The next day when she woke up, in front of Marias eyes were blindingly white.

Daniel had a habit of sleeping naked, Maria rested her head on his shoulder. When she lifted her head, she felt her nose was about to bleed, she was startled and quickly retreated.

The man faintly looked at her movements, the corners of his mouth twitched, ”What are you doing? ”

Maria instinctively scratched her nose, and smiled lightly, ”No, yesterday, I… ”

Daniel pushed the blanket off the bed, turned his back to her, and reluctantly smiled.

Maria automatically closed her mouth and wondered if she was instinctively infatuated with his beauty last night, so she took advantage of the darkness to approach and touch him or not.

Until she went to work, Maria still fell into a deep state of wondering, was her self-control really so poor?

She admitted she thought about that ”dark ” thing for a bit before going to bed, but it was not to the extent that she jumped over directly, right?


Early in the morning, Maria took two interns to check the patients health, normally she was not arrogant or strict at all, so the interns were not afraid of her at all, often chatting with her.

”Ha ha, Dr. Maria, I heard on the plane a few days ago, that you fought to protect another passenger? ”

Maria glanced at her, ”Who gave the doctors advice in bed number three? ”

The little doctor who asked her silently raised her hand, ”Its me… ”

”Which doctor did you show it to first? Who signed it? ”

This girls expression was a little panicked, ”I showed Dr. Elizabeth, whats wrong, is there a problem? ”

She waved her hand, ”No problem, Ill see her later. ”

As soon as she finished speaking, the little intern did not dare to be rude anymore, but another male intern very boldly said, ”Dr. Maria, you are currently the most famous doctor in the hospital. Can you introduce me to your fans? I also want to be famous. Ha ha ha… ”

Maria couldn help taking the medical record and tapping this persons head, ”Yes, maybe, but is the report written? ”

”Done, I sent your email. If you have free time, please take a look and reply back. ”

Maria smiled helplessly, ”I know. Please prepare to go and observe Dr. Henrys surgery, Ill take care over here. ”

”Ah, okay, thanks Dr. Maria, well go first. ”

The two smiled at each other and turned to leave.

Maria glanced at her arm and shook her head, fortunately, there was no damage to the tendons, or else she would really have to get out of this hospital.

After the check patients health, Maria went back to her room to correct the medical schedule, while busy looking at the ring on her finger.

Maria looked in ecstasy and felt a little skeptical that she was touched by such a quick marriage choice, was it right or wrong?

Of course, the reason for skepticism was not Daniel but herself.

One night could pass, but not sure tomorrow wouldn repeat.

When Elizabeth entered, Maria was still staring blankly at the ring.

”Oh, is this the engagement ring? ” The woman rushed over.

Maria was attacked defenselessly by her, the ring rattled to the ground and rolled away.

”Elizabeth! Are you crazy? ” She looked down with a headache.

”Sorry sorry, Ill help you find it. ” Elizabeth also imitated crawling to the ground, two heads were under the table.

”Can you just annoy me every day? ” Maria glared at her in displeasure, ”I can find it, Ill go find your boyfriend! ”

”Haizz, this tiny little office, Ill find it for you. ” Elizabeth underestimated Marias sharp gaze, ”Is it that important, so its really an engagement ring? ”

Maria got angry, ”Damn it! This is my wedding ring! ”


Elizabeth directly banged her head on the table.

Maria sighed and waved her hand away, ”Get out! Ill find it myself! ”

Elizabeth, still in a daze, stood staring at Maria, ”Are you really married? Because of Dr. Kate and Dr. Berklee? ”

Maria tilted her head and glanced at her, the ring rolled under the computer CPU, and she reached out to find, ”Damm it, what do they have to do with my marriage? ”

The two used this embarrassing pose while talking while looking for the ring.

Maria still had an injured arm. When seeing how she struggled to use her left hand, Elizabeth said, ”Let me do it. ”

So their heads were glued together to stare at the dark place under the table.

”What are you two doing? ” Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the front door.

The two peoples movements stopped and their heads were exposed at the same time.

Daniel appeared at the door and looked at the posture and state of the two people in the room. The expression on his face was not very happy.


Marias eyes widened, ”Why are you here? ”

Daniel went in, glanced at the twos posture, and directly put the object in his hand on the table.

”Find what? ”

Maria lowered her head and glared at the ring, ”My ring fell into it. ”

Elizabeth opened her mouth, still not able to close it. She looked at the man in front of her and automatically took a step back.

