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Dinosaurs + Primitive Magic + Apocalypse

Lukas immediately began searching the continent for the creature that caused the system prompt. He found the organism near the west coast, it was a medium to large reptile with green coloring alongside a few black lines on its face. It had two long skinny arms and about three fingers, with the pointer finger having an extremely long and sharp-looking nail on it. It had a long neck alongside an alligator-looking head and rows of tiny sharp teeth. It had a short tail, and its legs were very long and shaped like canine back legs.

Looking around more he saw a small group of the same creature surrounding an extremely large and slow-moving crustacean. Once they surrounded the beast they set upon it, using their massive claw to rip its exoskeleton apart revealing the soft innards. The crustacean fought back, of course, using its massive claws to toss and injure a few of them, in the end, it was killed and the group began devouring its soft flesh while other creatures went after the scrapes.

These were the first prehistoric species to be born, the next came in the form of a large sauropod-looking organism. It was easily larger than any other current organism and had thick armor plating covering the entirety of its surface. Unlike earth sauropods, this one was an omnivore eating mostly plants rather than animals. The plants underwent extreme changes as well with primitive trees starting to form and began growing fruit.

Even a few flowers began appearing with beautiful patterns, and unique colorings. Of course, other animals went through evolutionary changes, with a small group of the purple fish becoming more mammal-like and the thin fish becoming a small reptile that can easily fit into any small hole. Taking in another handful of popcorn, Lukas turned his attention back to the northwest coast to see if the blue blobs made any progress.

They had begun living on land and developed more primate-like bodies, and were still rapidly absorbing more mana storing it within their body.

”System how long till they reach sentience? ”

[Soon host, for our time it will only take 5 minutes]

”Ok good, then lets keep watching. ”

Eating the fistful of popcorn he grabbed he saw that the favored crustacean species had fully developed into large ants with a central queen being guarded by large ones. Several small groups had gone out and begun gathering food to feed their young alongside the queen and themselves. Even a few creatures had begun developing special mana organs to store mana like the blue blobs.

A few of them have even begun weaponizing it, killing various organisms and devouring it, or even escaping from much faster predators. Even a few small primates have started to appear, but most of the various primate species were wiped out. A few of the sea creatures have also grown in size with a few large squids/octopuses appearing and fighting over territory. Even a few pods of fish started forming and were quickly spreading all across the planets ocean.

About five minutes passed, and Lukas turned his face back to the humanoid blobs. There were still ten of them, and each one had changed into a fully formed humanoid creature.

”So system are they ready? ”

[They are indeed ready to be molded into the perfect actors]

”Actors for what? ”

[They possess an immortality type gene, which allows them to never truly die but are unable to reproduce and are permanently stuck at 10]

”Combing that with their extremely high mana affinity, which has improved over the years or minutes in my case and they could become the local gods ”

[Indead host, they could also help develop the magical abilities and the culture of any sentient organism, if taught right]

”Is it automatically or do you and I teach them? ”

[It will be automatic, so that the host may keep an eye on terra]

”Ok good, but save one for a special type of training, after all, every story needs a villain. ”

[Acknoledge host]

[Does the host wish to name them]

”Yes call their species ”Formless ” because they lack a true form, and will act as gods for all sentient beings regardless of race. ”

[Acknoledge host]

Turning away from the system prompt, he saw that more dinosaur-like creatures have started appearing, with even a few raptor variants showing up. One of Lukass favorites was a small dark blue raptor that was amphibious that could quickly dart underwater, and it has extremely long nails that are easily able to kill small fish and can devour it whole as well. Even a rhinoceros-like organism has appeared as well. The creature itself is a large mammal with one extremely long horn coming from its front face and has long thick legs to support its massive body and a short tail. The creature was main a dark green to hide from much larger predators.

Even the sauropod-like organisms were not safe now, as extremely large Spinosaur-like creatures have popped up. These ones have a small plate on their back, two long arms that almost acted like pseudo legs with extremely sharp claws, two large hind legs that made the creature extremely fast, and a jaw that could easily crush steel armor. Lukas was even able to see the spinosaur-like creature battle the sauropod-like one. The spino latched onto the sauropod back tearing away its armor plating and injuring it.

In turn, the sauropod stood up on its hind legs quickly tossing the spino backward into a large tree. It quickly recovered going for the sauropods legs tearing apart its flesh and exposing the creatures bones. The sauropod roared out in pain and tried to run away, but it immediately tripped, injuring its legs further. The sauropod began to crawl away as the spino walked towards it. Once the spino reached the injured sauropod it bite right into its neck, killing the creature instantly, and began ripping the armor plating off and devouring the rest of it.

Lukas grabbed another handful of popcorn and immediately ate it, and as the minutes ticked by more species began to appear. Each one with its own specialization, and some even started evolving mana storage organs in order to take in the surrounding mana and store it within themselves for later usage.

”Each species has its milestone, but for these creatures, the ability to store mana is one they must take in order to survive, and now the stepping stones for magic have appeared. ”

Lukas grinned and took in another mouthful of popcorn as some creatures even began using mana to defend themselves or to hunt for prey.

”Time for some primitive magic. ”

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