Super Tech Prodigy

Helicopters Explode

As soon as everyone came downstairs, several teams rushed in. Walking ahead is Agent Rick, in his 40s, a senior agent of the FBI. He is the main person in charge of the operation.

I saw Nathan being held by Mrs. Johnson, and everyone, including Agent Rick, was frightened.

With an immature face, wearing a Bugs Bunn costume and still crying, this is indeed a child.

Agent Rick wanted to wave his hand, and, like the criminals he had dealt with before, no matter who he was, he was taken away ruthlessly. But now, Rick just felt that his arm weighed heavily and couldn lift it at all.

At the same time, there seemed to be 10,000 Alpacas running in his heart.

The hell, what is the situation? How to deal with this?

He encountered such a situation for the first time in more than his 20 years of career. This is the youngest criminal in history of the United States, no no, human history. this child is the the youngest criminal in human history to have such technological and destructive capabilities.

Compared to Kevin Mitnick, who claims to be the worlds number one hacker, more than two decades ago, this technology is not in the same dimension.

Network security protection was just beginning, but now?

Now is the era of cloud computing. This is the last age of hackers. It is really too difficult for today s hackers to do the same as before.

What do I do now?

If I don take him away, this destructive power is too horrible, how can we be sure that he can control it?

Im going to take hum away. Why is he so small? And there are reporters here!

Under everyones eyes, Nate couldn help crying again!

Two words to describe how the FBI agents felt: Super miserable!

”Wow, mom, Im afraid! ”

”Don cry, don cry! ”

”Little Nate is good, don be afraid, we are here! ”

The two women coaxed the child in their arms with concern, and Mr. Johnson was now angry.

”Gentlemen, what do you want? ”

Rick thought about it, finally raised his hand and made a take away gesture. Of course, before taking away, he still said something like this:

”You have the right to remain silent, otherwise everything you say may be used as evidence in court! ”

Rick didn need to say that originally, because according to the treatment of ordinary terrorists, he couldve threatened to directly kill on the spot. But in its current form, things have become so complicated, how can they treat a child as a terrorist.

”At any time, we must be with our son! ”

”Yes! ”

After receiving the promise, Mr.Johnson and his wife embraced Nate and walked outside.

”Lets go first. You collect evidence and ship everything in this room to headquarters. ”

”Yes! ”

Outside the squatter house, Mr. Williams has restored his freedom. Seeing his wife and his neighbors family being taken away, Williams was anxious but he didn move and didn even say hello.

He is waiting.

Yes, he is waiting for his wife. He believed his wife would understand.

Seeing Mr. Williams attention, several FBI immediately put their hands on the holsters around their waists, as if warning.

Mrs. Williams followed the agents silently as if she had not seen her husband.

Several cars have been parked on the street. Mrs. Johnson got in the car with Nate, then Mr. Johnson got in and finally Mrs. Williams …


The moment Mrs. Williams was about to get on the bus completely, Mrs. Williams suddenly turned back and shouted at her husband: ”Nate is Bugs bunny! ”

”Fuck! ”

”Watch your mouth! ”

Agents were furious and pushed her into the car harshly, then closed the door and drove away quickly.

God-like teammates!

After getting in the car, Nate stopped crying and gave praises to Mrs. Williams in his heart.

Since finding out that the Williams are journalists, Nate often went to Williams house to play and the two family became friends.

Yes, everything is going according to Nates plan.

My wife is really powerful!

Outside the car, Mr. Williams laughed, then quickly entered the room and called the editors phone.

”Im Williams, I have the exclusive news of Bugs Bunny! I want 500k! ”

”Why don you die! 100k$! ”

”NO, NO, NO, 500k bucks, not a penny less or I will sell the news to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. ”

This sentence made the opposite side very angry, and the cold voice came out from the mobile phone: ”Williams, sometimes when you
e offered money you may spend in your entire life, you should take it! ”

”Ive recorded, good-bye! ” George simply hangs up without talking to his editor.

On the opposite side, at the headquarters of USA Today, the angry editor directly dropped the phone on the ground. The son of a bitch hangs up without even paying the price.

The editor-in-chief rubbed his face, calmed down his anger, and then called Williams phone from the office landline.

Hearing a beep, the landline was smashed by the editor again.

Time is money and George flips out another number and dials it immediately.

”Hello, is this the President of the Wall Street Journal? Im George Williams and I have exclusive inside information on Bugs Bunny. I want 1 milllion bucks, not a single penny less! ”

Considering for three seconds, the other party agreed: ”Deal! ”

”I also want to have the exclusive right to be interview and my wife Nicole has the full responsibility for the interview! ”

”No problem! ”

”Help me bail out my wife, she was taken away by the FBI as a witness at the scene, just a witness at the scene. ”

”This is a trivial matter, now you tell me who is Bugs Bunny? ”

As a world-renowned media group, George fully believes that the other party can do such a small thing, so he immediately tells the other party the information.

”Bugs Bunny is the son of my neighbor Mr. Johnson. He is 11 years old and his mother is a friend of my wife. ”

”What? What did you say? Are you sure? ” As an elite person in the capital world, Mr. President did not even frown when he heard George asking for 1 milllion .

However, when he heard the true identity of ”Bugs Bunny ”, Mr. President stood up in surprise, which shows how shocked he was.

”Yes, Im sure! Mr. President, I promise in the name of God that the news is absolutely true! The FBI agents have just left after getting the Johnsons. Mr. President, act quickly, We will make a sensation throughout the world. ”

Stonks, Stonks.

This is the only thought inside Mr. President.

Even the identity of the attacker of the ”Leeds Incident ” is worthy of extensive reporting and now it is still possible to add an attribution before this identity: children.

This kind of heavy news is enough for a year of hype.

The worlds most powerful hacker, the youngest criminal genius in human history, the super prodigy since the founding of the United States …

OH My God!

My heart is about to stop. This kind of big news will definitely get myself into the board of directors. The 1 million US dollar George wanted was a fart. As long as he has the exclusive right to interview, I dare to offer 2 million for each TV station.

A family gets 2 million, no bargain is allowed! Whoever bargains is not allowed to broadcast!

”My secretary will call you right away and wait for a helicopter to pick you up! ” After that, Mr. President hung up the phone.

The conversation between the two of them did not involve any disbelief at all, because both parties knew that no one would dare to lie about such a thing which involves the threat of War from a Major Superpower.

Hanging up, Mr. President immediately called his secretary and then issued a series of orders.

After doing all this, Mr. President picked up the mobile phone and dialed a few numbers that were rarely used in normal times.

”Hello, Senator! We, in the Wall Street Journals, are very interested proposal on your proposal to limit FBI authority … ”

”Hello, Mr. Governor! I admire your governing philosophy … ”

”Hello, Ms. A! We at News Corporation would like to ask you a favor … ”




Author Note:

Finally this story is starting to gain some speed. I will try to write daily chapters.

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