Dusk fell…

Daniel finished arranging Marias stuff in the study and bedroom, and the master bedroom was also arranged by Athena.

Maria slept well until she woke up. Her messy hair stood up, looking at the sunset, Daniel had just finished bathing and changed his clothes.

Maria was surprised, then suddenly covered her face, ”Its late… ”

Daniel was amused by her action and took a few steps to fix Marias hair, ”Yeah, its more than 6 oclock already. Are you hungry? ”

”Is my hair messy? ” Maria was a little shy, this person seemed to not come close to tease her, making her calm down, ”A bit hungry, what do we eat tonight? ”

When Daniel let go of his hand and was about to say something, Athena came out from the toilet, ”Are you not ashamed to ask him like that? I told you to learn to cook, you definitely didn learn. See, now you are hungry, you can only open your mouth to ask others what to eat? You
e an adult! You don know how to be shy? ”

The corner of Marias mouth twitched, she covered her face again, couldn help gritting her teeth, and accused the man standing next to her, ”Why didn you tell me when my mom came? ”

”I didn have time to say, she came over an hour ago, you
e still sleeping. ” Daniel said, ”Mom, don scold her, Ill make dinner. ”

Maria, ”Do you know how to cook? ”

Athena was also surprised, ”You know how to cook? ”

Daniel laughed and explained to them, ”I usually live alone, so I also usually cook some simple dishes, but they
e not as tasty as you think. ”

”Thats better than Maria, then. ” Athena attacked her daughter again, ”But let me do today, you and Maria go out and play. Wait for the injury on her arm to heal completely, then arrange to go out for a honeymoon, anyway, you two are also newlyweds. ”

Maria and Daniel glanced at each other, but they both remained silent.

Maria thought, the two truly knew each other until today was only the third day, the third day had begun to live together, this was really something she did not dare to think of before.

Her mother went to the kitchen to cook, and Maria stood restlessly on the sofa in the living room, except when talking on the plane, they did not seem to have a serious conversation with each other again.

”Today is Saturday, is the company still busy? ” Maria asked him.

”Just took over, a lot of errands. ” Daniel turned on his computer, processed his work, and replied, ”Sorry, theres no way to take good care of you. ”

Maria panicked, and quickly waved her hand, ”No need, no need, I don need anyone to take care of me, this arm of mine is fine, I can go to work tomorrow, no need to stay at home anymore. ”

Daniels gaze left the computer and glanced at him, then resumed working.

”Your mom is looking at us. ”

Maria turned her head to look at her mother and felt speechless, she remained silent.

After a while, Daniel looked at her before making a suggestion, ”Your books are already in the library, would you like to go over and see them together? ”

Maria glanced at her mom again, ”Okay, lets go. ”

Daniel put the computer aside. The study room was at the end of the row, past the master bedroom and the spare bedroom, Maria followed, and as soon as she entered, she turned and locked the door.

”What happens? ”

Maria sheepishly scratched her head, ”Im afraid my mom will come here… ”

”Mom isn that scary… ” Daniel laughed at her appearance.

Maria pouted, ”Youll know later. Because she really loves beauty, she won give you a hard time for the time being. ”

Daniel casually leaned on the edge of the door, ”You seem really confident in my look. ”

The decor in the room that Maria liked very much, was completely different from the outside, it was a gentle antique style.

Maria admitted that her taste was not high, dared not to comment arbitrarily, only touched the wooden chairs, and said, ”The style of this place is so different from the outside. ”

”I didn change the decor, do you have any new ideas? ”

Maria waved her hand, ”Your home, of course, in your favorite style. ”

”Its also your home now. ” Daniel reminded.

Maria froze, did not guess the meaning of this sentence, and also did not dare to imagine, she turned around to look around, and did not dare to look at Daniel.

”Actually… I don think this decoration is bad. ”

Daniel took two steps to the desk behind the bookshelf and showed her, ”This is your book, next to it are a few novels for entertainment, you can read freely. ”

Maria nodded, looked up at him, and asked, ”What about you? ”

The man laughed, ”I don like reading. ”

Maria, ”????? ”

”Thats why I joined the army. ” Daniel said, ”Not everyone can sit still. ”

Maria seemed to understand, ”Actually, Im not too fond of reading, but… apart from reading and studying, I don know what else to do. ”

Daniel raised an eyebrow, ”No hobbies? ”

”Of course yes. ” Maria put her butt down on the red wooden chair, ”Does gaming count? ”

The man leaned on the edge of the table and nodded, ”Count. ”

”What about you? What do you like to do every day? ” Maria was curious.

Daniel followed Marias pose, tilted his head in thought for a moment, then replied, ”Does fighting count? ”

Maria laughed, ”Do you often fight? ”

”Before. ” Daniel sat down on the opposite side, ”After that, I went to the army, trained as a rookie, and developed, a path to what it is now. ”

Maria recalled his demeanor on the plane, feeling miraculous, ”Very good. If you didn know how to fight, I might not be able to go home that morning. ”

Daniel remembered that and frowned at Maria, ”Didn anyone tell you that you act very emotional? ”

Maria nodded honestly, ”Yes. ”

”Probably you suffered a lot, ” Daniel said firmly.

Maria pouted, ”How come its only been two days since you turned into an elder? Obviously, it wasn like that when we first met. ”

Daniel shrugged, ”Isn that right? In the future, I have to live with you… ”

”You mean Im a child? ” Maria was disgruntled.

e not a child. ” Daniel denied.

Maria raised her eyebrows and waited for his next sentence.

