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The Plan starts

the next morning.

Leeds City University

Leeds, UK.

In the green and emerald forest path, a girl in a white dress hurriedly passed by.

Her figure is tall and thin, her face is very clean, but for some reason, there was a lingering sorrow in the girls eyebrows.

The girls name is Alice, Alice Hill.

As a child born in a civilian family, Alice knew early on that she had to work hard, very, very hard to get rid of her poverty.

While studying, Alice is also doing part-time work in a convenience store near the school.

As soon as she entered the convenience store, a tall blonde girl greeted and gave Alice a warm hug.

”Alice, happy birthday! ”

”Thank you, Kate! ”

Kate is Alices only friend in school. She takes care of Alice on weekdays. Even Kate introduced her to this part-time job. After all, the two girls came from the same town.

Kate majored in sociology, while Alice majored in art and design.

”Alice, I heard that your friend who has known you for three years is going to give you a birthday present? ”

Alice nodded: ”I don know what he will send? ”

”Congratulations, I guess he will give you a big gift, after all you have known each other for so long. ”

Hearing this, Alices face was slightly reddish, ”Thank you for your blessing, Kate! ”

”Hee hee! ”

In the light laughter, the two girls went to work.

As the first customer walked into the store, Alices part-time job on the weekend began.

The shops next to the school have always been good. After all, students money is the easiest to earn. At this time in the convenience store where Alice works, people came and went and there were already 5 or 6 customers in front of the checkout counter.

Alice was busy tapping the cash register in front of her.

”Hello, your bill is 3 pounds in total. You gave me 5 pounds so heres your change of 2 pounds. Come back again. ”

Sending a customer away, Alice could not take a breather as another customer handed over a box of paper towels.

”Hello! Your product is Sper issue, the price is… ” Alice took the tissue and said, while holding the tissue near the scanner, once, twice, three times …

what happened? !! Alice was in a hurry. The scanner that responded to the scan usually did not respond to the scan now.

Did the scanner fail?

”Hurry up, hurry up! ” The customer urged impatiently and others in line looked at the ruckus made in front of the cash register.

Alice quickly turned the paper towel over, saw the product code and wanted to manually enter the product code into the cash register.

But suddenly, at the sound of ”snap ”, the screen of the computer at the cash register was inexplicably dark. Then a huge clock appeared, covering the entire screen.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. the clock is moving …




Boom! boom! boom!

Sounds like the sound of fireworks blooming. Then the clock disappeared, and a candle-filled cake appeared in the center of the screen with a bunny standing beside the cake eating a carrot who said , ”Sister Alice Happy Birthday! Sister, I like you very much. Can you be my girlfriend? ”

”OH, My God! ” Alice screamed loudly.

”Whats wrong? ” Kate was so worried about her friend that she ran over from the other side, ”OH, My God! ”

The continuous screams attracted everyone in the convenience store so the boss and customers all gathered around.

”My God, this is … ”

”God, hacker! This must be the work a hacker! Boss, have you offended someone? ”

”No, no! Look at what it says: Happy birthday, sister Alice. Alice, Alice …?! ”

” Isn the cashier girl called Alice? and… ”

”And its her birthday today! ” The boss who knew Alices information blurted out.

At this moment, Alice was lost.

Is this a birthday present? How can he do this, this is my only part-time job. Oh no, how can he do this?!!

Tears filled Alices eyes and her red lips trembled involuntarily, as if she were about to cry.

”Alice, you … ” The boss looked at Alice with a doubtful expression on his face. He didn continue his words but the meaning was already obvious.

If you make a boyfriend, you can choose whomever you like but you can just delay my business for a prank. Our shop is small.

Hearing the words of the boss, Alices starter sobbing, her tears streaming down like raindrops.

”I see! Thanks … Thanks … Boss! ”

After saying this, Everyone heard a ”wow ” as Alice burst out crying and ran to the outside while crying.

”Alice, Alice! ”

Kate was very worried about her friends mental health after this ”prank ” so she didn even care about her work and chased out quickly.

Following the direction of the two womens departure, everyone looked out of the shop. At this moment, everyone in the store was shocked.

Outside the shop, on a huge 10-meter-high billboard, the old Pepsi advertisement that was playing has disappeared, replaced by the same video from the cash register computer.

This billboard is a commercial billboard of XNet News Corporation. For the billboard industry, generally billboards of a region shares a system. If this billboard was hacked, then …

Gosh! Who is this mysterious man who chases Alice? Mr. Xs News Corp. is a large multinational group company, which is well known in the world.

Uh …

Outside the convenience store.

