one minute, two minutes, three minutes….

Time passed yet the opposite side never responded.

”Brother Bunny, don reply back to your sister, don reply back. ”, Alice was praying to God in her heart.

”Are the last clues going to be interrupted? ”, Mr. Smith frowned, beckoned, a gentle member came over quickly, looked at the message from Alice, and then whispered back:

”Sir, there is nothing wrong with her message, it is consistent with her communication habits. ”

”You are a language expert. Can you send it instead of Alice? ”

The member of the agency shook his head and said, ”No matter how good a language expert is, he can replace someone. If it is not a last resort, it is best not to do this. Otherwise, we wouldn need to come to her at all, we can log in to her account!

Then wait!

7 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes……

When the crowd was about to lose patience, a beep sounded.

”Sister, Im here! Sister I miss you so much! ”

At this moment, everyones regained their spirit.

”Quick, connect to the Facebook UK database! Connect to the Network Centre! ”

”Connected! ”

”Connected! It takes 80 seconds to check the IP address of the other party. Be sure to keep the other party online for 80 seconds! ”

Everyone immediately started to get busy.

Alice continued typing: Brother, you have had breakfast … The words haven been typed yet, and the language expert got on the phone to delete all the words typed by Alice.

Then, the language expert said seriously, ”Miss Alice, you should now send: Brother, Why haven you hidden yet? ”

It was at this moment that the Smiths reacted that they were almost fooled by Alice. Because Alices previous last record was to suggest that the other party dodge, if she changes the subject now then the other party will know that somethings wrong.

Alice had no choice but to follow her words. The opposite network responded immediately.

”Because I miss my sister! ”

”You will be exposed and you will be arrested! ”

”Im not afraid of anything for my sister. ”

”really? ”

”Of course! I will treat my sister well in the future. To make my sister happy every day, to make my sister happy forever, and to buy a lot of carrots for my sister. Carrots are very sweet. I like carrots the most. ”

When I saw this long sentence, everyone just felt that the was mocking them.

”I found it! Ip:, United States. Seattle. Sir, send the message to your phone. ”

Mr. Smiths mobile phone vibrated instantly. Looking at the phone, Mr. Smith immediately dialed the phone and hurried to the helicopter.

”Hello, this is the headquarters of the British Army Intelligence Agency. Please enter your code! ”

”Code: CT4857564. ”

”Hello, Agent Nighthawk. Any instructions? ”

”Help me transfer members of Oston, immediately! ”

”Transferring … connected, goodbye to Night Hawk! ”

The wings began to spin, the helicopter started, and quickly flew to the sky.

”My Excellency Allston, I am Nighthawk, and I need your special authorization! ”

严肃 A serious response sounded in the phone: ”What authorization? ”

”Enter the United States Federation and apprehend Watermelon. ”

”Yes! Two minutes later, a yphoon will take off at K07 base. You go to Leeds Airport, where they are waiting for you. Be sure to bring the other person back to the UK alive, no matter who he is! In this regard, the Prime Minister and President Obama will have Negotiations. ”

”Yessir! ”

United States. White House lawn.

President Barack Obama also stood up and gave a speech after the press conference of the British Prime Minister.

In short, it is the recognition of the British governments definition of this incident, that is, the case of cyber terrorist attacks. At the same time, the Obama administration also stated that it would strongly support the United Kingdom in tracing the incident, and expressed its willingness to work with the British government to jointly fight against increasing global terrorist activities.

For this speech, people within the federal government generally agree.

After all, as the leader of NATO and the advocate of global counter-terrorism, no matter how unwilling the federal government is, it must stand for the encounter in Leeds, England. Otherwise, who will support the United States in the future and how to promote the global counter-terrorism strategy.

[A.N. I know what propagandas are but keep in mind that this is a fictional world. Try to keep your judgements about IRL countries away from this fictional world. Plus youll find out that it is more like sarcasm.]

One by one, the camera lights kept flashing. As soon as President Obamas speech was over, a reporter asked:

”Mr. President, I am a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Which organization or country do you think this incident was performed by? ”

Obama seriously said: ”It is still under investigation. According to the technology shown by the other party in this incident, it should be the behavior of an organization or country with good Internet technology! ”

”Mr. President, do you mean Russia? ”

”I didn say that. The FBI is still investigating. ”

At this time, another reporter raised his hand to speak.

”Mr. President, I am a reporter for the New York Times. My colleague interviewed Kevin Mitnick about this matter. Mr. Nick acknowledged that he was inferior to the other party, saying that the other party should be the top master in the hacker industry at present, none of them …

The words were not finished, everyone in the room was amazed, and the voice was full of incredible.

how can that be? Thats Mr. Kevin Mitnick.

