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United Kingdom.

Sixth Military Intelligence Bureau

Information Processing Center.

The huge hall was extremely crowded at this time. Information processing personnel were quickly typing on the keyboard. Countless information was being retrieved, screened, and then the comprehensive information was delivered to several agents in the center of the hall.

In the corridor, more than a dozen high-level intelligence officials are walking anxiously back and forth, including the director of the National Security Agency, the director of the Secret Intelligence Service and the minister of the Government Communications Headquarters. These three departments accounts for almost the entire British intelligence community.

The British intelligence service is composed of the National Security Agency, the Secret Intelligence Service, the Air Force Intelligence Service, the Naval Intelligence Service, and the Government Communications Headquarters. It is finally managed by the British Joint Intelligence Committee.

The Secret Intelligence Bureau is the Sixth Military Intelligence Bureau, and the full name is the British Army Intelligence Sixth Bureau—codename MI6.

”Why haven you found it yet? ” Auston raised his hand from time to time to look at the wrist watch, anxious in his heart.

As a member of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, although this operation has been given great powers to control the entire British intelligence community, it is accompanied by a mandatory order:

You must find clues before the Prime Ministers press conference ends, otherwise you don have to do it.

”Fuck! ” Committee member Auston yelled and pushed the door to enter the information processing center.

”How long will it take, can we find any clues? ” Commissioner Allston whispered to Agent Andrei.

Agent Andres team is one of the most important to him, and it was specially transferred from the North African branch of the Military Intelligence Agency. This group had a brilliant record before, and within seven years it had cracked seven major terrorist attacks against Britain.

Agent Andre is the leader of this group. If this face is not too ordinary, he can be called a realistic version of the British ”007 ”.

Hearing his bosss inquiry, Agent Andre looked up and explained in a low voice: ”The other partys network technology is too high-end, leaving no trace of intrusion on the network. ”

”No way? ”

”No! ” Andreys denial shocked Member Auston. ”Sir, look here. ”

Andrei slid the screen in front of her with her hands, and pictures flickered in front of Austons eyes. Each picture was the head of a woman, with blonde hair, brown hair, and brown hair …

”this is? ”

”Alice! ” Andrea stopped his hands and continued to explain to his boss, ”They are all Alice! At present, there are 1.12 billion people in the European and American world, of which 1.2 million are named by Alice. ”

这么 ”So much? When will it be screened? And you are sure that the name ” Alice ”is the real name? ”

”Sir, thats not the case.

According to human behavior, we can screen out people over 35 years of age, even if their behavior is crazy, there will be some reason, or the consequences will be considered. Because this move will keep his love in the dark forever, or we will face our hunt. That leaves us with 700,000 Alices.

According to the study of love, we can also screen out people over 30 years of age, because for people over 30 years of age, love will not be so hot, direct, implicit, or deeper. That leaves us with 360,000 Alices.

According to language, people over 25 years of age will not use words like this. ”

Speaking of this, Andrei paused and checked the work progress of the team with the oblique light in the corner of his eye. Subsequently, Andrei pressed the screen in front of him, and the video of cake and the bunny wishing suddenly appeared on the screen.

”Sir, listen carefully! ” Andre nodded the words in the back: ”Sister, I like you very much, how about being my girlfriend? ”

”This passage seems to be a bit naive to most people. In the pursuit of a young woman, men generally show their talents as much as possible, and their words are as beautiful as possible. Girl: You are my life, I love you.

If it was me, even if it was written: Sister, you are as beautiful as roses. It can be inferred from this that the suspect has no artistic accomplishment.

And, sir, look at this word: Especially, this is an emphasis word. Looking at the whole sentence again, this is a repetitive term, representing a kind of … ”

”Begging? Begging? ” Upon hearing this, Commissioner Allston guessed uncertainly.

”Yes! ” Andre nodded heavily. ”Repetition and special emphasis, this indicates that the suspect has some inferiority in his character and feels that he is not worthy of Alice. ”

According to this passage, we can exclude the ugly Alice; the Alice, which has been recorded on the Internet, such as hurting and vicious behavior, may be excluded.

According to the Marriage Law, we can exclude the word girlfriend from being married, so that we only have 120,000 Alices left.

102 There are currently 102 of these 120,000 Alices in Leeds. We can only corroborate this as a side clue. Because other Alices can also see this blessing on TV and the Internet, which may mislead us in the direction of tracing. ”

”The clue we focus on is this! ” Andre pointed his finger on the cake, and 18 candles on the cake were burning quietly.

”18 years old, todays birthday, there are only 379 Alice. ”

”If we want to be precise, we need to screen these 379 Alices one by one. But because of time constraints, my team and I will group 379 Alices for todays birthday and 102 in Leeds. Alice contrast

Finally, there are only 3 Alice s who are 18 years old today, who are both young, beautiful, well behaved and have a certain level of knowledge. They are … ”

At this moment, a roar rang out in the hall.