Alice hugged Kate tightly, crying loudly.

The girl is sad, very very sad. Today is her birthday. The ”friend ” who she talked with for three years actually planted a Trojan virus in her part-time convenience store to give her a gift. Where is this wishing her a happy birthday, he clearly pranked her and forced herself to resign.

Thats my only job! Without this job, how can I earn money?

”How can he do this? How can he do this to me … ” Alice in her grievances kept repeating the same words.

”No! Alice. It must not be like that! ” Kate shook her friend vigorously. ”Alice, cheer up, he shouldn have targeted the convenience store on purpose. Look, look! ”

Kate shook Alice vigorously to make Alices cry weak, but the tears in her eyes were still flowing.

Looking in the direction of a friends finger, Alices eyes widened in disbelief.

The billboards on both sides of the street are full of cakes, and the same is true of the bus stop signs not far away, not even the TVs outside the shops on the street.

Cakes, candles, rabbits and birthday wishes, Alice was completely shocked. This, this is …

”Ding Ding Ding! ” The phone rang, and it was Kates phone.

”Hello, Im Kate! ”

”Kate, come back to school. There is something serious in our school. All the computers in the school and all the televisions are occupied by a cake … ” The man said hurriedly on the phone.

Before I finished speaking, the roar of his classmate rang again on the phone, ”Its not just us, the entire city of Leeds is occupied by the cake! God! who did this? ”

At this moment, Alice stopped crying, her pink mouth opened slightly, and she couldn say anything she wanted to say. Alice looked at Kate, Kate looked at Alice, both womens eyes filled with worry.

A cyber invasion of this scale is no longer a prank. This is clearly an unprecedented terrorist attack.

And the target of the attack was not a small subjugated country somewhere in Africa but one of the five major Super Powers of the United Nations, UK.

10 Downing Street.

Prime Ministers Office.

London, UK

”knock! knock! ” The rapid knocking sounded.

Prime Minister Cameron had no time to reply as, with a bang of the door, the secretary broke in with sweat.

”Sir, theres a red emergency! ” The secretary unfolded the documents in his hands and said quickly, ”At eight oclock this morning, the largest cyber terrorist attack in the history of Leeds occurred. All computers, TVs and other electronic devices capable of networking were paralyzed. , Which has not yet been recovered. The following is a statistical report of the losses:

International airport, railway station, Leeds TV station and 23 schools, 4 multinational groups, more than 700 **Es, including but not limited to: media companies, transportation companies, financial companies, IT companies, manufacturing companies …

Among them, the agricultural and animal husbandry companies suffered the least damage, and the media companies suffered the most. At this time, they were completely inoperable. Urban traffic can barely be maintained, except for car TVs and computers.

The most dangerous situation is the two hospitals in the urban area. At present, there is a serious shortage of medical staff … ”

”Okay! ” The Prime Minister waved his hand sharply and interrupted the secretary. ”Let the Ministry of Health urgently deploy manpower to support the major hospitals in Leeds. In the name of the Government, let all police officers in Leeds patrol the streets for suspicious activities and to calm down the civilians.

In addition, call the quick response department and order them to rush to Leeds to respond to a possible actual terrorist attack. ”

”Yes! ” The secretary turned and left quickly. Another staff member came in, ” Sir, the Director of the Security Bureau is already waiting outside and has brought in a cyber security working group. ”

”Please ask them to go to Hall 3. Ill be right here. ”

”Yes! ”

Hall 3

Temporary emergency treatment center.

At this time, not only the Security Bureau and the Cyber ​​Security Working Group have arrived, but also many more people: the British Government Communications Headquarters, the Secret Intelligence Service, the London Police Chie, and the Secretary of Defense.

”Sit down, everyone! Director briefly explain the situation. ”

”Yes! ” The Director of the Security Bureau waited for everyone to sit down, stood up, held a document in his hand, and quickly gave a short briefing to everyone. The whole process lasted only 3 minutes.

”This is probably the case. For the matter of cake, Bunny and Alice, my colleagues are still looking for clues. There is no news yet, please give us some time. Im sorry, gentlemen! ”

After the director of the Security Bureau sat down, a member of the cyber security team stood up and continued, ”The Terrorists are very cunning. Our colleagues in Leeds found an IP address. However, this IP address is fake. ”

”Used a springboard? ” Some key members were asking.

IP springboard attack is a technical term for network attack and defense. That is, using someone elses machine as a relay station to attack other machines, thereby hiding their real IP.

For example, use your own A computer to control another B computer at the far end, and then use B computer to control another C computer, then D, E, F, G …, and finally use the last computer to attack the target.

