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The Beginning of a New Era

Some people say that since the development of the Internet, everyone has a second identity. Because when chatting on the Internet, no one knows whether the opposite person is a he, a she or even an attack helicopter.

Of course, attack helicopter is a bit of an exaggeration but can one know if the opposite is male or female? Or is it an adult or a child?


United States.

Seattle, Washington.

In a small room with cartoon posters on the walls, a computer is running at a fast speed. The rectangular LCD screen is turning frame by frame at a speed that cannot be discerned by the naked eye.

Through the light of the computer screen, you can clearly see a cute child sitting in front of the computer.

The child is about 11 years old, with a tender face and a Bugs Bunny costume.

The whole person looks very cute.

The cute child crackled away at the keyboard rapidly. It turned out that he was using Facebook to chat with people across the Internet.

At this point there are already several lines of conversation on the chat window.

”Sister Alice, I like you very much, would you be my girlfriend? ”

”No, I have talked to you for 3 years yet I still haven seen you! Every time I ask you where you are and ask you to send a photo, you start talking! ”

”Sister, I didn mean it. 🙁 ”

This reason silenced the opposite side for a long time, and then Didi sounded again, and a word replied on the Facebook window:

”Brother Bunny, can I ask you a question? ”

”Sister Alice, you ask! ”

”who are you?! ”

As soon as this remark was made, the childs cute eyes suddenly disappeared and a deep blue color began to fill his blue eyes. Followed by a contemplation that a child could not have, and he gradually calmed down, finally he smiled insidiously.

Its been 8 years. After 8 years, its finally my time.

My time to shine is coming!

The child tapped on the keyboard again, and a string of text quickly passed: ”Sister, tomorrow is your birthday, I want to give you a birthday gift! ”

The internet was silent again, and seemed to be very dissatisfied with ”Bunny ” once again avoiding the topic.

one minute, two minutes …

Finally, the opposite spoke again.

”How do you know that my birthday is tomorrow? And tomorrow is Sunday. Your sister is going to be a cashier at a convenience store near my high school. How can I receive your birthday present? ”

”Hee hee, its okay. As long as my sister is still in Leeds tomorrow, I will definitely receive a gift from my brother. I will get off first, bye!

Shutting down Facebook expertly, shutting down the computer, Nathan stood up and walked out of the room.

First floor, Kitchen.

A plate of bread and a glass of milk is already on the table. There is no breakfast for mom and dad, because the Johnsons already have had their breakfast and are packing their bags ready to go out.

Nathan tilted his head and blinked at his parents.

”Nate, mom and dad are busy at work today, go to school by yourself. ”

Nate nodded ignorantly, watching the Johnsons leave.

The huge dining room was instantly empty and Nate took a seat on the dining table and ate breakfast.

The soft morning light spilled out of the window, covered the living room, and also dres

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