Strange plan The Billionaire’s Accidental Wife

Chapter 3 Meeting wife\'s parents

Daniel stood in front of the door waiting for Maria to come home to get her ID card and password book, then went to register their marriage.

They spend half an hour in the car writing a marriage contract. They would have a trial marriage for a year, if not good after a year, they would consider divorce.

The whole process was frighteningly smooth.

After receiving the marriage certificate, Maria turned to the person next to her and asked, ”Is it really not necessary to notarize the property before marriage? ”

Daniel raised his eyebrows, his tone light and emotionless, ”Do you have assets that need to be notarized? ”

”No, no, no, of course not. ” Maria quickly waved her hand, besides a car, her house belonged to her parents, and she also had no other personal property.

”That is okay. ” He said, ”Time is running out, Ill take you back to the hospital, well discuss other things later. ”

When Maria got out of the car in front of the hospital gate, a few staff members noticed her and stopped walking all at once.

She touched her nose, and received her phone through the car window from Daniels hand. Everyone in the hospital was thinking that she was suffering because of betrayal, now seeing her with another man? Wasn that… good?

”Maria? ” The man did not leave immediately, suddenly lowered the car window and shouted to the woman who was walking two steps.

The sound was neither loud nor small, enough for those around them to hear.

Maria turned, looking suspiciously at the other, ”Huh? ”

Daniel took off his sunglasses from his face, and waved at her, his face was still smiling as before, dazzlingly beautiful.

Maria took two steps back in confusion, approaching the car, ”Whats wrong? ”

Daniel took off the small platinum ring on his little finger, then reached through the car window and grabbed Marias hand, ”Time is in a hurry, put this on first, my wedding ring will make up later. ”

Maria glared at him as he gently slipped the ring on her ring finger, and she was painted again in astonishment.

Originally thought to be just a quick and strange marriage, unexpectedly the ring on her ring finger was extremely suitable, she lowered her head to look at the intersection of the two hands, and looked up at the man at first glance. She looked so beautiful, she couldn help feeling a constant exclamation in her heart.

”Damned! Can you just randomly spread your charms like that? ”

She really had no resistance with such an outstanding face!

After Maria returned, the hospital chat group was spammed continuously, in which the keyword ”Maria ” appeared the most. After Maria was betrayed, the new topic was ”Maria was proposed ”, ”Maria and mysterious man. ”

Maybe someone was watching her in the hospital, so that night Marias story in front of the hospital was moved to the Internet. Thanks to the story on the plane, the news about them this time was equally well received.

[Is this true?]

[Why are they so beautiful?]

[Wait, wearing a ring? In a confirmed love relationship? What nonsense is going on?]


Marias arm was injured so she couldn enter the operating room. When she returned, she had to receive a group of patients who needed urgent examination, asked for medical history, wrote medical records, doctors advice, and was busy thinking about anything else.

Until, Anatolia blocked the door of her ward, and very seriously said, ”Im here on behalf of the entire staff of this hospital to have a little discussion with you. ”

Maria lifted her head from the medical record in her hand, her eyes as if she were looking at a mentally ill person, ”Just returned from the neurology department? ”

”You…you just got back from the neurology department! ” Anatolias serious expression crumbled in an instant.

Maria shrugged, glancing over to her side, ”Ah… ”

”Hey, I am trying to have a serious talk with you. ”

Maria didn turn her head, roughly guessing what Anatolia was about to say, ”But I don want. ”

e good sisters, why are you treating me like that? ” The woman behind her bellowed again.

Maria suddenly stopped walking, turned her head and smiled, then said nothing, quietly left.


It was almost time to leave work. Sitting in the office, and finishing the work, she took out the ring from her pocket, because of work reasons she rarely wears jewelry, especially at work. on hand.

On her hand was a simply designed ring, the top was inlaid with a single small stone, without any pattern, inside was engraved a letter D&M.

She looked at the ring and panicked. Was she really married?

Our parents urging for many years still did not work, Daniel just appeared and solved it somewhere, remembering when on the plane Daniel used some movements to pull her out of the knife. Maria laughed, she felt like she was repaying him with her own body, didn she?

In one night, solve a big problem, and earn a mate with an extremely handsome man.

Good! She felt very good.

Maria immediately wanted to give her a few compliments. She happily leaned back in her chair, enjoying the beauty of life.

The marriage contract was written, except for the cooperation and performance of husband and wife responsibilities in front of outsiders, personal life temporarily didn interfere with each others affairs, but could still develop into a love relationship. and real marriage.

Finally, she didn need to wake up every morning to meet her parents on the phone, on weekends she didn have to go home, and she could go to bars, travel, or even play games without being controlled by anyone.

She laughed, sending her parents her new marriage registration photo.

”Tomorrow life turns a new page, your daughter now belongs to the group of married people. ”

After Marias parents found out that she was unexpectedly married to a man, they were initially terrified, then slowly grew angry.

The message was sent, when Maria got home from work, she immediately met her parents unhappy faces at the door.