Kevin Mitnick is known as the ”number one computer hacker ” in the world. He was the first hacker to appear on the FBIs ”Bounty ” poster. At the age of 15, he broke into the ”North American Air Defense Command System ” and then hacked into the ”Pacific Telephone Company ” communication network system …

A passage from him has been circulating throughout the hacker community so far:

Cruise the Pentagon, log in to the Kremlin, access all computer systems in the world, destroy the global financial order and rebuild a new world structure. No one can stop our attack, we are the masters of the world.

Such a legendary character even thinks that he is inferior to the other person. We must know that there is generally no one who is convinced by hackers. Now that Mr. Nick has taken the initiative to admit that he is inferior to the other party, what does this mean?

Have they ever fought? And Mr. Nick lost?

Obama nodded, admitting: ”Yes, the other partys technical means are really superb, but everyone must trust the federal government, the federal government will definitely detect them and arrest them. ”

The audience clapped.

At this moment, an agent came forward and whispered something to President Obama.

Voice was very low but Obamas response was very loud.

”What? What did you say ?! ”

The agent repeated one more time. Obamas calm face changed suddenly and he followed the agent into the White House, even the press conference left unattended.

”Mr. President! ” ”Mr. President, you haven answered yet … ”

The loud shouting of reporters did not stop the steps of Obama. This sudden change left reporters scratching their heads.

What is going on? Did the government find out any clue? This is big news!

”Who has a clue, ” The New York Post ”is willing to pay $ 100,000 to buy! ”

”200,000 out of Los Angeles Times! ”

FBI headquarters.

A 40-year-old agent came to a hidden underground parking lot and dialed a mysterious number with an unmonitorable agents cell phone.

The ringtone rang for a few seconds, and the phone was picked up opposite, and the agent whispered:

”Mr. Mystery, I want 1million! ”

”What news? ”

”You know! ”

After this remark, the opposite side was silent for a moment, and then solemnly said, ”800k USD, will arrive immediately! ”

”Deal! Bugs Bunny, 93, Milktown, Seattle, USA … ”

The phone hung up.

One minute later, the personal phone of the president of Fox Networks rang and after 30 seconds, both parties hung up.

”Thus is Fox Television, with an exclusive message. It is reported that the cyber attack was carried out by an organization called ” Bugs Bunny ”, and ” Alice ” on the cake was a sophomore at Leeds City University in the UK: Senior Reporter Hill, From Washington. ”

一 As soon as this exclusive report came out, the ratings of Fox Television, a subsidiary of News Corporation, immediately increased by 300%. uukanshu. COM directly increased from 5% of the ratings to 20%. It is estimated that 50 million people in Europe and America are watching this exclusive report.

Tourists and reporters from all over the world furiously flocked to Leeds City University even countries on the other side of the globe were alerted.

The major portals also immediately updated their homepage content based on this exclusive report.

”Yahoo ”: Mysterious organization appeared- Bunny organization.

”Google ”: Bugs Bunny, the worlds top hacker organization, seems to be the initiator of the Leeds incident.

United States.

No. 92, Milktown


Mr. Williams is writing a comment while watching TV in the living room. This incident is so sensational that every comment is U.S. dollars. If you can get the exclusive news, it is super dollars.

He decided to call his wife home and go to Leeds to see if they can get big news.

At this time, the phone rings. Mr. George glanced at it, and immediately picked up the phone. The editor called.

”Williams! Go to No. 93 in Milk Town immediately to see if there is a news interview! ”

”Im writing a review! ”

”Don write any comments, there is a private message, the Bunny is at No. 93 in Milk Town! ”

”What? Okay, ok, Ill go immediately! ”

Mr Williams hung up and suddenly he stopped. No. 93 in Milk Town, his home is No. 92, and next door is No. 93. Next door, next door …

Williams was shocked. Isn the Johnsons house next door, is Mr. Johnson Bugs Bunny? impossible?

Whats going on, whats going on? !!

”Ding Dong! Ding Dong! ” The doorbell rang and startled Williams.

Williams quickly got up and went to the door.

”who? ”

”Hello, FedEx! ”

Williams glanced through the cats eyes, and it turned out that he was a young man wearing express clothing.

Williams unlocked the door, and suddenly a bang sounded. The door was pushed open and Williams was knocked to the ground.

”FBI! ”

Holding a pistol against Williams head, a senior agent in a suit then broke into the house with several men.

”Squad 2 is in place! ”

”Squad 3 is in place! ”

”Squad 4 is in place! ”

Uh …

The voices of the captains came to his ears the senior agents didn look at Mr Williams. After all the teams were in place, they immediately issued orders.

