Super Necromancer System

Chapter 28: Gang Wipeout

None of them could make Valera even budge.

”Pathetic, ” said Valera with an utterly bored expression on her face. ”You want me to let go of him? Fine. ”

Another scream of pain rang through the air as Valera tore the Odinson ’s arm straight off. Blood arced and trickled from the dismembered limb, and Valera patted it in her palm before using it to smash the other two Odinsons in the head, completely crushing their skulls and instantly killing them.

Their blood circled around Valera, fueling her [Crimson Furnace] shield.

Aldrich in the meanwhile disabled the Odinsons on his end.

Where Valera overwhelmed with enormous stats, Aldrich used his comparatively lesser stats to their maximal extent, using his extensive martial arts training.

He weaved expertly between baton strikes and then struck their throats, collapsing their windpipes, or gouged out their remaining eye with finger pokes before dropping them with precise, quick liver punches.

This left three Odinsons including Brant disabled and groaning on the ground, though Brant was dead, the chrome capping on his skull caved in from Aldrich ’s grip. Aldrich killed the remaining disabled Odinsons by stomping on their necks, breaking them to make sure there was no way they could regenerate or suddenly blindside him with a power.

All this in a sequence of just one and a half seconds, before the Odinsons could even draw their Bolter pistols or use their powers.

”Experiment success, ” said Aldrich. ”With [Negative Surge] and my martial arts, I can beat armed Alters even as a caster. Though I guess this trash doesn ’t count for much of a challenge. ”

”Indeed, ” said Valera as she stomped her heels down on a downed Odinsons ’s skill, shattering it and splattering her pale legs with blood. The blood quickly drained away, absorbed into Valera ’s body. She made a disgusted face. ”Even their blood is utterly foul. I was so excited to taste fresh human blood, but theirs is tainted. It tastes like rust. Like metal. ”

”Too many cybernetics, ” noted Aldrich.

”H-how!? Alters!? How did you avoid the scanners!? ” said the boss as he aimed his spear gun at Valera and fired off a bolt of plasma.

The plasma scattered against Valera ’s energy resistant blood shield, turning into nothing but smoke and crackling electricity.

Valera turned to the boss and glared at him, her black and red eyes monstrous, inhuman, and utterly lacking anything resembling human mercy.

”W-what!? ” the boss stepped backwards while his knees trembled. He clenched his fists, and his one remaining eye glowed white. A barrier of translucent white energy formed around him. His Alter power. ”What-who are you two!? Heroes!? ”

He looked down at the bloody and brutalized bodies of his men. No heroes would ever do this. ”No, not heroes, then…villains!? Do you work for another gang!? God…it isn ’t about the money, is it!? We ’ll pay it back, I swear. The Trident will get what I promised them! ”

Aldrich immediately stiffened. ”The Trident? ”

He heard shouting and footsteps echo behind him as Odinsons were alerted to the scuffle.

”Valera, take care of everyone outside this room. Remember: no survivors, ” said Aldrich. ”I ’ll take care of things here. ”

Valera ’s Dullahan smile showed. Her cheeks split apart as her smile grew from ear to ear, baring rows of sharp, bestial teeth and large, bloodsucking fangs.

”As you wish, my master, ” said Valera. Her voice had a throaty, inhuman reverb underlining it now. She sprinted off as a black and white blur, and as her quick footsteps echoed down the hallway, screams rang through the air as she tore her way through the gang.

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