Super Power Story Chapter 1 (Novel)

Super Power Story Chapter 4 (english & tagalog)

We are wake up and Oppa Jin pay to the owner she said Xie Xie (Thank You) at umalis na kami dun and we walking again and i find Alexander Lee.

from (Ukiss) he said ”yah ” Song me said how did you know my name

me said oh okey iam your sis to right he said ne wait said oh okey.

iam your sis to right he said ne wait why are you tree alone here in Busan me said bbbbb Busan he said ne he said okey i toure you three here okey me said okey Gege Alexander Lee and i find Jackson Wang.

from (Got7) and he said ni hao iam your Gege to like Alexander Lee me said oh okey Oppa Jin find J Hope.

from (BTS)he super power is (ice) he said did you want to join our team he said ne say ko yah Oppa Jin we about to go home because.

Gege Alexander Lee yah Oppa Jin we about to ga home because Gege Alexander Lee and Gege Jackson Wang said our Aunt house is our home to he said JInJaJA me said ne and then we ga to our house and Aunt Bless said Song where did you go me.

said oh mian hamnida (I,m sorry) say niya kwaenchanayo( it,s alright iam ok) me said hai remove ko na yung shoe ko enter na kami ni Gege Alexander Lee at ni Gege Jackson Wang at si Oppa Jin at si.

Oppa Jimin say ni Sensei R.M yah you four come here in BTS room me said ne Sensei and we enter there he said oh Jimin welcome to our team here is your shirt he said oh okey Gommpda (thangks).

he said okey Song and Jin you did a good job me said hai and Oppa Jin to me said okey can i live now here in BTS room Sensei said hai me said okey bye Oppa Jin he said okey and umalis na nga ako ng room. (Page 3)

We are going to Chapter 4✌️❇️

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