SuperHero Summoning

Chapter 3 - The Kingdom of Valis

His knees and shins dragged on the floor as Miyuki was being carried by each arm throughout all the long corridors by the silver-haired man and another helmet-less knight. ”Well get information out of you some way or another. ” The second knight uttered to Miyuki. He pleaded his innocence to the knights while being dragged, somewhere, but to no avail.

”What the hell is going on? Are they gonna kill me? I just got here, hell, I don even know where I am. They speak Japanese, but they don dress like any Japanese locals that Ive seen. And what did he mean by lord? Was he supposed to be in that bedroom? Did he disappear? ” He thought to himself.

Then the realization hit him.

Thinking further, ”The most probable thing that will happen is my execution for causing the ”disappearance ” of their lord. That is, if they aren civil, and are rather **ing insane. ”

He was brought to an enormous hall, with many white stone pillars to the left and right. ”Maybe the main hall? ” He thought. There was a pair of large golden thrones at the end of the room, where the king and queen would presumably sit. But there was no king or queen to sit on either throne.

The guards dropped Miyuki off 10 feet in front of the throne. Then someone stepped in front of Miyuki on the floor. He looked up and saw a woman, who must have been his age. She leaned into him and stared at him.

She was the most beautiful girl Miyuki had ever seen. Her eyes were a deep emerald. They were beautiful. Her hair was long and luscious. The forest green color of her hair had kind of complemented her eyes. His heart fluttered looking at her. It was like a cheesy ”love at first sight ” scenario in the manga he would read back on Earth, that is, if he isn on Earth.

Miyuki noticed she was wearing some sort of silver knights crown, but she clearly wasn a knight, she was too young. But the other knights didn have crowns on, so possibly this was a normal royal crown? And her hair color was very abnormal, at least to Miyuki. ”Well that head knight guy had silver hair, but he didn look any older than my twenty-five year old brother. So maybe abnormal hair color is normal. ” He thought to himself.

”Uh, whos this guy and whats he doing here? ” The girl finally spoke. The silver-haired knight walked up to her side, ”Evelyn, we found him in your fathers chambers, your father was nowhere to be found in there. I have suspicions he might have something to do with this. ” He pointed to Miyuki.

”Her name is Evelyn? Thats such a gorgeous name. ” Miyuki thought to himself. He was diving further into his ”love at first sight ” delusion.

He shook his head. ”I didn do anything! ” Miyuki exclaimed. ”I just appeared here, Im not even from here! ”

”Hmm ” The knight thought to himself. ”Maybe you are not, no one around here has such dark hair ” The knight said. ”But howd you get into this castle then? This place is highly guarded, we would have seen you sneak in. Why did you sneak in? ”

”Look man, I don even know whats going on myself. I just appeared here, I mean, there aren any windows in the lords bedroom. So I couldn even have snuck in if I wanted to, not that I would ” Miyuki pledged his innocence further.

”Well I don know how we should handle this, your father is missing, so we can have him decide on what to do with the outsider. ” The knight turned and spoke to Evelyn.

”Well since hes not here, wouldn I have to decide on the matter? ” Evelyn followed up. ”But you
e too young to decide on such important matters, including something like this, my lady. ” The knight told her. ”Well I am going to judge on this matter, and thats final. ” She finished.

She strutted towards one of the two thrones, and plopped right down onto the seat. She got real nice and comfortable, put her arms up on the rests. She then put one of her index fingers up below her nose, mimicking a fake mustache. ”I think, ” she started in a terrible fake deep voice, ”We should put him into the castles jail cell for more interrogation, because he is quite the person of interest. ”

”Right on it ” The knight agreed and picked up Miyuki. ”Damn man you
e strong? ” Miyuki was shocked. But furthermore, Miyuki seems to have been spared. But what kind of interrogation? Physical? Hopefully not.


Miyuki was in a cell. ”Really cramped. But how the hell am I getting out of this. ” Miyuki kicked the cells bed. He then sat down, he looked around for anything.

He thought about all the isekai anime he have watched and all the manga he has read, and tried to think about anything that could help him.

”Wait. If Ive been isekaid, does that mean? ” He looked down at his hands. ”Does that mean I get isekai powers!? ” He exclaimed loudly.

But what kind of powers does he have? Miyuki thought of the easiest way to find out.

”Fire ball! ” He stuck his hand out.


