”Maria? ” A low bass sound came through.

Maria couldn believe it, her eyes widened. She exclaimed in her heart, how lucky!

”Daniel? ” Athena gritted her teeth to hold back a slap, got married and didn have a phone number, didn even know his voice?

”Its me. ” Daniel said, ”Is it that amazing to receive my phone call? ” The voice carried a bit of mockery and displeasure.

Maria scratched her nose, embarrassedly looked at her parents, afraid of what this man would reveal, and hurriedly opened her mouth.

”No no, my parents are next to me, I forgot to save your name. ”

Daniel was silent for a few seconds, then obediently opened his mouth, ”Good evening! Im Daniel. ”

Athena glared at Maria and changed her tune, ”Good evening, Daniel. I am Marias mom. ”

”Its a shame, I should visit you two soon, Im sorry. ” Daniel guessed the situation on Marias side, ”Today, Maria and I were in a hurry, it must have been agreed before the registration. Don blame Maria, I was too hasty, it was hard to meet. … ”

Maria sat next to her while listening and worried, seeing that Daniel tended to tell everything, she hurriedly took back the phone, smiled, and turned off the speakerphone.

”Dad, mom! You two rest first, Ill tell him a few words about when to meet. ”

Marias parents, ”….. ”

Maria ran back to her room, ”Oh my god, it was almost revealed. ”

”Sorry, I didn think well about this. If its convenient, Ill go there now? ” Daniels voice on the phone was very steady as if he was not afraid of anything.

Maria was made fun of by him, ”Aren you afraid my parents will hit you? ”

Daniel was silent for a few seconds, ”They probably won . ”

Her inner self sputtered furiously, her face was red with shame, ”You
e so confident. ” Then remembered, ”Do you want to find a time when we can meet and match the lyrics first? ”

Not knowing what Daniel was thinking, he suddenly smiled and said, ”You are so cute. ”

Maria didn understand what he meant by that, ”Huh? ”

The man on the phone quickly reverted to, ”Wait a minute, Ill be there. ”

Maria looked at her dark phone screen and gaped. Did he come to her house?

This person…wanted to get scolded?

She panicked, touched her nose, then honestly told her parents, ”Uhm…daddy…mommy… Daniel…he is getting ready to come over. ”

Kelvin was taken aback and looked at his wife, there was a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.

Athena sighed softly, adjusted her sitting posture to be serious, and showed a mother-in-laws attitude, ”Uhm, there is still some sincerity. ”

Maria supported her forehead, suddenly remembered, they haven come up with a script yet! Thinking that, she quickly turned around and returned to her bedroom.

Athena watched her daughter leave, immediately losing her serious expression and pulling her husband, ”Kelvin, what do you think I should wear today? Is this hairstyle okay? ”

Kelvins temples twitched. In the end, he still pleased his wife and went with her to choose clothes.


When Daniel arrived at Marias door, she wondered what was going on.

The man seemed to have just finished an important event, a dark suit, Maria opened the door in a panic, ”Wait…Did you just get off work? ”

Daniel nodded and walked in.

Maria felt her breathing was a bit difficult and lowered her head to look at her casually simple clothes, a little worried about how this man was going to deal with her parents today.

Daniel changed his slippers, stood at the secret gate, didn hear a sound for a long time, then turned his head.

”What happened? ”

Maria touched her slightly heated face, lowered her eyes to avoid the other persons eyes, and all the things she thought about were thrown onto cloud nine.

”No, its nothing. Come in. ”

Daniel raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who was worried next to him, ”Have you been scolded by your parents? ”

At this point, Maria returned to normal, lowered her face, and then looked up at the man with a sad look, ”If you want to get married soon, why don you go and meet your parents first, anyway, on your terms. If thats the case, my parents won object either. ”

After hearing this, Daniel couldn help laughing, ”Are you so confident about me? ”

”Huh? ” Maria was stunned, then her face turned red again, not daring to look at the other, muttering, ”My mother loves beauty more than I do. ”

Love beauty? Daniel silently digested these two words, suddenly something began to ferment in his heart.

When Daniel appeared in the living room, Athena and Kelvin were both stunned, just like Marias expression just now at the door, the corner of Daniels mouth lifted slightly, bowing, ”Good evening! Im sorry to come and disturb you. ”

Kelvin poked a stiff unresponsive Athena behind the back, ”Good evening, please sit down. ”

”This is my meeting present. ” Daniel took two steps forward, handing the items in hand to them.

Only now did Athena move and reach out to take it, but her eyes were still fixed on Daniel.

Maria supported her forehead, and pulled Daniel to sit on the small sofa opposite, she was embarrassed to sit next to him, so she directly sat down on the carpet.

”Its good that you come, ” Kelvin said politely, ”Its evening, it must be hard to get around, isn it? ”

”This is what I should do, sorry, Maria and I have worried you two. ” Daniel glanced at Maria sitting at his feet, his voice extremely sincere.

Daniels attitude towards his parents made Maria secretly happy in her heart, she even thought that this person did not know how to respond to people, and he met everyone with a cold face.

At this time, Athena regained her senses, looked at the jewelry on her hand, and became happy in her heart. Unexpectedly, her husband did not give such a gift but her son-in-law had already given it.

”It really worried me, when I first found out about it, I and his father wanted to strangle him, but now seeing you like this… ” Athena paused for a moment and then continued, ”We are relieved. ”

Kelvin, ”????? ”

Maria, ”!!!!! ”

Perhaps Daniel did not expect things to go so smoothly, his face was a bit confused, ”Yes? ”

Athena wrapped a lock of hair around her finger and asked, ”How many years have you and Maria been together? ”

Daniel looked at Maria, only to see the other man frantically winking at him, the mans lips were full of laughter, and he was very obedient, ”That was when I had an evacuation operation outside, just in time to meet Maria for medical assistance. ”

Maria suddenly turned to look at Daniel, her eyes full of terror.

