rent from the lifeforms, and time will return to normal speeds once the story starts]

Nodding his head, Lukas kept his eyes on Terra the entire time waiting for the first signs of prehistoric or Jurrasic life to appear. The crustacean species he had high hopes for, had begun to grow spikes on their backs and primitive mandibles, using them to take down larger animals as a team and share the food amongst themselves. An interesting display of social dynamics and as he watched more instances of this happen Lukas started to smile.

”System how likely is it for these organisms to develop sentience? ”

[About 42% to 50% of creatures show signs of potential however it is possible for them to extinct before the end of the prehistoric era]

Hearing that Lukass grin turned into a frown, sure he know that there was a good reason not all creatures could gain sentience. He did hope that these organisms could become something more than simple bugs, something different from humans or other humanoids. Then again there were the two other species that had potential as well.

For example, the purple fish with the one horn started developing more mammal traits, like dark purple fur and long legs/arms like a rat. Whilst the last one, the long/thin fish had begun to grow bigger and developed more into a reptile that had also split off into two separate groups. One becomes more dinosaurish, whilst the other becomes more draconic in nature.

”Are the chances any higher for these two organisms? ” Lukas said pointing to the purple fish and the thin fish.

[For the first one, host its about 50% to 65%]

[The second one only has about 30% to 35%]

Slapping his face, Lukas dragged his hand down and looked at his world with frustration clear as day.

”Really nothing above 70%!? ”

[One species has the probability of 95% ”]

Seeing that Lukas began to scan all over the planet, trying to figure out which species had the highest percentage. After scanning the supercontinent two times over, he could not find a single creature that had this godly percentage.

”System which organism has this percentage? ”

[It is a blobish sea creature near the northwest coast]

Lukas quickly shot over to the northwest coast and began looking for this creature. After searching for what felt like hours he finally found it. It was a small blue blob that simply sat there, with another version of the species a couple of inches away this time on land. It was a smaller purple blob that was moving as slow as a turtle.

”Seriously these creatures have the highest percentage?! ”

[No host only the blue blob has the percentage, this is due to their natural affinity for mana and how quickly they absorb it as well]

Taking another look at the blue blob he saw that the man burst from hours ago was being absorbed by about 10 blobs. In fact, they begin to rapidly grow much bigger than most creatures on both land and sea. They even began to form arms of their own and were even becoming much more humanoid.

”Well it looks like how the first sentient organism is about to be born, and one with an extremely high affinity for mana. ”

[Primordial era is near its end, the prehistoric eras shall begin shortly host]

Hearing this Lukas imagined a large popcorn bucket and just like that it immediately appeared. He took in a mouthful and munched down getting ready to watch a truly chaotic era.

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