before him the world around him began to grow dark with even the sun disappearing. Lukas closed his eyes hoping he wasn erased in the process. Slowly opening up his eyes, he looked around and saw nothing but darkness and felt a chill all over his body. Looking over he saw the now familiar screen of the Author system.

[Host please begin world creation]

Lukas stared at the screen, mouth agape in surprise trying to process this new info. Shaking off his shock and confusion and he began to look around.

”How am I supposed to do that? ” Lukas asked.

[Host simply has to imagine a world]

Lukas closed his eyes and followed the systems instructions and began to picture a large sphere. He began to imagine the entire world covered in an ocean with one large supercontinent in the center of his view. He began to imagine a series of large mountain ranges scattered across the continent. With a gigantic canyon in the center of the continent alongside a couple of beaches and rivers scattered across it. Opening his eyes he saw a truly magnificent sight. An entire world much large than him floated in front of him.

Jumping backward in surprise he simply stared at his creation, his eyes full of wonder and excitement. Looking at the system panel again Lukas asked.

”Whats next? ”

A couple of white dots appeared, like a computer loading screen.

[Host must create an environment suitable for life to form]

”Meaning I would need a sun, a moon, and maybe a couple of stars for effect.

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