Strange plan The Billionaire’s Accidental Wife

Chapter 5 Sleeping together for the first time

Maria sighed. Thoughts she would escape her parents control and finally be able to live on her own. Who would have thought she would have to move in with Daniel. God knew she didn know how to live with others, even though… he was a very qualified man.

If it was normal, she would flatly refuse…

But Daniel… she was a little scared of him.

She didn dare, the only thing she could guarantee was that she wouldn fall in love with him, but it was really hard not to think about the dark thoughts in front of such a man.

Haiz, now she really didn want to move in together…

Because of this, Maria didn go to bed until midnight. Before going to bed, she had to send a text message to her two best friends and set the time back after 10 oclock. The reason was, that she still had to move in!

Maria was so grown up, but except when moving from the dormitory to her place now, she had basically never moved, so when she said that she had to move, Anna and Anatolia were scared and dumbfounded.

The next day, Anatolia and Anna broke the rule of not being late and showed up at Marias door on time.

Maria walked out of the bedroom with dark circles under her eyes and sat in front of them.

Anna twitched the corner of her mouth, and threw her backpack aside, ”Tell me, whats the matter? ”

Anatolia took an apple and took a bite, ”Got crazy after being betrayed? Why do you suddenly want to move house? ”

Maria looked back and forth between the two, crying without tears, ”Because from now on theres a chance I won be able to play outside anymore. ”

Anna, ”Huh? ”

Maria timidly pulled a piece of paper from her bottom and held it in front of them, ”Because Im married. ”

Anatolia was choked on by a piece of apple and began to cough wildly, ”Wha, what? ”

Anna snatched the object from Marias hand, couldn believe it, and opened it, ”Are you kidding me? In a week without seeing you, youve gone from single to a married woman? Ive been dating for three years and haven decided yet? Who are you going to get married to? Damn it! How are you doing? ” Anna, after verifying the authenticity, seemed very unfair.

Maria wiped away an invisible tear, ”Been cut by a madman with a knife, thats how it turned out later. ”

Anatolia swallowed the apple with difficulty, ”You were slashed…then, compensated for a husband? ”

She snatched the marriage certificate and took a closer look, ”Baby, what the hell are you thinking? Marrying you is as simple as going to the market? ”

Maria picked up the item that was thrown aside by Anna and justified herself, ”Its better to get married to settle down. Im not young anymore either. ”

”Huh? Are you crazy? Do you value your future happiness? ” But when Anna saw Daniels photo, all doubts were resolved, ”Is this husband chosen by you? ”

Look! This man was so handsome, if Maria retreated, she would attack immediately.

Maria seriously wondered for two seconds, honestly saying, ”Yes. ” A man with such high beauty value burned a lamp to find the whole city and couldn find him, really sorry to miss him.

”So what are you thinking about? ” Anatolia continued to nibble on the apple, ”Have the courage to get married in a flash, but don dare to live together? ” She almost forgot her best friend from the moment she came out of her mothers womb until now, she still has a virgin body.

Maria ruffled her hair and uttered two words, ”Im ashamed. ”

Anatolia spat out an apple seed, ”Baby, do you have any face to be ashamed of? If you were ashamed, Anna could be a saint. ”

Anna smacked Anatolia on the back of the head, ”Are you saying I have no shame? ”

Maria rubbed her forehead, it seemed obvious that these two people only worked when she needed a porter to help her.

They spent an hour packing all the things in Marias house.

”I told you, you have to see how that house is, maybe nothing is missing, you don need to bring much, bringing some clothes is okay. ” Anna grumbled, ”You should pack all your rags and throw them all. ”

Maria scorned her, ”Its easy to get cold in high places, okay? If one day I get kicked out of the house, these tattered items will do that. ”

e also right. ” Anatolia said straight to the point, ”Its not that I don value you, its that you can only play the role of a vase at most, and live for no more than three days and be sent back to your mothers house. ”

Maria glared at her, ”Am I your best friend or your enemy after all? ”

”Stay awake, you haven had your honeymoon yet. ” Anna patted her face.

Anatolia also patted the other side, ”Haiz, don mess around, life after divorce will come late, this is the sincere advice I want to give you. ”

Maria, ”….. ”

After 2 hours, they arrived at the address Daniel had sent at lunchtime, and as she drove into the garage, Anna felt as if she had missed something, ”Didn you say your husband just got back from work? job? ”

Maria opened the door to get out of the car, ”Thats right. He just got out of the army, just got back not long ago. ”

Anna looked around, and carried Marias things upstairs, ”Next to it is a villa area, although this is just an apartment complex, the price is not cheap. ” She reminded.

Maria hesitated and did not dare to say too much, ”Probably, I can buy it anyway. ”

Anatolia carried a suitcase and panted towards the elevator, ”You
e having a blessing that you don know how to enjoy. ”

They had known each other since childhood and established a triangular relationship. Maria suddenly got married, they also understood well in their hearts, so they didn talk much. They didn really worry about Marias loss at all, they just hoped that their friend wouldn go out and cause harm.

The privacy of this place was very strong, going in must go through the floor of the checkpoint, Daniel sent a password to Maria, and they could directly enter the house.

As soon as they entered, they met a maid cleaning in the living room, seeing them quickly bowing.