Daniel squatted down, his long arms stretched out to probe, looking very gentle and relaxed.

Maria supported her forehead, look, this was the result of the disparity of the body!

Daniel took a wet towel on the table to wipe the ring, and conveniently put it on Marias hand, ”Put it on carefully, next time, if you lose it, you don need to pick it up again. ” His tone of voice was light and did not sound angry.

Elizabeth scratched her nose and tried to minimize her existence.

Marias face became red, ”Sorry… ”

Daniel rubbed his fingers, and pulled the lunch box in front of Maria, ”Your mom made rice for you. The canteens food has a lot of salt, little nutrition, and no good for the wound, in recent days, you should not eat them. ”

”Did it delay your work? ” Maria tensed.

At this time, Daniels face improved, ”Nothing. Just got home to get the documents. Remember to pay attention to the wound. ”

After saying that, he turned to go. When meeting Elizabeths eyes, he just nodded and directly left the office.

Maria hurriedly got up to see him off, but his leg was too long, as soon as she reached the door, Daniel had already gone a long way.

When she turned around to see Elizabeth was still not gone.

”Was he really gone? ” Elizabeths expression relaxed, ”Are you two really married? ”

Maria sighed, ”Yes, married. ”

Seeing this woman looking to go out and turn on the loudspeaker, Maria immediately had to pull her back, ”Don go out and talk nonsense, I don plan to inform many people for the time being. ”

It was only a one-year contract, there would be many people talking in the hospital, and she really didn want herself to constantly be their hot topic.

”What do you mean? ” Elizabeth couldn understand, ”Why don you want to tell everyone? ”

Maria didn know how to respond when she heard Elizabeth say firmly, ”Ah, I know, you
e afraid of your fans being sad, aren you? Got it, got it, I won talk too much . ”

The corner of Marias mouth twitched, and she looked at Elizabeth with a complicated look…


Busy at noon, her department suddenly opened an emergency meeting. When Maria just opened the lunch box and was called away.

Dr. Henry looked at her appearance with anger, ”After this meeting, you stay. ”

Maria scratched her nose, nodded, and found a place to sit down.

As soon as she said that she was opening an emergency meeting, Maria had a bad premonition. When looking at Dr. Henry coming by himself, she instinctively glanced over at Elizabeth.

Sure enough, bed number three had a problem.

The patient in bed number three was originally in charge of Maria, but a few days ago he was transferred to Elizabeth. This made the patients family unhappy, now they had found the amount of medicine had a problem, so they definitely didn miss it. They wanted Dr. Henry to operate on his own.

Watching Elizabeth publicly review in front of the whole faculty, Maria couldn help sighing, in the past, when Dr. Henry was not yet the director, she also often suffered like this.

After the meeting ended, in the large room, there were only Maria and Dr. Henry, Maria timidly walked in front of him and sat down.

”Dr. Henry… ”

Dr. Henry angrily snorted at her, ”I heard you
e married? ”

Maria scratched her nose and didn dare to say a word.

”I heard its a hasty marriage? ”

Maria hid her eyes, ”Where did you hear this news? I didn even know this was called a hasty marriage… ”

”So you
e admitting? ” Dr. Henrys face was sullen.

Maria subconsciously touched the back of her neck. In front of her old teacher, she didn dare to joke, ”Yes…I got married, but I didn intend to announce it to everyone, so where did you hear this news? ”

Dr. Henry slammed the table, ”Is this your responsible attitude? ”

Maria was startled.

”Dr. Henry, what did I do wrong? ” Maria did not understand this attitude of his.

”Just met, you dared to get married to him? Your liver has been really big lately. ” Dr.Henrys voice turned up the volume, and at first, glance really irritated.

Maria bowed her head and clutched the notebook in her hand, ”Ive never been in contact with anyone working in the military in my life, moreover, he saved me. ”

Dr. Henry jerked, ”Maria!! ”

Maria looked up, ”Im telling the truth, Im married anyway. ”

Dr. Henry poked her forehead and breathed raggedly, ”Stupid! ”

Maria stubbornly continued, ”I really don want to anger you, that person is very nice and excellent. Can I bring him to see me someday? ”

”Bring him to talk with me. Hearing from your mouth is full of lies. ” Dr. Henry looked at her distrustfully.

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