Super Tech Prodigy

Reaction From All Parties

United States.

Seattle, Washington.

Its around 8:30, everyone just had breakfast.

”Nate, isn the cream sandwich good? ” Mrs. Williams patted the little guys head and asked affectionately. Mrs. Williams is the neighbor next door and came here today.

Nate looked up, blinked, and said cutely, ”Thank you, Mrs. Williams. ”

Mrs. Williams was very happy, picked up the little one, and kissed him.

”Little Nate is so good! ”

Suddenly being hugged and kissed, Nate became really flustered inside but his face still had innocent cute smile.

He must play the role of a sweet innocent child in front of Mrs. Williams. These details determine the success or failure of his plan.

Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills.

At this time, Mrs. Johnson heard the conversation between her neighbor and her son and said immediately: ”How is he a good boy? Yesterday, he skipped another day. During work, we received a call from his teacher who complained to us. This year we have been contacted by the Child Protective Services three times, saying that we have not fulfilled our obligations as parents. ”

Mr. Johnson nodded, recognizing the words, with a helpless expression.

”Really? ” Mrs. Williams pretended to be unhappy, put down the little guy, and asked, ”Little Nathan is being naughty, why don you go to school? ”

Im a person who has witnessed the core of the multiverse. why will I go to school and play with mere Children?!

Nate murmured secretly in his heart but on the face he looked extremely grieveous, ”No one in the school plays with me! ”

Hearing this, Mrs. Williams turned to look at the Johnsons.

Mr. Johnson shrugged, and said helplessly: ”I don know what happened. This little guy didn like to go to school since childhood and he didn fit in well. After a few years of school, he was skipping school half the time. We thought he was suffering Autism, took him to see the doctor but the doctor said there was no problem. ”

At this moment, Mr. Williams came in from outside and said aloud, ”Turn on the TV, there is big news! ”

”What big news? ” Mrs. Williams asked hastily.

Its no wonder that the couple will behave this way because they are both journalists and Mr. Williams is also a commentator for USA Today.

Mr. Johnson quickly turned on the TV in the living room, and a clear picture appeared on the TV:

”This is the press hall in London, UK and the British government will hold an emergency press conference here in a minute. The press conference will be attended by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Minister of Defence and the ambassadors to London. Most of the staff are now already here and the scene is chaotic. From here we can see that the ambassadors of various countries are urgently discussing the situation of this press conference. ”

”It is reported that the reason why the British government held an emergency press conference is that the city of Leeds has suffered the worst cyber terrorist attack in history. The entire Leeds network is now paralyzed and the losses are serious. The screen below … ”

As the camera turned, Leeds appeared on the TV.

At this time, the traffic in Leeds was congested, and the sound of numerous horns kept ringing. On both sides of the road, armed police were carrying live ammunition and were examining each car.

A driver yelled in dissatisfaction, and immediately a gun hit his head, and then two policemen embraced him and dragged him out of the car instantly.

In the sky, three Typhoon fighters passed by, followed by a helicopter. Through the TV screen, everyone can clearly see that air-to-surface missiles are hung on the sides of each helicopter.

”Please all British people strictly abide by the police arrangements. I repeat, all British people strictly abide by the police arrangements! According to the special authorization of 10 Downing Street, we have the right to fire at any time! Again, please ask all British people to strictly abide by police arrangements. We have the right to fire at any time! ”

”Oh my God, this is so serious? ” Madam Johnson exclaimed.

”Which organization does this work for? ”

At this moment, the phone rang. It was Mr. Williams.

”Hello, editor. Well, yes … well, I will write a comment after reading the news. By the way, editor, have any reporters rushed to Leeds? You know, Nicole has always been very good at interviewing … What? Already sent! Oh, okay! ”

The phone hung up, and Mr. Williams gave his wife a sorry look and then everyone continued to watch TV with full attention.

”Hello everyone, this is CCB Radio and TV Station, the Prime Minister has come out, now we turn our lens to the podium. ”

finally come!

This moment, Nate was expecting. After planning for 8 years, he has calculated to the extreme for each step.

In this life, if you can live vigorously, then die vigorously!

