”Dr. Maria, is it okay? Todays lunch is likely to be just a small meal. There are many patients outside. ” Nurse Angelina came in to confirm her condition.

Maria waved her hand, ”I don want to eat, don mind me. ”

Just had a tetanus shot in the morning, and she wasn eager to eat or drink anything.

”How can that be? Its my responsibility to remind you to eat enough rice and ensure your health. ”

Maria frowned, and leaned back in her chair, in a bad mood, ”No need. ” The number of doctors and nurses in the hospital was very large, she really didn want to work hard to guess who this person was, didn want to answer anymore.

Nurse Angelina did not dare to speak again, could only turn around and leave.

Normally Maria always kept a smiling face, and looked easy to talk to, todays attitude was clearly not happy.

”How? What did Dr. Maria say? ” Outside, a small intern nurse asked in a low voice.

”Don give me the hard work, Doctor Maria was injured today and was already in a bad mood, she even told me to stand in front of the gun. ” Nurse Angelina walked out, still scared.

”I just wanted to see Dr. Marias reaction for a moment. ” The little nurse touched her nose.

”Dr. Maria is usually easy to talk to, but when it comes to things like this, no one is in a good mood. ” She lowered her head to look at the medical records in her hand, this morning determined that Dr. Maria was not gentle.

”So in the end, was she betrayed, so she was in a bad mood, or was she injured and in a bad mood? ” The nurse next to her was excited and nervous.

The man who looked down at the medical record shrugged, ”I feel like its a good thing, Dr. Berklee can tell at a glance that the lamp isn running out of oil. Im also happy for Dr. Maria. ”

Maria was busy until lunch break before returning to her room to take a break, sitting in her seat feeling that something was wrong. Today the eyes of the doctors and nurses looking at her were a bit strange… strange?

Did the story at dawn all spread?

She put down the glass in her hand, took out her phone, and saw that Facebook was filled with red dots indicating unread messages.

[Maria, how are you today? Are there many patients coming to the clinic?]

[Maria, where are you? Are you in the inpatient or outpatient clinic today?]

[Doctor Maria, are you okay? Or should I talk to my husband and find someone to change shifts with you? Can you go home and rest for a while?]

Maria frowned, looking at the text message at the top.

[Maria, you have finally stepped on my old path, please hold back your grief.]

Maria twitched the corner of her mouth and typed a few words in reply: [ Have I ever stepped on your old path? I honestly work at the clinic, you have a concussion, so you have hallucinations?]

That person replied, [Hey, are we still good sisters? Don be shy!]

Maria, [???]

[I tell you, your story has spread everywhere since early morning, your rumored lover went out early in the morning for a honeymoon with your opponent.]

Maria, [… Why is it that I don know anything about myself when everyone else knows?]


Maria put her finger on the screen for a long time but didn move. Moving, looking at Anatolias text messages, she was seriously wondering, her opponent mentioned in the text message she knew was her roommate who was always meant to be jealous of her – Kate, but who was her rumored lover?

Marias head was full of question marks.

But without her asking, she had been single since she was in the womb. She worked hard to have a rumored lover in the eyes of some people but she didn know who, if she asked now, it would be a bit embarrassing.

At the same time, this also made her lose her mind all afternoon and continue to take the time to seriously wonder about life.

The nurse intern at the clinic looked at her, unable to lift her spirits, and carefully tried to talk.

”Dr.Maria, there are still a few sick people outside, would you like to rest for a while and then call in again? ”

Maria looked at her thoughtfully, her fingers unconsciously tapped twice on the table,

”Wait, I want to ask you something. ”

The intern nurse suddenly felt a cold chill down her spine, then resolutely looked at Maria, ”Yes, Dr.Maria, please ask. ”

She pointed to nurse Angelina who was standing outside, ”What are you guys talking about all day? What happened at the hospital today? ”

The little nurse frantically shook her head, ”No no no, Dr.Maria you must be mistaken, we worked very seriously today, we didn say anything,… ”

Maria leaned against the plug, and waved her hand, ”Come here, talking, standing so far away is too difficult to talk. ”

The little nurse moved two more steps, and stood more than 2m away from Maria.

”D.r Maria, its really nothing, you don have to be curious, Im heartbroken for you so I don want to say it in front of you. ”

Marias temples twitched, looking at the reaction of the person in front of her, she mumbled, ”Do I really have a rumored lover? Anatolia isn fooling me. ”

When the little nurse heard her words, her pupils involuntarily widened, ”Doctor Maria, aren you angry? With your rumored lover, are you talking about Dr. Berklee? ”

Maria doubted, ”Dr. Berklee? Who is Dr.Berklee? ”

The little nurse froze in fear, looked at Maria with trembling lips, and looked left and right, ”Dr.Maria, don scare me. ”

Maria was speechless, pounding the table, pretending to be menacing, ”Tell me, what happened? ”

A minute later, the little nurse, trembling with fear, said, ”There are rumors in the hospital that you and Dr. Berklee have been madly in love with each other for two years. You must have known about this? ” The little nurse probed.

Maria was really speechless, ”Dr. Berklee in the pediatric department? ” She was bewildered at first, then tried to dig through the mans head, for a moment. After a while, he had the slightest impression, ”Ah, I remember, hes the head of pediatrics, isn he? ”

The little nurse twitched the corner of her mouth, ”You
e right, hes the head of pediatrics. ” The little girl continued, ”But early this morning, our chat group started spreading the rumor that Dr. Berklee and Dr. Kate, who is in the same room with you, are on their honeymoon. ”

”So? ” Maria was neither quick nor slow to take a sip of water.

The little nurse didn know what to say, ”Thats why everyone feels that youve been betrayed, afraid that you
e stuck in your heart, so… don tell you. ”

Maria, ”Do you think so? ”

The little nurse nodded and began to comfort her, ”Doctor Maria, don be sad, based on your ability and reputation in the hospital, you can absolutely beat Dr. Kate. Forever supporting you! ” After saying that, she raised her hand to cheer, then turned around and ran out.

Maria sat down in disappointment.

Turning out in the eyes of everyone,

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