”No. ” The staff of the security team denied the persons speculation, and then said, ”According to our investigation, this IP address did not use any springboard and we also performed log recovery on some of the hacked computers and did not find signs of erasure. ”

”What are you waiting for? Go directly to this IP and catch that bastard. Whether at home or abroad, our Royal Navy fleet is already on standby in the Mediterranean. For any terrorist acts against the British Empire, no matter which country or organization , We will never compromise, ”said the Minister of Defense.

”No need to check! ” Said the staff of the security team helplessly.

”Fuck! ” The Secretary of Defense slaps the table angrily. ”Whats the problem? ”

”This IP does not need to be checked to know that it is fake. This IP is like this: 300.300.300.300. ”

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar.

How is this possible? The IP address is 8 bits per segment, the power of 2 is 256, and it is represented by 0-255, so the maximum value is 255. How can there be such a strange number of 300?

How did he (they) do it. You must know even VPN and Proxies only change your IP address to another available address. It doesn create a new IP.

”Sorry, my colleagues and I want to know about this too ” ,said the staff of the security team, shamefully.

As an elite in network security across the UK, and previously a well-known hacker, I know nothing about the methods used by this terrorist or terrorist organization.

In some cases I encountered before, even if they are outrageous, at least me and my colleagues can infer the general principle.

But what happened this time, even the upper limit of the IP address has been modified!

”Okay, gentlemen, our time is short! ” The Prime Minister coughed, interrupted the discussion and looked at the staff, ”Is there an image or picture of that cake? ”

”Yes! ” The staff of the security team took a stack of photos from the bag and was planning to distribute them to gentlemen.

At this moment, a bang sounded, the door opened and the Prime Ministers secretary hurried in again.

”Sirs, watch TV. ”

The secretary pressed the remote control and turned on the huge LCD TV on the side of the lobby:

”Hello everyone, this is the British Radio and Television, Im Lisa of BBC News. ” On the TV, a beautiful blonde reporter quickly said to the camera, her face was properly anxious and concerned.

”According to this stations news, at 8 am this morning, the city of Leeds, located in the West Yorkshire area, was hit by the most powerful cyber terrorist attack in history. The citys network has been completely paralyzed and all The electronics of the display are replaced by a mysterious cake and a bunny wishing happy birthday to a mysterious ”Alice ”.

This time Lisa was able to report to everyone by means of satellite communication. Now I am in one of the two largest hospitals in Leeds: Leeds General Hospital.

From here we can see that now the hospital is about to fall into chaos and even 9 ambulance tents have been set up at the door. All the medical staff are busy providing treatment to the patients.

Because all the electronic systems of the hospital have been paralyzed, the drug delivery system cannot produce a drug list at all, and each drug needs to be manually found by medical staff, so now the medical staff of pharmacology is seriously inadequate.

Please, I hope they don take the wrong medicine. ”

Speaking of this, the camera passed over the blonde reporter and reached the entrance of the hospital. The doorway was overcrowded and chaotic. Medical staff in white clothes shuttled anxiously through the crowd. From time to time, people can also hear voices for help:

”Help! Help me! ”

”God, come and help me! Come and help me! ”

At this time, an ambulance drove in, and as some people got on the car, they quickly left again.

The camera is pointed at the beauty reporter again.

”What we saw just now is that hospital ambulances in neighboring cities are transferring seriously ill patients to other hospitals outside Leeds. It is also because the mysterious hacker paralyzed the hospitals medical system, causing the hospitals large-scale medical equipment such as nuclear magnetic resonance equipment and DR system equipment to fail to operate. Some seriously ill patients must be transferred immediately, or the consequences will be disastrous! ”

”Now, let us focus on the culprit of this terrorist attack- that birthday cake with a bunny leaning on it. ”

On the big screen that promotes health knowledge at the entrance of the hospital on weekdays, a bunny eating a carrot leaned on alarge cake filled with candles while wishing,

” Sister Alice Happy Birthday! Sister, I like you very much. Can you be my girlfriend? ”

”Everytime I see this cake and I think angrily: A major British city is being destroyed, British people are dying due to a terrorist attack, where is our government? Where is our fleet? ”

”The above is a report from Lisa, a reporter from BBC. We will keep track of the latest developments in this terrorist attack. Thank you for watching, goodbye. ”

”Pop! ” The Prime Minister stood up angrily, turned off the TV, took a deep breath, and said, ”Issue a notice to the media and all embassies in London, we will hold an emergency press conference later. ”



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