Nates heart beat fiercely but his face remained as usual. Ike walked towards Mrs. Johnson and gently pulled her clothes: ”Mom, Mom … ”

Because of her sons interruption, Mrs. Johnson had to turn her head, pat her sons head and whispered softly, ”Nate, go upstairs and play. Moms busy! ”

A little urgency in her soft voice.

”Oh, OK! ”

Ike jumped out of the living room and headed for the second floor. No one can see that the moment he walked up to the second floor, there was a sinister look on his cute face.

Step into the room and turn on the computer.

With the host computer running, Nate sat calmly on the computer. Open Facebook skillfully, just as soon as he get on the account, a lot of information comes in.

”Brother Bunny, are you there? ”

”Brother Bunny, come out quickly, come out! ”

”Brother Bunny, did you do this? How can you do this? This is illegal! ”

”Brother Bunny, stop, stop! If someone finds out, you will be arrested! ”

Ike tapped the keyboard skillfully, and replied with the same passage: Happy birthday to Alice! Sister, I like you very much. Can you be my girlfriend?

For three seconds, in just three seconds, a reaction will come from the other end of the network.

”Brother Bunny, did you do this? You stop quickly. Our government has now held a press conference. If you continue, you will be arrested. If you like your sister, you stop ok? please, please, you will be arrested like this! ”

This text came so fast that you can understand how anxious and worried the girl is.

”Sister, would you agree to be my girlfriend? ”

”Promise, promise! Sister promises you everything, can you stop now? ”

”Well, I listen to my sister! ”

After knocking this sentence, Ike immediately called The White Bunny in another window and let him restore the network.

”Received! ” A mysterious metal electronic sound sounded and a mysterious entity in a computer replied.

This voice is from White Bunny, the first AI created in this world by Nate. After deciding to implement the Super Prodigy Act, Nate decided to create an Artificial Intelligence for the first step of his plan. The civilization of this planet has only stepped into the information technology. Artificial Intelligence has not even been invented let alone things like bio information technologies like DNA programming and bio weapon programming. Research on Artificial Intelligence has started and countries around this planet has mastered formidable information offensive and defensive capabilities. So if he wanted to shock the world, he needed to be ahead of the world. And what better way to do than to show the world that a minor has done what the top specialists of the major countries couldn do. So he created White Bunny.

At this moment, a stream of data moved through multiple computers and then an antenna to a Satellite above the Atlantic Ocean. From there, White Bunny sent out small transmissions of data to disable the control of all computers across Leeds. Then it erased its traces and went back the way it came. Disappearing into the mysterious Carrot castle in the Internet.

The cake disappeared on the billboards on both sides of the street in Leeds, the cake on the TV disappeared, and the cake on the hospitals health knowledge promotion screen disappeared …

With the disappearance of all the cakes, the restoration of the transportation system, the restoration of the financial system, the restoration of the media system, and the restoration of all medical equipment systems in the hospital …

The opposite side of the network sent a message again: ”Brother Bunny, you did it and now the network is restored. ”

Nate typed the keyboard immediately and replied: ”Because I like my sister! ”

”From now on, don contact your sister until this thing ends! ”

”Why? Sister, didn you just promise to be my girlfriend? ”

”Sister is afraid that you will be found, you are breaking the law, and you will be sentenced if you are found! Do not contact your sister this year, please, please! Just like this, please! ”

After this text was sent, Alices head turned black and white, and it seemed to be offline.

Nate really didn expect this girl to be so kind hearted. Looks like he made a right choice by choosing her.

”Father, I believe that its time for us to do take the final step today. ”

When he heard this sentence from White Bunny, Nate, who had always maintained a cute look, became very serious, solemnly saying, ”Relax, now is the information age, We have enough time. ”

”Now lets do the final inspection. The information that needs to be retained is-mathematical aspects: ” Ancient and Modern Mathematical Thought ”, ” Decoder: Mathematical Exploration Journey ”…, network technology: ” Computer Network Security Technology ”, ”Wireless Application Protocol … ”

The light ball once again faintly helped Ike check.

In terms of movies: ”Resident Evil ” …

For daily traces: at 2:03 on July 13, 2012, log on Facebook, browse the official website of Cambridge University …, on Facebook on September 2, 2010, add Alice netizen…

The computer is flashing at a speed that cannot be discerned by the naked eye: a lot of information is added, and some inappropriate dates are being modified …

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