”found it! ”

The roar was so loud that it caught everyones attention and was a member of Andres group.

”Leader, we have pinpointed Alice, this is a real name and it is indeed in Leeds! ” A middle-aged man in a suit picked up his tablet and immediately rushed to Andrea.

”Alice Hill: Leeds City University, sophomore, art and design major. The other party logged in to Facebook with a mobile phone yesterday and this morning, and we also found more than 3,000 messages in her space. ”

On the tablet, a very beautiful and clean girl in a white dress with a smile on her face.

When I saw this photo, Andrew also laughed, and didn bother to spend so much time in front of his boss.

”Order the Nighthawk Group! ”

”Yessir! ”

Uh …

United Kingdom. Press conference hall.

”… Although the network in Leeds has now returned to normal. Gentlemen and ladies, I want to say that in recent years, the threat of terrorism has developed to a new stage. They have moved from attacks on a small number of civilians to target the entire city, extending from reality to the Internet. Today, the cyber terrorist attacks in Leeds, our country, are exactly the proof. ”

Prime Minister Cameron waved his arm vigorously, and his expression was extremely angry.

”This is another very serious terrorist attack that Uk has encountered since the London bombings in 2005. This incident has caused direct economic losses of up to 30 billion pounds to our country and seriously threatened the personal safety of our civilians! ”

”Here, on behalf of the British government and 64 million people across the United Kingdom, I solemnly inform the world: in the face of this attack, we will never compromise and we will always pursue it. Any country or organization that has harbored acts will be a British enemy . Britain will retaliate at all costs, even if it is– ”

”War! ”

The word war came out, and the audience was full of surprise.

”Mr. Prime Minister, are you threatening with war against the world? ”

”Mr. Prime Minister, has the British government already found the suspect? ”

”Mr. Prime Minister, can you talk … ”

As countless reporters stood up and questioned, Prime Minister Cameron went to the background. This concludes the press conference.

At this moment, the world is a sensation. The major portals immediately updated their homepage content.

”Google ”: The British government issued a war warning!

”Yahoo ”: Prime Minister Cameron claims to never compromise!

”Tencent ”: Cyber ​​terror attacks cover Britain!

United States. Seattle.

After completing the inspection, Nate got up and walked out of the room, and looked at the living room at the entrance of the stairs.

At this time, there are only three people left in the living room. Mr. Williams is gone. It is estimated that he went home to write a review, while Mrs. Williams and his parents were still watching TV.

Seeing this, Nate was relieved. Fortunately, Mrs. Williams stayed.

Nate walked back to his cartoon room again and boarded Facebook. On Facebook, Alices portrait is still black and white and has not been online.

”Sister, its up to you, don let me down! ”

United Kingdom.

Leeds City University.

Alice and Kate are running slowly on the school playground. They seem to think that doing this can make their behavior look more normal.

”Kate, what should they do, will they find me? ” Alice was still worried, and asked her girlfriends as she ran.

”Relax, there are so many people in this world called ” Alice ”, where can they find you? ”

”Really? ”

”Of course, rest assured. By the time they find you, you are probably dead. The people in the government are stupid, they … ”

Before Kates words of comfort were finished, a horn sounded in the sky.

”Miss Alice Hill, please stay! Miss Alice Hill, please stay! ”

3 gunships from nowhere came into the campus quickly. Seeing this scene, the two girls suddenly felt cold hands and feet, as if the whole person fell into the ice cave, did not dare to move.

Why are they so fast? Its only been half an hour!

Its over, its over!

The huge sound of the helicopter propellers rang across the playground, the wind was getting stronger and stronger, blowing the second womans dress.

This sudden situation has attracted the attention of many students.

”The gunship came to our school? ”

”Who is Alice Hill? Which profession, is there a great god? Tell me, please tell! ”

”Could it be that cake Alice? Oh, my God! Tell me, tell me! ”

When the helicopter landed, the entire Leeds City University was boiling, and everyone in the school rushed to the playground. People outside the school also received calls from classmates, and then ran to school.

Three helicopters finally landed in the middle of the playground. More than 10 members jumped off the aircraft, then transported the equipment and quickly assembled …

Walking in the gale of a helicopter, a man and a woman left their team and walked towards Alice and Lucy.

The two are in their 30s. The man is wearing a suit and looks like a hawkish eye. The woman is tall, fair-skinned, and beautiful like a Hollywood star.

After a short while, the two came to Alice. The woman held out her hand with a charming smile: ”Miss Alice, hello, I am Mrs. Smith! He is my husband, Mr. Smith! ”

Alice stretched out her hand nervously and shook hands with Mrs. Smith: ”Hello, I … Im Alice! ”

”Oh, don be nervous. We are government workers and won hurt you. ” Then, Mrs. Smith gave Alice a badge: MI6.

MI6? !! This time, Alice was more nervous.