”Hello, Im Mr. Daniels maid. ”

Maria, Anatolia, and Anna glanced at each other and politely nodded, ”He…hello. ”

Anatolia and Anna gave Maria a look at the same time. Didn she say that her husband only ran a small business? This maid looked absolutely not cheap.

This house was new. The furniture and decorations were also brand new, Daniel must have ordered them not too long ago. Maria really felt like she really had to start a new life?

After the maid finished cleaning, she also prepared lunch for the three of them, her respectful and polite attitude made Maria neither dare to ask questions nor move.

When the maid left, she let out a slow breath.

Anna couldn help opening her mouth, ”Isn that saying we don have to be polite? Her expression toward us is like a guest. You and your husband Daniel indeed got married because you just wanted to settle down when you two aren young anymore? ”

Maria waved her hands with her chopsticks, ”Stop talking, eat! Can such delicious food stop your mouth? ”

Even though it was just a contract marriage, they made an oath, except for the two of them, absolutely not to let the third person know.

Maria took a bite, ”Its actually better than my moms cooking. ”

Anna brought a glass of water, almost choking, ”Don blame your mom, she can cook for you. My mother went to the kitchen, then…that day, I must have prepared a potion next to me. ”

They simultaneously praised the maids workmanship, ”Haiz, Maria, your life is so good, I want to visit often. ”

Just as Anna finished her sentence, the door code rang for a few seconds. The movements of the three were momentarily stiff.

When Daniel came in, he saw such a scene, the kitchen door was half open, from the secret door one could see directly inside.

He was surprised at first, but then a smile appeared on his lips.

Maria was sitting in someone elses house eating and drinking freely, she felt a little embarrassed. She was thinking and didn know what to say when she saw a man who had taken off his coat and walked over.

”Sorry, Im a little late. ”

Daniel stood in front of Maria, his arm naturally resting on her back, stopping to observe everyones expressions, ”Is the food delicious? ”

Before Anna could close her mouth, Anatolia shyly reached out her hand to help cover her mouth, ”Very delicious, very delicious. ”

Maria was a bit unfamiliar with this kind of natural intimacy, afraid of what the other two would see, so she couldn refuse, could only pretend not to notice, and said, ”Have you eaten? Are you busy now? ”

Daniel smiled at Marias friends opposite and gently sat down next to Maria.

”The first day you moved here, of course, I had to leave a little early. In addition, your friends came today as well. ”

Anna slightly raised her eyebrows and glanced at Anatolia, an expression of excitement on her face that couldn be hidden.

Daniels arm was still on Marias back as before, she turned her eyes to the two opposites, introduced in a low voice: ”Hello, you two! I am Marias legal husband. ”

Anna was a person who dated a lot, she had had good boys, bad boys, young boys, and even old men. Today, it was not until she met Daniel that she understood, it turned out that the people she dated before were just mosquitoes.

Four people with four different thoughts sat down to eat, Anna pulled Anatolia from the table and ran away, before Daniels tone, even if Maria threw 100 yuan, she didn dare to stay.

Regardless of the way he spoke or the tone of his voice, it was a kind of speech that had more or less meaning, she felt… she was not on the same level as this person.

Maria saw them off, and after regaining her senses, she met the mans smiling eyes.

”What, whats wrong? ”

Daniel asked one thing and answered another, ”Your mom said she would come over to see us tonight. ”

Maria, ”Didn we just meet? ”

”Probably because Im worried about your injury. ” Daniel leaned against the wall.

Maria nodded, frowned, then turned to go into the house, ”Thought marriage would be free, who would have thought that marriage is the real beginning. ”

Daniel raised an eyebrow, a little unhappy, ”Regret? ”

Maria paused, scratched her head, and said firmly, ”No! ”

The mans expression warmed back, ”Okay, Ill go out for a while, Ill be back tonight, you stay home and rest well. ”

After watching Daniel leave, Maria still stood dumbfoundedly in the same place, saying she didn regret it, but based on her current state, she never expected things to be like this, but… she really had no remorse.

Daniel saved her twice, if they want a long-term relationship, it must depend on both sides. And she wouldn regret it so easily.

Moreover, Daniel was still a life partner, maybe in this life, she would not find a second one.

Absolutely must enjoy!

There were two bedrooms in the house, a study room, Maria went back and forth, a bit like the large balcony in this living room. Her stuff was still in the living room, before asking how the two would divide. So she must definitely open the glass door close to the ground to go out to the balcony to bask in the sun.

From the room to the balcony spread a carpet and put a chair, it was quite suitable for reading on a sunny day. Her work made her unable to rest for a few days all year, and having a day like today was very difficult.

When Daniel took Athena to, the person lying outside on the balcony who was already asleep, Athena opened her mouth to wake up but was stopped by Daniel, ”Mom, Marias work is very hard, it is rare to get a day off. Just let her sleep, Ill clean up her stuff. ”

Athena watched Daniel pack Marias stuff into the bedroom, but in her heart was overjoyed. Her daughter had been spoiled by her since childhood and was about to be ruined. Although there was no bad habit, nor did she bother others, but often day, she was always carefree, with little consideration for others, living habits were also arbitrary, throwing things indiscriminately.

Finding such a person was considered lucky.

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