”You are my legal mate. ”

Maria, ”…. ”

Inside someone cried. What should she do? She suddenly missed her parents so much…


Maria, who thought that her mom wanted to take care of her, meant that every day she came to visit, cook, and talk, but after dinner, she decided to … stay?

Originally, after eating, she would go to the second bedroom to take a shower, but after realizing that he didn have his stuff, she turned to ask Daniel.

”Your mom has finished arranging in the master bedroom, your clothes are on the other side. ” The man did not lift his face from the computer and spoke.

”Huh? ” Maria was scared and dumbfounded, what does this mean?

”Only two bedrooms, mom sleeps in the second bedroom, today you
e in the master bedroom with me. ”

Maria was taken aback, she really didn expect this situation to happen, ”Isn it? Was it my mother who said she wanted to stay? ”

Daniel nodded, ”Your arm is not convenient, I have been very busy with work lately, your mom will take care of you for about two days until you get well. ”

Maria, ”Until I get well? ” She suddenly found it difficult to say anything.

Now that she knew it, her mom probably didn come to take care of her, this was the supervisor aaa!

Maria turned to support her forehead and gradually lost control of her expression.

Behind the computer screen, the corner of Daniels mouth was slightly raised, ”Go, the bathroom items are all new, you can use them temporarily, if they are not familiar, we will buy others. ”

Maria wandered out of the study, her feet a little soft.

Athena saw her like that, she frowned, and asked, ”Did you just get married without taking a few days of absence? Your arm is also injured. ”

Maria asked her mother melancholy, ”It doesn matter if I take a few days of absence, the important thing is that you really don care about Dad anymore? ”

”Why do you say that your mom doesn care about your dad? ” Athena was very displeased with Marias attitude, ”You think Im annoying, don you? ”

Maria reluctantly inched closer, ”Im worried about my dad, hes so old, what should he do if mom is here? ”

”Ah, did you say this? ” Athena patted her daughter on the back, ”Your dad is staying at his friends house today, hell be here tomorrow. ”

Maria, ”????? ”

Well, lets pretend she didn say anything.

Marias hand was not comfortable, she immediately went to the bedroom, Athena seemed to remind her, ”Don get wet, pay attention, if not, call Daniel in to help you. ”

Marias ears burned hot, directly ”bang ” closing the door of the room.

Athena shook her head, ”This child, she has no shame… ”

Maria leaned against the door of the room to support her forehead and felt like she was digging a hole for herself.

Daniels bedroom was twice as big as her old bedroom, Maria felt really lucky. They wouldn be lying next to each other and be embarrassed.

During the day, she only walked into the living room, thinking that the master bedroom on this side was Daniels private place, so she did not enter.

Coming out of the bathroom, there was also a small changing room next to it.

She opened it to look, his clothes were alone a few colors next to Daniels costume. She looked back and forth, it was still cheaper and even funnier, nearby hung both military uniforms and some specialized military items.

Now, Maria had a bit of a sense of authenticity, this person was really a special forces soldier who had returned from the army.

When Daniel entered, he saw a woman leaning against the wall, he felt a bit dumbfounded.

He frowned, ”Hows that? ”

Maria was startled by the sound, ”Ah, no, nothing. ”

The man walked over and looked at her arm, ”Are you feeling better? ”

Marias eyelids twitched subconsciously. She looked at Daniel close, and blocked the light, she felt a little lightheaded.

”Tomorrow, tomorrow before I go to work, its fine for a colleague to help me change. ” Her eyes averted and did not dare to look at the person next to her, ”Are you busy? ”

Daniel shook his head, ”Mom told me to come to help you. ”

Maria didn have time to react, ”Huh? ”

Daniel raised his eyebrows and did not speak.

”Ah…!! ” She was about to go crazy, ”No need, Ill be a little more careful! ”

Daniel smiled and took two steps back, out of the closet.

The bed was very large, two people were lying on the sides, and the middle was still enough for two more.

Marias sleeping position was quite neat, her hands were tightly wrapped around the blanket in front of her chest, looking like a good daughter had been bullied.

Daniel lay in the dark, his lips slightly raised and his eyes closed lazily asked, ”Want to leave the lamp on? ”

Maria glanced at the table lamp above the nightstand, ”How about you? ”

As soon as he finished speaking, the mans hand moved, ”I feel that turning off the light will make you a little more relaxed. ”

There was a lump in Marias throat, and she dared not say anything more.

Only heaven knew that from childhood until now when she slept, she always had to turn on the lights, turn off the lights, and decide to think about it all night.

When she was a child, she had to hold a stuffed animal to sleep, for this reason, it was really difficult for Maria to open her mouth.

She sighed silently, turned her head to look at the man lying next to him, and closed her eyes in resignation.

Maria stiffened and constantly paid attention to her movement until she felt Daniels breathing was stable, she dared to relax, gently turned over, and stared at the darkened table lamp.

Unfortunately, no matter how long it took, this light couldn come back on, if she turned on the light, it was likely that she would be thrown out of the bedroom.

So Maria turned over again.

After a while, she flipped again.

Flipped over again.

Flipped and flipped.

An hour later, Daniels breathing stiffened.

”Maria, do you want me to throw you out? ”

Maria swallowed, and weakly said, ”I, can I turn on the light? ”

The man sighed helplessly and turned on the night light.

In less than two minutes, Marias steady breathing came from the other side of the bed.

At this time, Daniel closed his eyes to rest. Standing in front of his busy work, his sleep time was very little, if Maria was next to him a few times a day, he wouldn expect to sleep all night.

In fact, tonight, Daniel really didn sleep all night.

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