Marias father was ten years older than her mother. He was more than forty years old to have this daughter, so he took good care of her. From the time she was in kindergarten to the time she graduated as a doctoral student, Maria always obediently lived under the control of her parents. Of course, when she was young, Maria did not think too much, she thought that it was not a bad thing. .

Especially when she was at school, she extremely enjoyed the life that was always arranged by her parents, did not need to do anything, and was very happy.

Until graduation, Maria started working. She still didn know how to take care of others, even her own life couldn escape his parents. This was a real nightmare for marriage, after trying to get close to someone, she finally thought of a way.

Wouldn it be fine to find a man with similar circumstances and similar requirements to get married?

Unexpectedly, this result made her parents unhappy, even regretting not being able to put her back in the womb.

Her mother was still the same as when she was a child, she twisted Marias ear and carried her straight into the living room, her tone was higher than usual, ”Maria, are you crazy? ”

Maria bared her teeth and cried out in pain, she conveniently showed her injured arm to her mother, ”It hurts, mom, Im hurt, can you be a little more gentle? ”

Her father – Kelvin followed behind, glanced at her bandaged arm, saw nothing serious, and coordinated with her mother to teach her.

”Maria! I don think your arm is injured, but you really have a traumatic brain injury. Thats why you dare to do such crazy things. Today, without our permission, you dare to get married? ” As Marias father, he couldn believe his always obedient daughter would one day do something so stupid.

Maria couldn have expected the result to be like this, ”Don you two push me every day to get married, get married, get married? Its been so hard to get married. These two are trying to beat me up? ” Maria let go of her parents hands, and sat down on the sofa in frustration.

Her mother – Athena got angry after hearing that, and immediately went to Maria, ”This is marriage! Its marriage! Do you think you are going to the market to choose cabbage? How can you disregard your happiness? Huh? ”

Maria was terrified. She tried her best to run away while admiring the speed of her mother, who was 50 years old and could still run so fast like that.

”Mom, mom, mom! ” Maria cried three times in a row, ”Calm down, calm down, very calm. My arm really hurts today. I was cut with a knife yesterday. You really don feel sad for my daughter, huh? ” Maria hid behind a pillow repeatedly begging for forgiveness, originally didn intend to tell them this. But at this time, it seemed that if she didn say, she would die under the whip of her parents.

When Athena picked up a feather broom to smack Maria, her father reached out and grabbed her. His voice turned angry, not at all like a 60-year-old, ”Having a knife cut? Cut by someone? Who dares to cut my daughter? ”

Her mother recovered, quickly distracted by her father, ”Thats right! Who dares to cut you? Tell your dad to cut him too! ”

Maria was made to laugh by her parents.

After spending half an hour arduously explaining to her mother the reason for the marriage, frankly that her husband was the one who saved her on the plane.

Athena widened her eyes and poked her daughters head with her finger, ”If he saved you once, you would repay him with yourself? You say you are stupid or not? Do you know who this man is? Hows your dignity? Hows your family situation? I saw that you were cut with a knife and damaged your brain nerves, your IQ was completely lost! ”

Of course, Maria didn dare to tell the truth that this was a flash marriage, just not confident enough to say, ”No, no, no, weve known each other for a long time. ”

Her voice was getting smaller and smaller.

Athena was skeptical, ”Are you telling the truth? Are you sure he won sell you? ”

At this point, Maria was very confident, ”I underestimated my daughters charm and intelligence. If he wanted to sell me, Id really rather sell him first. ” Her face was expressionless, Maria continued, ”We didn notarize our assets before we got married. If he dares to do something bad to me, he has to give me half of the company. ”

Athenas eyes lit up, ”Company? He still has a company? Didn you say he joined the army? ”

”He was in the army before but just got discharged from the army. Mom, your daughter looked for a son-in-law who has a lot of money and can compete with anyone. ” Maria said strongly, ”The family has been in business for a long time, recently he had to take over the family business. ”

Athena thought for a moment, then glanced at Kelvin, ”How can such a powerful person love our daughter? Is it true that the special forces are discharged from the army? ”

Maria clapped her hands but she forgot that her left arm was injured, ”Ah, it hurts! ”. Then, she looked at his mother with a solemn expression, ”Mom, in your eyes, am I that bad? ”

Athena retracted her hand and looked at it for a moment, ”I don think you
e bad. Im afraid youve been tricked. ”

In short, no matter what Maria said, Athena remained skeptical towards this new son-in-law.

Finally, under the threat of her parents, she reluctantly had to arrange a meeting for them and Daniel, just… encountered a tragedy.

After that, she opened my phone to find out… She didn have Daniels phone number!

Right! She forgot to ask for his phone number!

Athena looked at her hesitantly, turning left and right, slapping the back of her head, ”Hurry up! Still want to be beaten again, right? ”

Maria was about to cry, her mind turned to find an excuse, the mobile phone in her hand suddenly vibrated, Maria was too scared to almost throw the phone at her mothers face.

Athena looked at her daughters unreliable appearance, grabbed the phone directly, and couldn understand, ”Who is this? ”

Maria peered over to see a strange number.

She faked a smile and was about to say something when his mother pressed the button to receive the call.

”Hello! Whos that? ” Maria asked a question.

”Maria? ”

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