”Uh, water, ball? ” He stuck his hand out.


”So not those elements? Or do I have to say something extravagant? ”

”Air, ball? ” He stuck his hand out.


”What if I have a cool one like light or shadow magic? ” ”Let me try… ”

”Shadow ball! ” He stuck his hand out.

Nothing, except for a tingling sensation in his palm. He didn feel that sensation when he exclaimed the other elements.

”No **ing way, is this actually something!? ”

”Shadow ball! ” He stuck his hand out.

His palm tingles again, but the sensation felt the smallest bit stronger.

”Ugh, how many times am I going to have to do this? ”

But at that moment he heard footsteps down the narrow corridor. Miyuki got up and peeked through the bars. The footsteps didn sound as loud and clunky as the knights did. The footsteps sounded more gentle, but still firm. They sounded familiar.

Then the person, rather, the interrogator turned the corner. It was Evelyn. She was going to be his interrogator?

She stood in front of his cell. Evelyn firmy looked into Miyukis eyes. ”We
e gonna kill you. ”

”What the **!? ” Miyuki shouted.

”Im kidding of course. ” She was laughing, and when she finished, she blew a raspberry at Miyuki.

”So you didn sneak into our home? ” Evelyn started. ”No of course not. Like I said, Im not even from here, I popped up in your fathers bed. ” Miyuki followed her up. ”So, you
e telling me, that you
e not even from Valis? You just appeared in my fathers room? ” She questioned Miyukis alibi. ”No, Im from Japan, specifically Akihabara, and isn Valis your fathers name? ” Miyuki didn understand if he

really was on Earth or not anymore.

”Japan? Whats that? Thats a country? Theres only 3 countries here on Earth, Valis, where we
e at right now, named after my family, Bouvala, a country to the south from here, and Langris, a country to the northeast. ”

Evelyn gave him quite the geographical lecture, that most kids around 9 would have learned in this world by now.

But one thing struck a chord with him. Only 3 countries? How big is this planet? Is there only 1 continent? And this planet is also called Earth?? The confusion just only got deeper.

”So thus planet is also called Earth? ” Miyuki questioned. ”Yes, what do you mean by also? ” Evelyn looked at him with a confused look on her face. ”Where Im from, the planet is also called Earth, named after the soil, which we refer to as ”dirt ”, but also refer to it as ”earth ”. Miyuki explained to her. ”Thats how Earth was named here, we also call the dirt ”earth ”.

So hes on a different Earth? A different universe? Planet? Time travel? So many questions and no answers. But he didn want to get all into that with Evelyn right now, because there was still one very important question he had to ask.

”So, Evelyn, are you fine with calling you that? Doesn matter. So is there like, magic in this world? Because my Earth doesn have any kinds of magic. ” He really wanted to know if he had gotten any kind of cool magical abilities.

”Yes theres magic, roughly 70% of people in Valis have magical abilities. Personally I have earth-based magic, so I can do things like this ” She put her hand out, palm facing the ceiling, when a 6 inch, little statuette of a cat, made out of solid rock and mud formed out of nothing.

”Oh wow! Thats **ing awesome. ” Miyuki couldn hold in his amazement. Now he knows this means that feeling earlier when shouting Shadow ”spells ” meant something.

”Thank you, uh, whats your name anyway? ” She asked politely.

”Miyuki Azagawa. ” He answered.

”Miyuki…Aza..what? Very abnormal. ” Miyuki cried on the inside.

”So anyway, what types of magic is there? ” Miyuki asked.

Evelyn took a look at the cat, now slowly crumbling in her hand. ”Well theres earth, as Ive shown you, but theres also fire, water, air, shadow, and light. Though Shadow and light are extremely rare. ”

”Ah okay. ” Miyuki was satisfied with the answer.

Evelyn finally turned around. ”Well I have other things to do, now that my father is gone, but I can assume you truly have no idea what is going on here or how you even got here. I guess you
e free to go, Ill have Leonidas take you out into the town, hell help you out, well also give you your weird looking bag back and your belongings. ”

”Whos Leonidas? ” Miyuki quickly asked before she left. ”The knight command leader, the one with the white hair, youll get along with him I think. ” She started skipping down the narrow hall again and turned the corner to leave.

After she left, he uttered ”Fuck man. ” Miyuki sighed with a bit of relief. ”Theres no going home now, is there? ”

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