”The attack team is dispatched! Catch Bugs Bunny alive, repeat again, be sure to catch him alive! ”

This scene panicked Williams. Not good, Nicole was still at Johnsons house. George struggled quickly and shouted, ”My wife is innocent, my … ”

A slight noise interrupted Georges words. The pistol was placed on Georges head and a cut was opened.

Milk town 93.

In the living room, three adults are watching the news report intently.

”Bang! ” ”Bang! ” ”Bang! ” …

The door of the house was opened and the window glass was broken. More than a dozen FBI rushed into the house from all sides.

”Do not move! ” ”FBI! ”

The three of them were horrified, and raised their hands quickly, but did not dare to move. Because every American citizen knows that in this country where guns are flooding, the FBI has the right to shoot at any time.

”Im an FBI agent! ” After the situation was under control, an agent flashed his badge to the three and said, ”Mr. Johnson, we suspect you are connected with a terrorist attack. Please follow us. ”

Hearing this, Mr. Johnson raised his hands and stood up to distinguish: ”Whats going on? Are you wrong? ”

The two women also stood up in the siege and argued aloud, ”You are wrong, we have been watching TV! ”

”Mr. Agent, I am a reporter under News Corporation. We are not involved in any terrorist activities! ”

The agent led the team frowned. According to the obtained IP address, Bugs Bunny is located at No. 93 in Milk Town, and the owner of this house is the Johnson couple. If not, who else would they have?

At this moment, the bosss voice sounded in the agents headset.

”Bugs Bunny is still chatting with Alice! ”

what? The agent was shocked, and then waved his hands, and several FBIs rushed to the second floor with guns.

At this instant, the Johnsons couple were so horrified that they ignored the threat posed by the gun and rushed forward to stop the FBI action.

”No, don go! ” ”No, don hurt him! ”

Second floor.

”creak —— ”

The door was slammed open, and several FBIs rushed in and shouted.

”Do not move! Hold your head with both hands! ” ”We are the FBI! ”

The next moment, everyone stopped together, as they saw:

In this small cartoon room, a cute kid is typing on the keyboard with joy. Seeing the police entering the room, the child turned his head, and his bright, bright eyes blinked a few times.


The childs mouth was opened and he burst into tears as if there were inexplicable grievances in the tender cry.

”Mom, um … mom, mom … ”

OH, My God!

An FBI patted his forehead, and it was extremely tragedy. The others were stunned, with their mouths open, and couldn say anything.

”What are you doing ?! ”

At this time, everyone also came upstairs. Upon hearing her sons cry, Mrs. Johnson rushed directly into the house and picked up her son.

”What are you doing? What are you doing ?! ” Madam Johnson growled loudly like a tigress who saw a young tiger injured.

”I want to sue you, I want to expose you to the media! ” Madam Williams also shouted to the FBI.

Mr. Johnson did not speak, quickly walked in front of his wife, examined his child carefully and then breathed a sigh of relief before turning back to the FBI agents:

”I don know what you want to check? But he is my son, only 11 years old! ”

Mr. Johnsons voice is very serious, it seems to be telling everyone that if anyone dares to hurt his son, he will be desperate.

Mr. Agent didn know what to say. Fick, under the circumstance of global sensation and the presidents attention, he led a team to catch a child.

What happened to him?

FBI agents look at this, look at that, and then all look at their heads, it seems to be saying: Captain, can you make arrangements soon?

”Uh, uh … Mr. Johnson, Lets go downstairs before talking! ” Mr. Agent suggested weakly.

No wonder the agent is so weak. Because this is the United States of America, every child has a super invincible cap on his head, which is ”Minor Scum … ” Sorry, the typo is ”Minor Protection Law ”.

There is a saying that describes the United States: The United States is a paradise for children, a battlefield for adults, and a cemetery for the elderly.

There are dozens of laws in the United States that protect minors alone. Note that they are ”Laws ”, not ”Rules ”. Not to mention intentional abuse of children, even if they are unintentional, they will be sentenced to felony.

And not to mention that the FBI violates children, that is, the parents of children who accidentally hurt children are felonies.

Hearing the agents suggestion, Mr. Johnson nodded to his wife and then the two women hugged Ike like a cub and walked downstairs.

After waiting for them to go downstairs, the agent approached the computer and looked at it, suddenly seeing:

On the rectangular computer screen, only one Facebook tab is running, and there are many conversations on it. The keywords are Sister Alice and Brother Bunny.

It really was him!

OH, My god! The agent sighed and then reported to his boss via the headset:

”Sir, weve caught Bugs Bunny! But … ”

”But what? Bring them out immediately, don spoil the scene! ”

”He is still a child and there are reporters, can move! ” The agent reluctantly said.

As soon as this word came out, a shock came from the headset.

”What? ” ”What? ” ”Are you kidding with me? ”

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