Super Necromancer System

Chapter 21: Phantasmal Mask

p> Refraction (Passive) – This item grants the wearer a permanent passive that reduces all incoming damage by 10%.

2. Hood of Melding

Rank: Uncommon +

Type: Head Gear (Light)


+10 Agility

+10 Magic

+5 Perception


Ghost Walk (Active) – By activating this item, the wearer may enter a Phase state where they are rendered invisible and pass-through solid objects with 50% boosted movement speed. [Ghost Walk] lasts for 3 seconds.

Cost: 30 Mana

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

3. Phantasmal Mask

Rank: Uncommon +

Type: Head Gear (Light)


+5 Magic


Phantasmal Shroud (Passive) – The wearer obtains a permanent passive that grants them a 10% chance to dodge an incoming attack by phasing through it.

Ghost Walk (Active) – By activating this item, the wearer may enter a Phase state where they are rendered invisible and pass-through solid objects with 50% boosted movement speed. [Ghost Walk] lasts for 3 seconds. While this ability is on cooldown, Phantasmal Shroud is disabled.

Cost: 30 Mana

Cooldown: 15 Seconds


Cost: 200 Coin

Reroll Cost: 50 Coin


Aldrich put a hand to his chin, wondering what to take. He had rolled well, obtaining three choices of Uncommon (+) tier gear.

The plus sign indicated that the gear was at the highest end of its tier, and since the Uncommon level range of gear went from 10-30, the difference was quite massive between a basic Uncommon piece of equipment like Aldrich ’s current staff and any of these three head pieces.

Thankfully, the gear had not been at the Rare tier, as though players could equip gear one tier above their level threshold, anything above that made equipment unusable until they met the level requirements.

”The helmet would be quite useful for protecting you, my dear master, ” said Valera as she peered at the options. ”B-but I will protect you anyway, so maybe it isn ’t useful after all! ”

It seemed that Valera wanted Aldrich to choose equipment that protected him the most while also struggling with her pride to be the one to always protect Aldrich.

”I trust you to protect me, Valera, don ’t worry about that, ” said Aldrich. ”And my class has no affinity for heavy gear. I ’ll suffer stat penalties for wearing a heavy helmet. That leaves me with either the hood or the mask, and it ’s a no-brainer to pick up the mask here. ”

Though the [Hood of Melding] granted much better stats than the [Phantasmal Mask], it only had one unique ability. Aldrich knew from playing the game that stats might have seemed attractive, especially in earlier levels, but additional unique abilities or passives were worth far more.

As far as rolls went, the mask was quite lucky. He had gotten a horrible roll with the heavy helmet, especially because mage type classes had a higher chance to roll lighter equipment, but the other two options made up for it.

”Craft me the [Phantasmal Mask] ” said Aldrich.

”You got it! ” The System hammered down at Ghost ’s soul, shattering it and then reforming it into another glowing white orb, this time with the icon of the item imbued within it.

The orb floated to Aldrich and he absorbed it into his inventory with a touch.

[1x Phantasmal Mask obtained]

[200 Coin spent]

[Coin: 220 ] 20]

Aldrich immediately withdrew the mask and equipped it. A pale white ivory mask formed over his face. It was oval and seemingly latched onto his face with no need for a strap. It was completely featureless, like a ceramic plate, aside from a single horizontal line running across it to indicate Aldrich ’s eye line.

”This will do, ” said Aldrich. He could see perfectly through the mask as if it was not there despite the fact that it basically completely obscured his face. The perks of magic.

”Marvelous! ” said Valera as she clapped her gauntleted hands together. ”Piece by piece, you adorn yourself for battle. ” She whispered under her breath. ”A shame I can ’t see your face, though. ”

”Hm? What was that last part? ” said Aldrich, not quite catching it.

”N-nothing! ” said Valera as she briskly walked back to the Sign. ”We are ready, yes? For adventure? ”

”With you, anytime, ” said Aldrich, wanting to convey that she was a valuable protector he could always rely on.

Evidently, Valera took those words differently. Her pale skin got a shade redder, and she immediately put on her helmet. ”Then we must make haste. Onwards! ”


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