”Miss Alice, can you allow me to look at your phone? ”

”No … sorry, my phone is down! ”

”It doesn matter, the government will help you charge the phone! ”

”I … my cellphone is out of power, I can turn it on! ”

”It doesn matter, the government will help you charge! Come, Miss Alice, please here! ”

Faltering in Kates worried eyes, Alice followed the two agents to the center of the playground in horror.

At this time, the playground was surrounded by students, and many teachers who arrived came to maintain the order. No one dared to enter the playground.

The press conference was held because everyone knew the government. The definition was: Following the 05 London bombings, there was another very serious terrorist attack.

This has been defined as a terrorist attack by the country, who dares to join in the fun?

Look even MI6 and the military intelligence agency agents who have always been hiding their heads are not concealing their whereabouts and are searching to find someone. Isn that enough to explain the seriousness of the matter?

Talk at the scene.

”I know her. She is our art and design major. We are usually called Cinderella. I didn expect that there would be a man willing to do such a big thing for her. That man would not be the legendary prince? ”

”Prince! How can there be such a silly prince, dare to launch an attack on a city! This is the United Kingdom, the five permanent members of the United Nations, NATO and an important member of the European Union. ”

”If any man is willing to do this for me, I will marry her! ” Said a girl enviously.

”You idiot! Do you think that Cinderella is very happy? What if an extremist organization is borrowing her name? ”

”Is it so bad? ”

Central playground.

Three tables have been assembled, and they are filled with precision instruments, and none of them is known by Alice.

”Ms. Alice, would you please let me check your phone? ”

”I … ” Alice regretted it. I was reluctant to lose my phone because it was bought for a semester of hard work, but now …

Feeling the hesitation in Alices heart, Mr. Smith exclaimed: ”Miss Alice, we suspect you are connected with a terrorist attack, please don let us embarrass you? ”

Mr. Smith said as he unbuttoned his suit, with a pistol looming around his waist.

Alice, who was just 18 years old, has never experienced such pressure. The invisible pressure causeo Alice to almost collapse, and mist began to appear in her beautiful eyes.

Alice took out her phone while trembling and handed it to Mrs. Smith.

IMrs. Smithimmediately gave her phone to the rear. The rear personnel plug the mobile phone directly into a professional instrument.

”Sir, the phone has been formatted! ” Said this to Mr. Smith.

”Immediately recover data! Be careful of the backdoor installed by the other party! ”

”I understand! ”

Seeing all this, Alice said cryingly, ”You … you are violating my privacy! ”

”No, we are tracking down terrorists! ”

”Hes not a terrorist, hes not … ” Without saying a word, everyone looked up at Alice.

At this moment, Alice opened her reddish mouth, and her face was frightened.

Its over, its over.

”No, no, I don know him, really, really! ”

”Don be nervous, Miss Alice. Come on, sit down and talk! ” An armed man brought a chair and let Alice sit down.

”Miss Alice, do you know? ” Mrs. Smith said sadly, ”This time a little girl at Leeds General Hospital is doing a heart operation, half way through the operation was interrupted … ”

Alices heart tightened. ”How did she end up? ”

At this moment, Mr. Smith interjected coldly: ”Finally dead! ”

”Ah! How can this be, no … ” At this instant, Alice couldn bear the pressure in her heart, and burst into tears. ”He didn mean it, he just wanted to give me a birthday gift. ”

Mrs. Smith rolled her eyes, and seemed to blame her colleague for talking, breaking the suspects heart.

”Well, don cry, Alice, he lied to you. The doctors tried to keep her alive. In the last minute, the system recovered. The little girl was not dead! ”

”Really? ”

”Really but this time it s God s blessing. If its 1 minute later, then … ” Mrs. Smith patted Alices shoulder and patiently said: ”Alice, you don want this to happen again? ”

Alice nodded.

”Could you cooperate with us then? In the name of God, in the name of the Queen! ”

Alice wiped the tears off her face and nodded again.

With the cooperation of Alice, Mrs. Smith smiled. At this time, the phone data has been restored.

”SIR, there is no trace of the invasion of the other party on the phone, only Miss Alice! ”

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith were not surprised. It would be an accident if everyone found his trace on the mobile phone. Thats why instead of catching Alice directly, she slowly guided Alice.

Because everyone needs her sincere cooperation!

Mrs. Smith took the phone, and handed it to Alice, whispering: ”Miss Alice, log in to your Facebook and contact Bugs Bunny! ”

Watermelon is the other partys screen name.

Alice took her mobile phone with trembling and logged in to Facebook. Seeing the familiar nickname on facebook, Alice hesitated again at this moment.

”Think about that poor little girl, she almost died. Her mother passed out immediately when she heard the operation was interrupted, and her father … ”

”Don say it, don say it! I send it, I send it! ” Tears flowed from Alices eyes again, and Alices heart was sad and trembling, typing out:

”Brother Bunny, are you there? ”

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