SuperHero Summoning

Chapter 2 - The Girl With Green Hair

”I don really remember how this all happened, how I had gotten here. ”

”I hate algebra. ” Miyuki stated, under his breath. Miyuki looked up at the clock. ”Only 2:03? Why does time have to go by so slow. ”

Miyukis phone slid into his hand underneath the desk, but before he could even think to turn it on, there was an interruption to the fiddling with his phone.

”You should give me that. ” Mrs. Himeko blurted, with her hand sticking towards Miyukis face, standing and staring right at Miyuki and his phone. ”You should be paying attention to my class, not goofing off on your phone. ” She finished.

Miyuki was shocked that she was able to even get from her desk to his in a span that felt like milliseconds. ”Miss, i was just checking the ti- ”

”Give me your phone, you can get it back after class ” After she finsihed her command, Miyuki defeatedly handed over the device to Mrs. Himeko. The class had abrupted in light snickers.

Sometime later, the bell rang, and so class had ended. It was the last day of the school year. When every other student had left, Miyuki zoomed to the front of the class, ready to get his rightful property back. ”Miss, sorry about earlier, I was kinda getting bored and- ” He trailed off. He had no good reason to be on his phone. ”Look, its the last day of school so I didn wanna be too harsh. ” Mrs. Himeko had followed up.

She handed the phone back to Miyuki.

”But I did want to talk about your grades, Miyuki, they
e not too great, at this rate, youll probably flunk. ” She turned back towards Miyuki, but before she could finish her sentence, Miyuki had already slipped out the door.

He was very shamefully walking down the school main corridor, when he had tripped and fell over his own shoelace, which was gleefully sticking out. He never really did learn how to tie his own shoes. ”Like this day couldn get worse. ” Miyuki said under his breath. A classmate of Miyukis, which he was faintly interested in, laughed between her and her friend as they walked past the fallen boy.

Miyuki had made his way out the front doors and was walking home now, passing by all the boys and girls that were in his class and in other classes at the school. His home wasn too far from where the school was.


Miyuki passed the train tracks on his way home, when he felt a slight discomfort within his body. Then felt a strange surge of pain throughout his legs. He collapsed onto the snowy grass, gripping his legs.

”What the hell?! ” But within an instant, the pain was gone. He was shaken, but he got back up, and wiped off the snow from his uniform pants. After wiping, it was shown that there was now also mud caked onto his pants. ”Now I have to clean these again later. ” He sighed in frustration.

”What was that back there, what was that pain? ” He couldn think too long before he heard the train coming down the tracks. He quickly dcurried off the tracks back home. But he no longer like going home after that, so he decided to go for a walk to clear his mind.

The sound of cars whizzing by and the falling snow were just ambiance as Miyuki thought to himself. ”I haven done shit this year, still an outcast to everyone around me, my grades have been terrible all year, I don even know if Im gonna pass or flunk, I haven done shit, I feel like I haven improved on anything, or even improved on myself. I **ing wasted everyones time ”

He started to walk slightly slower, with his head hanging low, he teared up a bit. ”I should have at least dropped my stuff off at home and told mom I was gonna go for a walk. ”


Slowly walking on the snowy sidewalk, Miyuki started feeling strange. His stomach and legs started feeling churned. Then the surge from before started up again, but the pain was everywhere. Miyuki felt as if he was about to explode from the inside. He collapsed again to the ground, clutching himself as he felt the pain and the cold snow against his face. He started silently sobbing as the pain became unbearable. His eyes were losing vision. ”Is this how I **ing die? Why is this happening!? It can be like this. I didn get to tell mom goodbye. Im sorry mother, Im sorry father. ” he painfully thought to himself.

Everything was blurry. His eyesight, his nervous system. He couldn see or feel anything, but one thing was as clear as a warm sunny day during the summer on the country-side of Japan. He could hear so clearly. The voices of men, women, children, all talking, all yelling, all whispering, at the same time. His head started to pound violently. He couldn think. Everything was too erratic for Miyuki. He opened his eyes to try to see what was going on.

His vision started to clear very slowly. There was bright white light all around him. ”Is this some kind of heaven? ” Miyukis eyes locked onto something. In the distance there was a translucent figure. Miyuki could barely see any details of the figure. ”Wearing what seemed to be western royal clothing. Are they wearing a crown?. What are they holding? ” He couldn squint or think too hard any longer, as the pain was becoming more unbearable. He was starting to feel weaker as the pain and voices continued. His stomach started turning, he could feel vomit rising up his throat. He was suffering.

But one voice became so clear, it drowned out all the other voices inside of his head.

”Whats happening? Did it not work? Or is it working now? ” The strange male voice said with a hint of confusion.

The figure disappeared. The bright light all around Miyuki started to dissipate. The pain and voices were getting quieter. The relief was overwhelming. Then something got his attention. He could feel something soft but firm on the side he was laying down on. He lessened the fetal position he was in. He could finally see.

Miyuki sat up, he then observed the room. Yellow, brass-like colored walls, red carpet with intricate designs that lead to a refined dark wooden door with a brass door handle. He looked down and saw he was sitting up on a bed with soft red and white sheets, the head-board was a brass, metal-like material. The bed was a very fancy and refined four-poster bed, with red sheets hanging from the top on each side, each pillar made from the same material as the head-board.

Miyuki didn get enough time to observe before he had realized there was loud shuffling outside of the door. It sounded like there were thousands of people in clanking armor rushing to the door, but of course that couldn be possible.

A man with long, luscious, silky-white hair with gray hints busted through the door. His pristine white uniform with red and gold detailing was quite the eye-catcher.

”Sir what are you doing in the lords bed!? ” The man had blurted out. The knights behind him had silenced at that point, a few had joined the man at both of his sides, facing their spears and swords towards the bed. Towards Miyuki.

”The lord was just in here, where is he? What did you do to him? How did you even get in here? ” His voice was very commanding. Miyuki was absolutely mortified. ”I- I- I- ” He couldn even get a word out. Miyuki was shaking. ”What the hell did I get myself into. ” Miyuki quietly thought to himself.

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