Storytellers Creations

Beginning Of A World

” Lukas said.

Moving well past his planet, he began to picture in his mind a large yellow sun with streaks of fire coming off it. Looking in front of him he felt a wave of heat, something no human could possibly survive. Yet Lukas stood firm, basking in its glory, and simply smiled. Quickly going back to his world he started forming a moon. Picturing the barren gray rock he began to form a sphere, and picture this rock in his hands and allowed it to grow like a mighty tree. Looking at it he didn feel the same pride he did for the first two creations, but he still felt proud of what he has done.

”almost done. ” Lukas said as he began to prepare for the finishing touches.

Looking at the vast darkness he spread out his arms and closing his eyes began to picture thousands of stars shooting from his sleeves. Opening his eyes he saw the stars pouring out like water from a faucet. Smiling Lukas began to twirl around spreading all across the darkness.

”I could get used to this! ” Lukas shouted.

After a few minutes, he stared at his handiwork from a good distance. There was only one word that came to mind when looking at it all ”Magnificant ”.

”Hey, system anything else? ” Lukas asked with a wide smile.

[Host has three more requirements before life forms]

[First Host must choose a name for this world]

[Second Host must decide if any mystical properties are to be added]

[Third Host has to create a story for this world]

Lukas stared at the panel and began to think. Pondering these three things for a minute.

”For the first one, Ill name this world Terra just to start simple. ” Lukas said looking at his world

”The second one, lets add mana to it and see what life forms. ”

”For the final one, Ill go with a classic and say its about a chosen one and their comrades trying to slay a great evil trying to conquer the world. ”


Once that word came up a wave of blue and purple energy dispersed from it and flowed into Terra. Adding a blue glow to it and after a few minutes, the glow subsided and returned to normal. Lukas stood there waiting for anything to happen. After a few hours, he once again turned towards the system panel while squinting his eyes.

”why isn anything happening? ” he said with a menacing tone.

[Life has yet to form]

Staring at the system prompt, Lukas slowly turned towards Terra mouth agape in shock.

”You mean I have to wait, then why was the other stuff so fast! ”

[Don worry host you only have to wait for 2 to 4 hours]

Swiping his sweat off and breathing a sigh of relief, Lukas slumped down and sat on the moon. Leaning on his arm he let out a small chuckle and simply waited for the first sign of life.

”I think Ill enjoy playing god for a while, ” Lukas said as his grind turned into a gigantic smile.

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