It was not because Daniels lie was so smooth that she actually went abroad to work as a relief doctor, at that time, the situation was poor, and she ended up following all the expatriates back to Los Angeles.

”Really? ” Athena was very surprised after hearing this, ”Its fate, and this time Maria was injured, and you saved her? ”

Marias father was also surprised.

”Yes, shes still as cute and kind as when I first met her. ” He said.

Maria turned her back, her ears involuntarily heating up, it was simply that after all these years no one had ever used that word to describe her.

e married, Ill protect her. Dad, mom, don worry! ”

Athena couldn help putting her hand over her mouth.

Marias face was red, she didn dare to look straight, she was about to fall too.

Was that Daniel? High capacity, high level!

She suddenly realized that she had prepared the script just now, completely because she was too nervous.

”Dad, mom, please don worry, I will take good care of Maria, and also treat you well with her. Although we didn follow the normal order, we should ask you two first. Please believe in my sincerity, in the future I will use my actions to prove it to you… ”

Athena nodded repeatedly, Kelvin was still upset as before, although he was still a little dissatisfied with the marriage. But at this moment, he could not object anymore.

After all, this man helped their daughter twice.

”What about your parents? Did you know you two got married? ” Kelvin asked.

Maria was taken aback, she just remembered the matter.

”They already know, I won let Maria suffer. ” Daniel guessed Kelvins thoughts.

But Maria was as worried as ever. Daniels parents? She touched her ear. Did she have to be like Daniel today, go to his parents?

The look on Athenas face when Daniel came in decided everything, Maria watched dumbfoundedly at her parents asking Daniel to stay here for the night.

”You two got married, this house was also your home, Marias room had been cleaned, and you could still sleep, ” Athena said happily.

Maria sat next to her like a stone statue, the words and test plan that had just been sketched out had become meaningless, Kelvin and Maria were equally upset.

Daniel glanced at Kelvins expression and carefully said, ”Its too late, Im sorry I won disturb you anymore. ”

Maria quickly nodded, ”Yes, thats right, Dads body is not good, you should rest early. ”

Athena looked back and forth, she was very satisfied in her heart, so whatever.

When they were out the door, Daniel suddenly turned around to stop Maria, who inexplicably looked up at him, ”Your arm is still injured, rest soon. ”

Her parents watched from behind, Athena couldn help squeezing her husbands hand, her heart was filled with joy, ”Look, does Daniel take good care of our daughter? ”

Kelvin stared dumbfounded at his lustful lady, he didn feel anything.

Maria hesitated, ”Or should I take you home? ”

Daniel didn move, she stared at her, ”Whats wrong? Don want to leave me? ”

Maria shook her head, ”No, you just got out of work, and you have to run here right away. Im afraid you
e tired. ”

Daniel raised his eyebrows, and couldn help reminding her, ”We
e already married. ”

The word ”married ” directly stopped Maria, she was speechless at that time. She brought her parents into the house and watched Daniels car leave before returning home.

In just one short hour, this man changed her perception of him a lot.

Maria sat in the living room, didn know what she was waiting for, would look at the wall clock for a while, until… Athena sat down beside her and said softly, ”You really know how to choose a husband. I am completely satisfied with Daniel. ”

Maria, ”????? ”

”Okay, don be angry anymore, what happened today is that we are not right, for a moment I don know what to do. Today, Daniel has explained everything, rest early. And you
e married now, don live a carefree life in the future, and please treat Daniel well. ”

Maria, ”????? ”

Maria listened to her mothers explanation for a while, her mood was confused again, such a short time had stood in the same line with Daniel, indeed her mother!

But… Daniel… seemed a little strange?

Evacuation operation? She scratched her head and not really remembered shed ever met someone like him.

She looked at the mans number on the phone, a little hesitant, should I call back and ask clearly? Confused for a while, wondering two or three times, she still decided not to ask, if it was true, she was so stupid that she didn recognize him, wouldn it be too embarrassing?

Throwing all the superfluous thoughts behind her head, seeing her mother so excited today, she was also happy and bathed while singing.

The injured arm was also considered lucky, no surgery, no overtime, tomorrow was a rare day off for a long time, and Maria felt surrounded by the sun. She felt like shed been burying people in a hospital room for a century.

She didn think much of it, but in fact, this was just the beginning of an interesting life later.


Maria was lying in bed texting Anatolia and asking her to go to the bar to relax a little tomorrow.

Facebook had sent a new friend request notification.

The persons nickname was ”Dan ”, Maria had guessed who this was. She was about to take a look at his personal page when she received several pictures in succession.

As decorative furniture, Maria was bewildered.

Dan, [Is this decorative furniture okay?]

Maria, [Huh??]

Why did he ask her? Maria couldn understand.

Dan, [Yesterday, your parents mentioned our house. Luckily, I have a two-bedroom house near your hospital, this is the original decor, do you think its ok? ]

Marias heart was troubled. Didn they already discuss not to interfere in each others lives? Weren they just couples in name? What the hell was ”our house ”? She did not want to enter married life yet!

Maria, [So…you mean we
e staying together?]

Dan, [Your parents said your arm is injured, they want me to take care of you.]

Maria patted her forehead, she got it! She felt ashamed of her bad mind just now.

Maria, [Sorry, I brought you trouble again.]

Daniel stroked his phone, and after a long time answered, [If you have nothing to do tomorrow, move your things over here, don let your parents suspect.]

Maria sent ”Okay ” to him. For a moment, she didn feel well, shouted loudly, and expressed her disapproval.

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